The man is a kind of genius

Fani Willis, the district attorney for Fulton County, Georgia, has asked a judge to let her convene a special grand jury, one dedicated solely to deciding whether Donald Trump violated the Georgia criminal statute against interfering with election results by attempting to enlist state officials to change certified election results. You can hear the entire phone call between Trump and Raffensperger, and their lawyers, as Trump tenaciously badgers Raffensperger with ten different appeals for those stinkin’ 11,780 vote he needed, “one more than we had”.

It’s online, you can hear the whole coversation right now, from the horse’s mouth, judge for yourself how innocent or guilty he was in that eighteenth call to change the election results on Georgia. To me, he checked every box, violated that venerable old Georgia law every which way. I can’t conjure a single nonfrivolous legal defense for the former president. This special grand jury will allow DA Willis to move forward with criminal charges after they’ve heard all the evidence.

So here’s the genius, himself, truly one of a kind, you gotta give it to the vuggin’ guy.

Rupert Murdoch to Rudy — yer not welcome on FOX, mate

Talk about cold, Rudy “America’s Mayor” Giuliani was informed by officials at FOX, the day before the twentieth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, that he was no longer welcome on The Fair and Balanced network. Talk about cold-bloodedness enhanced by brutal timing. I don’t like Rudy, he was an abusive, self-aggrandizing right-wing dick as NYC mayor, he has always been a litigious blowhard, defender of inadvertent police violence, bringer of frivolous lawsuits on behalf of a would-be tyrant, desperate promoter of the deranged lies of his former best friend, the former POTUS. I don’t like anything about Rudy, but, damn, that was cold of FOX, after all the views the demented former prosecutor provided for the network over the years.

Seth Meyers put Rudy’s subsequent bad mood in perspective, highlighting just one example of Rudy going on when he’d have better served himself by keeping his own counsel, and his mouth shut:


Seth Meyers

I did Seth Meyers a disservice with my recent rambling post about his excellent commentary. Here is the transcript of the section I loved from the last two minutes of the other night’s smartly written  A Closer Look: “Republicans Try to Dismiss Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial” His facial expressions and movements add a great deal to the presentation, watching him is best. Here is the audio excerpt, you can read along (recommended, if you’re pressed for time):

“They don’t care that [Trump] incited an insurrection to overthrow democracy, and they wouldn’t care if he tried it again. Instead, they’re once again framing Trump as the victim and casting the Democrats’ calls for accountability as demand for vengeance.”

He plays three clips of Republican blather:

“This impeachment is nothing more than a partisan exercise designed to further divide the country. Democrats claim to want to unify the country, but impeaching a former president, a private citizen, is the antithesis of unity.”

It’s vindictive, this is all about the Left’s demand for revenge.”

They hate Donald J. Trump, and they’re engaging in an act that I think it is petty, I think it is retribution, I think it is vindictive, I think it’s a waste of time, and so to coin a phrase, I think it’s time to move on.

Man, Ted Cruz, you really have no shame. Also, first of all, shave, dude. You look like the Unibomber at a custody hearing.

Second, of course you want to move on, you do this even after the mob stormed the Capitol to overturn the election, you still voted to overturn the election.

You’re like a guy who robs a bank and then, even after it all goes south, you get caught and use the money to buy a Porsche “I want to feel the wind in my scraggly beard!”

Also, please stop with this preposterous talking point that impeachment is somehow divisive.

You know what’s much more divisive than impeachment?

Trying to throw out the votes of 81 million Americans, then inciting a mob to violently storm the Capitol to overthrow democracy.

Would you say that’s more or less unifying than impeachment?

Just be honest and say you’re fine with what Trump did and you’d be fine with him doing it again. It would be heinous and evil, but it would at least make this whole debate much easier.

Then we wouldn’t have to listen to your bullshit excuses anymore. I mean, you know what you are, we know what you are, who are we pretending for? The kids?

One of our two main political parties is fully radicalized against democracy in favor of authoritarianism. It’s a movement of powerful interests backed by wealthy corporate patrons, fueled by imagined grievances and conspiracy theories. We can’t ignore it, we can’t look away from it, we can’t just shrug our shoulders and say:

(insert punchline) .