The man is a kind of genius

Fani Willis, the district attorney for Fulton County, Georgia, has asked a judge to let her convene a special grand jury, one dedicated solely to deciding whether Donald Trump violated the Georgia criminal statute against interfering with election results by attempting to enlist state officials to change certified election results. You can hear the entire phone call between Trump and Raffensperger, and their lawyers, as Trump tenaciously badgers Raffensperger with ten different appeals for those stinkin’ 11,780 vote he needed, “one more than we had”.

It’s online, you can hear the whole coversation right now, from the horse’s mouth, judge for yourself how innocent or guilty he was in that eighteenth call to change the election results on Georgia. To me, he checked every box, violated that venerable old Georgia law every which way. I can’t conjure a single nonfrivolous legal defense for the former president. This special grand jury will allow DA Willis to move forward with criminal charges after they’ve heard all the evidence.

So here’s the genius, himself, truly one of a kind, you gotta give it to the vuggin’ guy.

Vaccines and masks are for LOSERS



USA! USA!!! Leading the world in the freedom to believe whatever you want and act accordingly, even during a global health emergency. By pure coincidence the USA is also number one worldwide in Covid deaths, which is exceptional by any measure.

As publicly affable Republican icon Ronald Reagan preached, everything free people do is strictly a matter of personal choice. The false notion of social responsibility is a pernicious myth, spread by communists. Remember, boys and girls, there is no social contract, particularly when it comes to poor people, especially colored ones (though you poor whites ones also have the inalienable right to fuck off and die, in sacred American freedom).


Sarah Lazarus said it all today

In her excellent Crooked Media daily newsletter (which you can get emailed to you for free) Sarah serves up an intelligent, witty summary of, and commentary on, the day’s news. Here is her unbeatable recap of yesterday’s news:

So, to recap: The filibuster and GOP gerrymandering prevent Democrats from getting legislation passed in Congress, and two lunkheads prevent them from changing the rules to fix that. Then, when a Democratic president tries to govern around a paralyzed Senate, a handful of conservative justices (appointed by Republican presidents who lost the popular vote and confirmed by Republican senators who ditched the filibuster to do so) invalidate the White House’s authority, saying that Congress needs to pass legislation. By the end of that loop, all voters get out of a Democratic trifecta is a presidential statement asking business leaders to please just do the right thing. 

One of their best anti-Trump ads ever

These guys make very powerful political ads. I don’t like their politics, these now somewhat repentant Republican political operatives. They and their fellow far-right “movement conservative” ilk delivered our democracy directly to this extreme crisis point. I like their political views, their worldview, about as much as I like the idea of President Liz Cheney carrying on her evil father’s dynasty. But I have to take my hat off to their particular talent, these hardcore Republican media and marketing campaign specialists sure know how to make an ad that punches their enemy in the face, hard. This might be their best punch yet.

Short bio of Lyin’ Ted Cruz, and legal update on Cruz’s role in MAGA’s Jan. 6 Alamo stand

First a well-done light-hearted highlight tour of the career of Tea Bagger Ted Cruz, the most universally hated person in the Senate (with apologies to also-ran Josh Hawley) from Trevor Noah’s Daily Show.

And a more serious discussion of Cruz’s Trump-related craveness, and his direct involvement in Peter Navarro and the war room’s “Green Bay Sweep” strategy to block the certification of Joe Biden’s victory due to “unprecedented allegations of fraud” believed by FOX nation.

Cruz executed the opening play in the “sweep” on January 6 as the start of a coordinated Hail Mary, with the clock about to run out, to once more try to flip votes in swing states. The idea was to get Republican state legislatures all on the same page, attempt to decertify Biden electors, creating no winner in the Electoral College and throwing the presidency to the House to extra-constitutionally keep cuddly Trumpie as president.

A final word on this snarling, squirming far-right billionaire-backed fuck nut next time I sit down to open his disgusting can of worms .

(with apologies to the late, great Al Lewis)

Tucker whips apologetic Ted Cruz on FOX

Shortly before the first anniversary of the Trump riot to stop the certification of Biden’s win, Ted Cruz, on the floor of the Senate, with cameras rolling, referred to the organized, planned, violent siege and sacking of the Capitol as a terrorist attack.

A strong argument could be made that participating in a long physical battle with cops and leading a phalanx of criminal tresspassers into the closed to the public Capitol to stop the People’s business is, even without being part of a larger seditious conspiracy, an act of terrorism. Using violence to frighten and intimidate political opponents is the definition of terrorism.

Understandably, this term, applied to their own faithful, coming from one of their own, put MAGA nation into full rage mode. Tucker Carlson pulled no punches bullying Cruz to back down. Lyin’ Ted, as he does, immediately began reassuring FOX nation that only Blacks, Muslims, Antifa and other commie traitors can ever be rightfully called terrorists, an angry MAGA mob can only ever be patriots, since they are always righteous in their rage and fight on the side of the angels.

Fortunately for him, the supple Cruz was able to whine and grovel his way out of the fatal accusation of having spoken truthfully, as all great statesmen and moral leaders are sometimes called upon to do.

The Base (NOT Al-Qaeda)

When a hate group tells you who they are, believe them.

Wikipedia informs us that the Bannon-scented neo-Nazi, anti-globalist, international militant right-wing militia training network, The Base (considered a terrorist organization by three of our major allies) is not to be confused with Al-Qaeda, which is sometimes translated from Arabic as “The Base”.

The Base is a neo-Naziwhite supremacist and accelerationist paramilitary hate group and training network, formed in 2018 by Rinaldo Nazzaro and active in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Europe. As of November 2021 it is considered a terrorist organization in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Irony, fucking dead, boys and girls.

As Trumpie would tell ’em “stand back and stand by.”

Confederate flag in the Capitol

They had Trump flags and flags that said “Fuck Biden” but it was the Confederate battle flag paraded inside the breached Capitol, as incendiary and hateful to Black people as the fucking black and white swastika on a blood red field is to me as a Jew, that said it all. The symbolism of those kind of symbols is hard to miss.

The mob’s message was clear, as their leader expressed love toward his flag waving followers: the world is better without you parasites and getting our way by violence is a party for us.

It’s like what Ted Cruz snarled at Merrick Garland a few months later while excoriating him about DOJ overreach, feds running to the aid of threatened school board members. “Jeez, it was only a Nazi salute,” he sneered “which you admit is protected by the First Amendment,” he didn’t even have to add “Jew”, it so naturally suggested itself as the Texan lambasted the mild-mannered Garland. Cruz is that fucking good. Many of them are, and all very fine people. Waving a Confederate battle flag, as you do, when you’re a patriot.

We had fair warning

When Trump revealed his theory of leadership, surround yourself with people less intelligent than you so that you are always the smartest man in the room, we all had fair warning and should have known what to expect.

Actually, most of us did know what to expect. Only it was worse than even those loyal people of less than average intelligence in the bunker with the mad, desperate Trump as he staged a valiant fight against reality could have imagined.

Leaving aside the obvious fact that the zealots in his war room all thought it was a fantastic thrill, with first class room service, on the house!

God bless these United Shaysss