Stop Comparing Tragedies, dummy

Michael Rappaport makes an excellent point — we all have to stop comparing horrors. Suffering is not a goddamned competition.

The slave trade was murderous, it’s hard to imagine a worse life than being an American slave in 1850. The recent genocide of the Rohinga, last century’s slaughter of the Armenians, two holocausts among several. In between those genocides the Nazis built death camps, taking it to the next level.

Your new religious faith aside, Kan Ye, abortion clinics are not Auschwitz. And your self-avowed mental illness is not a defense for spreading insane hateful ideas, pant load.

Ari Melber nails a terrible truth about our selectively blind justice system

As we led the world in Covid deaths with MAGA’s staunch, idiotic insistence on personal freedom for infectious assholes, we also lead the world in incarceration. Pretrial incarceration, which is spared our wealthiest citizens charged with felonies, is a violent, brutal, punishing, sometimes deadly world for poor people presumed innocent, locked up in hellish, overcrowded conditions prior to their trial, conviction and sentence. This torture is reserved for the poor and racial and ethnic minorities. Or as Bill Barr, our former culture warrior Attorney General, warned Blacks and Hispanics, in front of a law enfrorcement audience, you’d better obey law enforcement and respect them or they ain’t going to protect you, and shut up, there’s no such thing as systemic racism here you fucking whiners.

Ari Melber with a devastating report on the reality of Riker’s Island and our grotesquely unjust two tiered system of justice in exceptional America.

subway drawing

The mask mandate on the New York City subway is a bit squishy right now, they kind of recommend you wear a mask, but nobody will really make a fuss. It’s usually about 50% in each car wearing masks. Somehow this lady’s face on the A train the other night seemed to say it all to me, as I huffed into my mask.