subway drawing

The mask mandate on the New York City subway is a bit squishy right now, they kind of recommend you wear a mask, but nobody will really make a fuss. It’s usually about 50% in each car wearing masks. Somehow this lady’s face on the A train the other night seemed to say it all to me, as I huffed into my mask.


Bagpiper blows bad breath

Blustering, bagpipe blowing, bullying buffoon Bill Barr barges belligerently between talking heads to blow some bad faith bad breath toward the viewers.  Barr weighs in on the detailed claims of NY AG Latisha James’s civil fraud lawsuit against his corrupt benefactor, the CEO of the Trump Organization:  

“What ultimately persuades me that this is a political hit job is, she grossly overreaches when she tries to drag the children into this.  Yes, they had roles in the business, but this was his personal financial statement and the children aren’t going to know the details of that, and be able, nor are they expected, in the real world, to do their own due diligence and have it reviewed independently.” 

A man who knows a thing or two about political hit jobs.  And it’s not like his Special Prosecutor John Durham, hired to expose the corrupt motives of those rabid partisans who’d investigated and documented Trump’s many ties to his role model Vladimir Putin, and his obstruction of that investigation, came up with bupkis to document the Radical Left’s purely political hit job on the innocent Trump and associates, after a much longer investigation than Meuller’s.

Joyce Vance points out that one of those “children” (ages 44-38) was the senior advisor to the president of the United States, while the other two ran Trump Inc. while their father was busy making America Great Again.   

I wish, and keep wishing, that people like Barr, Bolton, Mulvaney, Christie, et al would just keep their poisonous, Nazi adjacent opinions to themselves.  Granted, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, but these guys never wash their asses, ever. Sheesh.

Trump’s proposed Special Counsel for Election Fraud

Or perhaps it was Attorney General. At any rate, she’s now expected to testify before the Fulton County criminal grand jury investigating interference in the election in Georgia by F POTUS and Rudy, among others.

Whoopsie! She failed to appear today. Now she is subject to arrest, oh dear!

She may be crazy, but I’ll go out on a limb here and say she’s no more nuts than her good friend and comrade in arms Ginni Thomas, who has finally agreed to come in, informally, and stonewall the libtard cucks of the J6 committee.


The Germans, with their knack for putting a lot of meaning into a single compound word, have a word for “final solution”  — an infamous plan that was almost a decade in the making before it was carried out.  That word is endlösung.  It was used by Herr Hitler to describe his ultimate plan for the virulent enemies of the Thousand Year Reich, but he was coy about what it actually meant, lying to suit the occasion, until it became grimly clear what he meant — the forced relocation and mass murder of millions. By then, well, that was the final word on the mostly secret Final Solution.

I just read a brilliant February 2017 account, by Ron Rosenbaum, of the failure of German media, and German politicians, to ever get a hold on the slippery liar who would become their infallible leader for all twelve years of its glorious Thousand Year Reich [1].  He was, in the alarming manner of our own Donald J. Trump, normalized, even in his most bizarre, clownish, insane moments.  

There are some, I suppose, who still believe that Hitler’s military machine that conquered much of the world with its blitzkrieg, lightning war, a maniacally fast overrunning of nations by soldiers literally flying on speed, (a drug called Pervitin [2] was widely distributed to keep the wehrmacht triumphantly on the offensive), was Germany’s greatest hour.  Such people are, as a lawyer friend might put it, not unsympathetic to Nazism.

What is MAGA’s endlösung, er, endgameThey want states’ rights, except when it comes to abortion, gay marriage, contraception, interracial marriage, voting rights, unlimited dark money in politics, repudiation of Climate Alarmism, end of all government “entitlements” and regulation, enforcement of cannibis prohibition and so forth.   All those are well within the federal government’s right to regulate everywhere at once, according to the unique and purely “transactional” legal geniuses of the extreme right-wing judicial fraternity known as the Federalist Society.  Standard rules for elections for federal office to ensure full voting rights for all citizens?  States’ Rights!  Medical insurance/health care for poor people?  States’ Rights!  Pollution?  States’ Rights!   Guns?  States’ rights!   The unappealable right of a state legislature to overturn an ugly election result?  States’ Rights!  

During the Third Reich, when Herr Hitler was making Germany great again, the Nazis realized the importance of having a uniform, lockstep, one party government, judiciary, media and culture.   Again, German had the word for it:  gleichschaltung.  Rosenbaum describes it:

But swiftly, oh so swiftly, the order of the day became “gleichschaltung” — “realignment,” or forced conformity, savage normalization. Goebbels and other Nazi propagandists made it their crusade to get the German body politic “adjusted” to the new reign of terror. “Gleichschaltung” meant normalize or else.

