Demented and incoherent “argument”

Democracy here is under active and energetic siege by a party of determined fanatics, backed by unlimited dark money, dozens of inluential right-wing nonprofits, a 6-3 far right Supreme Court and organized right-wing violence. There are two bills pending that will go a long way toward ensuring fair elections going forward. Trump’s cult, the GOP, has cut off debate on these bills in the Senate, using the filibuster, a parliamentary tool developed by slaveholders to block Senate debate

The filibuster was later embraced by supporters of lynching, defenders of racial segregation and proponents of voter suppression. On the state level the GOP has been tireless in enacting partisan laws to limit the vote, gerrymander themselves into disproportionate representation and give the final say on who won elections to proven partisans. 34 of these new Trump-inspired “Election Integrity” laws are currently in effect in 19 states.

The two voting rights bills currently being filibustered in the Senate by Trumpistas would protect the right to vote, limit partisan power grabs, restrain dark money and ensure the continued nonpartisan integrity of the counting of ballots that is the foundation of every nonauthoritarian government.

The GOP argument against these bills even being debated in the Senate, such as there is an argument, is strikingly similar to fucking Kyrsten Sinema’s demented, incoherent argument here: the filibuster’s requirement for a supermajority to debate a proposed law guarantees debate by enabling a minority to resist partisan tyranny by blocking debate, “as I am so sick of explaining to you cucks, trolls and morons.”

Filibuster rules have been changed more than 150 times over the years, including right after Trump’s election in 2016 when McConnell changed the filibuster rule to allow a simple majority vote for the Supreme Court, to allow a controverial, highly partisan trio of carefully vetted far right political operatives to round out the 6-3 majority on the Trump/Koch/McConnell Supreme Court. Sinema and Manchin just voted for a filibuster carve out to let Democrats take the full blame for raising the debt ceiling, for fuck’s sake.

Check out this amazing talking pile of shit (but not if you’re eating), the former progressive from Arizona and see if you can make anything coherent out of her remarks, outside of obstruction of debate on crucial election laws she claims to support, one she even co-sponsored, in the higher name of a hallucination of “bipartisanship” in the Age of Trump/McConnell/Koch. How about you and Manchin get one symbolic Repulican senator to sign on for bipartisan debate, dollface, show us all how it’s done.

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