This is an example of a page, duh.  Unlike posts, which are displayed on your blahg’s front page in the order they’re, eh “published”, and which scroll like an infinite roll of terlet paper, pages are better suited for timeless content that you want to be easily accessible, like your Obit  or Friend-Me-Don’t-Tase-Me-Bro  demographomanical chit chat.

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notes for my obit:

died peacefully at 93 [  ]  94 [  ]   95 [  ]

while friends sometimes lamented his lifelong failure to make a living, or even acknowledge the necessity for doing so, several noted his general puckishness.

“A regular Robin Goodfellow,” said one, who preferred his/her name not be used.

The consensus of those who remembered him was that he spent too much time alone the last forty years of his life, and that his talents could have been put to better use than he was able to, left to his laid back, solitary devices.

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