Trumpie totally refutes judge’s finding

Judge Beryl Howell granted the DOJ’s motion to compel Trumpie’s attorney Evan Corcoran to answer questions, under the penalties of perjury, about the many classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago after he certified, falsely, that after a diligent search all documents had been returned. She ruled that attorney/client privilege does not apply to many of the questions because of the crime/fraud exception.

Because Trumpie and his attorney appear to have jointly participated in crimes, obstruction of justice, for example (the order is under seal) attorney/client privilege does not apply to conversations and actions related to those crimes. Corcoran has to answer the DOJ’s questions about these alleged crimes, or plead the Fifth.

In response Trumpie’s “office” issued this stinging smackdown of the weak, woke DOJ and pathetic, abusive American justice system, as reported in The New York Times:


Hell, of course you will!

Tuck you, Carlson

The families of every one of the 140 Capitol and DC police officers injured by the violent mob on January 6th 2021 should sue deliberately lying, entitled patrician Tucker Carlson. Let their lawyers come up with the theory of the case.

Tucker’s got the money to pay them. He was born with a shitload of it, and is paid millions more by ancient Australian salt water crocodile Rupert Murdoch to keep the credulous watching as he simply asks provocative questions and fans their fear and hatred.

In Carlson’s telling, none of these injured officers were hurt by any member of the throng of meek and respectful tourists who peacefully entered the Capitol, legally, to express their legitimate hurt that the 2020 election had been stolen from their preferred candidate. Carlson’s recent Josef Goebbels impression is below.

According to him it’s a fact that everyone who said there was violence on January 6 is a liar who deserves no credibility.

Carlson tells his viewers that lying Democrats, and Kinziger and Cheney, would have you believe that the real crime was not the stolen November 2020 election but a peaceful assembly of concerned citizens engaging in what the RNC called legitimate political discourse (disrupting a joint session of Congress). Tucker says they were justified, and peaceful. He describes the lying Commies’ “grave betrayal of American democracy” so simply, so clearly.

They were “meek” “respectful” “sightseers” who, although rightfully angry, revered the Capitol building and law enforcement. They legitimately believed lies repeated by people like Carlson himself, who knew he was lying, while insisting on the truth of his lies in spite of all the evidence. The angry, peaceful crowd of Trump supporters knew for a fact, in spite of a vast bipartisan conspiracy against him, that Trump had indisputably won by over a billion votes.

The 30 million dollar cleanup cost to repair the Capitol building, cleaning up defecation left by some of the meek, respectful tourists who were there legitimately after presumed FBI provocateurs, heavily disguised Black Lives Matter and antifa terrorists presumably smashed the windows and overran the police who they greatly outnumbered… fake news spread by lying woke sickos. Like the 140 law enforcement officers taken to the hospital with various injuries, a bunch of America-hating liars.

If you have the stomach for it, here’s five minutes of this brazen piece of shit, doubling, tripling and quadrupling down on his version of the truth, to the sound of a cah-chinging cash register.

Both sides

Another very short reminder, if one was needed, that there are at least two sides to every story.

This doesn’t mean that both sides of a given conflict are equally true, equally based on what actually happened, equally easy to defend.  It just means that for every truthful statement of fact there are a thousand less truthful ones that can be made.  Among these less truthful versions are outright lies, motivated by malice and designed to convince people of “alternative facts” which, they argue, are just as good as those old fashioned verifiable ones captured in actual recordings, especially when deployed in an existential war between good and evil.   

Here is today’s 15 second example, from people who try their best not to lie to their viewers.   Your opinion on which people I mean will vary according to the devoutness of your faith in your deepest beliefs about reality.

Santos/Devolder/da Vinci’s office in Eastern Queens

Former Douglaston office of NY Congressman Thomas Suozzi, who retired rather than run in 2022, and whose name was still on the office, on a large sign, just a couple of weeks back. It is now the office of hard-working Congress distraction George Whatever his name is, working tirelessly for his constituency, even as they call on him to resign, while keeping the lowest of low profiles in Douglaston.

To his credit, he’s trying his best to make the AR-15 the official gun of the USA! USA!!

Remember this fuck?

The Democrats on Jim Jordan’s House committee to prove that the Democrats are actually the lying traitors who have weaponized the government against decent, good Americans (like the innocent political prisoners who legally protested at the Capitol on January 6th and were viciously treated as rioters) wrote a report on three sketchy whistleblowers, all former FBI employees, who seem to have received some payments, or employment, from Trump-related entities in exchange for their candid, partisan whistleblowing. The New York Times reports:

The Democratic report includes excerpts from depositions and evidence of conspiratorial social media posts.

It also details the ties between Mr. Trump’s inner circle and the witnesses. For instance, Mr. Patel found Mr. Friend his next job, working as a fellow on domestic intelligence and security services with the Center for Renewing America, which is run by Russ Vought. The center is largely funded by the Conservative Partnership Institute, which is run by Mark Meadows, Mr. Trump’s former chief of staff, and former Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina.


Yes, Russ Vought is the current advisor to the MAGA House on how to use the debt ceiling to hold the country hostage (see previous post). He is Trumpie’s former director of the Office of Management and Budget. The guy who oversaw a $1 trillion increase in the national debt in his first great year and another $4 trillion in his second.

Or as they say in MAGAlandFUCK YOU!


A beautiful, famous tune by a genius named Django Reinhardt.

Decided to try to do this lilting number as well as I possibly could. Needed to learn the slightly odd, genius form by heart, which I don’t always do, and learn the essential parts of the original arrangement, and then be able to play the melody over it comfortably enough, and in different positions, that I could start throwing the blues over it a little bit. This one’s much of the way there (after a solid couple of days playing it a lot) though not quite ready yet. But I thought it was worth a  listen.   If you get a third of the enjoyment listening that I had playing it, it will be well worth your minute and a half.

I hope you are well, and if not well, at least not too bad.