In Happier Days

Let me first point out that the happiest days of some of our greatest American “winners” are the stuff of nightmares, fleeting breaks from the relentless, high-pressure, anything goes war they wage against everybody. Their happy moments are momentary flushes of “victory” that can never be sustained, since their thirst for dominance is unquenchable, and even their greatest wins only make them more determined to fight and win the next grim battle.

To those who view life as total, endless war, a war where every tactic is on the table and scorching the earth that provides sustenance to those they hate is a great thrill, their happiness consists in the suffering of the hated enemies. If it means millions of their own have to die, so be it, that’s part of the price of being the greatest. Ask Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Jared Kushner.

That said, here are two great Americans, now slightly estranged from each other, though they both serve the same psychopathic worldview, the same impulse to dominate at any cost, the same deranged disregard for everybody else’s troubles. Here are two powerful motherfuckers in “happier” days.

Note their genuine warmth toward each other

Trump’s multi-million dollar Arizona sham election audit spoiler

News leaked that Trump’s seemingly endless sham audit and recount in Arizona resulted in more votes for Biden than originally counted. And, of course, the gloating on the hated, hateful secular humanist left is pretty unrestrained about this result. On the bright side, Cyber Ninjas, a Trump-devoted outfit that had never audited so much as a high school cheerleader election, made out like bandits, raking in millions for future projects. Here are some smart-ass libtards gloating on the internets (this from Meidas Touch):

The former president’s reaction was muted, restrained.

He promptly dashed off an open letter to the Covid precaution-denying, US Constitution for toilet paper using far right governor of Texas asking him to investigate the voter fraud that cost him the full, glorious landslide victory he claimed (falsely) in Texas 2020. The Dallas Morning News noted that Trump’s 5.6% margin of victory in the Hang ’em High State was the third weakest showing by a winning Republican presidential candidate in almost half a century. No wonder the Polyp had one of his lackeys dash off this strong public request to Greg Abbott:

And, of course, within hours Abbott was happy to comply, initiating an audit of the votes in four “urban” counties where disproportionate amounts of Black and Brown Americans live, whose votes, let’s face it, will never be pure enough for the greatest among us.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and former President Donald Trump attend a briefing on border security with state officials and law enforcement at the Weslaco Department of Public Safety DPS Headquarters before touring the US-Mexico border wall on June 30, 2021.  Trump was invited to South Texas by  Abbott, who has taken up his immigration mantle by vowing to continue building the border wall.
(copyright Jabin Botsford / AP)

A bitter Texas Democrat, chair of the House Democratic Caucus, had this unkind comment:

“Let me be the first to congratulate the disgraced former president, Donald Trump, on his apparently becoming the new governor of Texas,” Grand Prairie Rep. Chris Turner, who chairs the House Democratic Caucus, said on Twitter. “Pitiful yet predictable that (Abbott) has capitulated to Trump yet again.”


USA! USA!!!!!

Department of Let’s Let Bygones be Bygones

Glenn Kirschner has been promoting the indisputable idea, with everything we’ve seen the last six years or so, where norms and all pretense of fair play are thrown into the shitter along with all other democratic values, that justice matters. “Justice matters” is Glenn’s mantra and coat of arms, and he’s been fighting a hard public fight to encourage his former employer, the US Department of Justice, to pursue accountability for crimes like Seditious Conspiracy for the conspirators who planned, funded and facilitated the January 6th MAGA riot.

Usually the man to turn to for encouragement after some really bad MAGA news, sometimes even Glenn Kirschner gets discouraged, which is heartbreaking to see, but at the same time, it shows that even the most dogged fighter for justice just gets frustrated and tired sometimes. Here he is asking a simple and basic question, and right back on the case the next day:

Here is the video the clip is from:

here is today’s:

Reasonable questions for Greg Abbott

The balls to the wall anti-democratic governor of the Hang ’em High state of Texas, Gregg Abbott, apparently has spent 24 years in high office in Texas. Seven years as governor, five years on the Texas Supreme Court and twelve as the state’s Attorney General for this powerful extreme conservative Texan. The other day, in defending the radical reach-around bounty law deputizing citizens to sue their neighbors for helping each other get a constitutionally protected medical procedure, a law that makes no exceptions for victims of rape, he vowed to get all Texas rapists off the streets (and presumably also out of all family picnics, school sports programs, churches, etc.). The Lincoln Project had a good question for him, at the end of this thirty second ad:

Here is another excellent question for the Trumpist governor:

Nice one from the MTA in the subway of Anarchist Jurisdiction NYC

Yesterday in the subway I passed this sign, put up by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of one of the nation’s largest Anarchist Jurisdictions in the country. You will recall that Trump’s godly hatchet man “Bagpiper” Bill Barr, a pious crusader for his interpretation of Jesus Christ’s eternal law as the basis for all decent American law, and culture, designated New York City and several other cities that were not MAGA-compliant, Anarchist Jurisdictions, radical secular shit holes that would be denied federal funding. Here’s what the Anarchist MTA is displaying in a tunnel under 42nd Street, connecting the 8th Avenue and the 7th Avenue lines.

I trust you can understand why someone like radical right wing religious fanatic Bill Barr would designate this town an Anarchist Jurisdiction. Comparing the cost of an only 95% effective vaccine against a deadly pandemic to the cost of a coffin! For Christ’s sake! Have you no shame, Secular Humanist scum?

Dangerous Radical Socialist!

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is regarded as a dangerous socialist by every member of MAGA nation and “moderates” in her own corporately controlled party. These “moderates” include the pragmatic, well-connected Senator from the great bipartisan state of Exxon, “Centrist” Joe Manchin, who also receives a modest annual side income of $500,000 from coal interests he owns. He opposes the $3,500,000,000,000 “soft infrastructure” package approved by the House, expressing concern that people in the future will fret that we spent too much money in 2021 to prevent a climate catastrophe that may never come. He and fellow contrarian Kyrsten Sinema essentially control the Senate, holding all legislation hostage while keeping the majority leader seat warm for the highly principled Mitch McConnell. AOC addressed them succinctly the other day:

As record floods hit the northeast, killing dozens, wildfires ravage the West, drought ravages much of the country and the most powerful hurricane in recent memory smashes a major US city, leaving it without power, Joe Manchin III (Joe Manchin IV runs his bipartisan dad’s business portfolio) writes, in Rupert Murdoch’s own Wall Street Journal, that the $3.5 trillion for Green infrastructure may be just a little too steep for the future to pay off, in case one day there actually is a climate crisis…