The first German profession to fully Nazify, expelling all Jews, Communists, Socialists, Social Democrats, Christian Democrats, etc., was the German doctors.  They were quickly followed by German lawyers.  Soon it was the civil service and everything else.  If you wanted to advance, or even keep your job, as long as you weren’t a Jew, you swore an oath of personal loyalty to Herr Hitler.  In a very short time, it became normal that every clerk you met, every teacher, every policeman, every judge, was a Nazi who has taken a blood oath to whatever the Führer had decided to do that day.

So we have many MAGA candidates running on the proven lie that the 2020 presidential election (and not any others on those same ballots) was riddled with fraud, rigged, stolen from the rightful winner who got a record (for an incumbent) almost 74,000,000 votes.  Biden, not really the president, not REALLY, you know, if you consider how much outright fraud there was (none was actually demonstrated, outside of a few aged Floridians casting multiple votes for F POTUS), and all the allegations, well, you can’t ignore the millions who honestly believe that the REAL lie is that the election was fair.   They are literally running on the Big Lie.   

The Big Lie was perfected by Hitler’s PR genius, Minister of Public Enlightenment Aryan Superman Dr. Josef Goebbels (popularly known as the Poisonous Dwarf). Comparisons are odious sometimes, but when the foo shits…

[1]   Against Normalization: The Lesson of the “Munich Post” February 5, 2017   •   By Ron Rosenbaum

[2]  Pervitin was Nazi Germany’s wonder drug, one that was designed to enable pilots, sailors and infantry troops deliver superhuman performance. Soldiers who took Pervitin stayed awake for days at a time, walked for miles without resting, and felt no pain or hunger. Today we know this drug as methamphetamine, or crystal meth.  (from top google hit, oddly enough a site called, under the title:  Pervitin: the Wonder Drug that Fueled Nazi Germany   


Update on American Eichmann, Jeffrey Clark

The DC Bar Association Ethics Committee is investigating whether to take disciplinary action against Jeffrey Clark, Trump’s most loyal DOJ employee, a lawyer who was willing to send a letter from DOJ to multiple states asserting lies in order to try to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Ruth Marcus writing in yesterday’s Washington Post describes Clark’s response to the disciplinary committee.

The document reads like something the Federalist Society would submit if it had created an artificial intelligence program to draft legal pleadings. The bar doesn’t have authority to discipline Clark because that “would intrude on the President’s exclusive and unreviewable authority over federal criminal and civil investigations occurring during his term of office.” The bar can’t act “because the President has an absolute right to seek legal and other forms of advice as to the discharge of his responsibilities under the Take Care Clause.”

Disciplining Clark “would intrude on the President’s exclusive and unreviewable authority to remove and appoint senior officials of the Department of Justice.” It would violate the separation of powers, the supremacy clause, the confrontation clause, the equal protection clause, the due process clause and the prohibition against bills of attainder.

Also, he argues, it would trample on executive privilege, law enforcement privilege, the major questions doctrine, the political question doctrine, Clark’s “official immunity” and his freedom of speech. The Senate’s acquittal of Trump at his second impeachment bars the charges. Even Hunter Biden’s laptop makes a surprise appearance.

DeSantis and Abbott need to be prosecuted for this malicious taxpayer funded PR stunt

Texas governor, MAGA Man Greg Abbott and Florida strongman governor, MAGA man Ron DeSantis, are the new MAGA Abbott and Costello. Their latest hilarious prank was sending 50 Venezuelan asylum seekers from Texas to Florida, and then, at $12,000 a head, flying them to Martha’s Vineyard, with a film crew to document the libs of Martha’s Vineyard being owned by their own hypocrisy.

Leave aside the Florida taxpayer money DeSantis spent on this stunt, more than half a million dollars, leave aside the transparent cruel mockery of sending a film crew to get campaign footage, leave aside that these two fucks waited until they were within the DOJ’s 60 day no announcements of Investigations into political candidates period.

To get these people legally fleeing violence and oppression in Venezuela on to the airplanes for their publicity stunt, DeSantis promised them work, food, living places and help with their asylum applications. Instead they were sent to an island off the coast of Massachusetts where they would be unable to appear for their scheduled asylum hearings in various faraway locations.

Nazi comparisons are odious, of course, even when talking about the inhuman hijinks of our modern-day MAGA Abbott and Costello. However it’s hard not to think about the postcards Jews were forced to write to their families about how good everything was and how happy they were, before being loaded into cattle cars for transport to the death camps. Or even comparisons to our own murderous racists who, in the early 1960s sent southern Blacks to northern cities with similar false promises of work, new homes and freedom. When they arrived in the northern cities they were met by nobody, they were simply fucked. This happened here 60 years ago, and it happened right here the other day. Check this shit out: