Slice of a NYC minute

I was walking in my neighborhood last night around midnight and I passed a young couple as I crossed the street toward my apartment.  They looked like they’d recently graduated high school.  The young woman was wearing very short shorts and a low cut tank top that clung to her in a very nice way.   As they passed me she caught my eye and said, “sir, he’s going to fuck my brains out tonight.”  In that split second our paths crossed I nodded, said “excellent idea” over my shoulder.   I meant it, too.  

Our President at 5:06 a.m. Sunday morning

The stable genius at work, early Sunday morning:

Screen shot 2018-08-20 at 1.00.07 PM.png

I wondered about the absence of spell check there.   With a little research (just google “councel”) I learned that “councel” is apparently POTUS’s preferred spelling for “counsel” and he always spells it that way (on at least 14 previous tweets).  Not a mistake, not a mistake!!!    He will change the proper spelling of that fake word, have no doubt.  MAGA!   USA!   USA!!!!

Historic photo from Sekhnet

which arrived above this caption:  

April 5th 2017 group… Including the beautiful sole survivor.


The beautiful sole survivor is the now banished Paintjob, eating turkey off the paper near her mother (now her feared enemy) and her three doomed little siblings.  

Paintjob continues to survive somehow, she was photographed eating yesterday by Sekhnet who sent the photo with the caption “Yay!”

Another kitten

Mama Kitten, who was pregnant again by the time her kittens were two or three months old, showed up a couple of weeks ago skinny again.   Sekhnet and I concluded she must have had a miscarriage.  Then this breaking news photo came across the Sekhnet news wire.   Mama nursing a single mouse she had carried by the scruff of the neck to the area of the garden where Sekhnet was working.