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A selection of screen shots and three one-minute videos, provided particularly for those who believe this week’s riot in the Capitol could never have been predicted, or that the president is suddenly being uncharacteristically unreasonable and dangerous (though not dangerous enough to remove from office via the 25th Amendment, according to Karen Pence and her ilk [1]).

And screw the unfair and unconstitutional Twitter and Facebook bans, there are still plenty of extreme right social media platforms for the president to seek attention on:

371,084 dead of COVID-19 (and counting, fast)


It’s all fake news, folks.


I parenthetically mention Karen Pence again because the Vice President’s wife is the real force behind the president’s loyal poodle, Mike Pence, a man suddenly vilified by Trumpists. Trump and his followers were cruelly disappointed that Pence refused to break the law and declare all the Biden votes fraudulent (he had no power to do that anyway) and a lynch mob roaming the Capitol chanted that Pence needed to be hanged as a traitor. I disagree on all counts, and even if I did agree, Karen Pence, who wears the pence in the family, is the one the crowd really wanted.

The proper punishment for Pence is to release him into a roomful of angry gay teenagers who would be allowed to kick him as many times, and as hard as, they wanted. Once he was unconscious he’d be immediately swept from the room and given state-of-the-art medical care, to ensure no permanent damage, as best as possible. All the gay teenaged kickers would be given unlimited immunity from prosecution for any and all damage resulting from, or related to, their savage kicking of Pence, signed by President Trump and initialed by Karen Pence herself. Done and done.

Oh, yeah…

Yesterday we broke this record with over 4,000 dead. USA! USA!!! Stop the Steal! Blue Lives Matter! Lock Her UP! (picture of her below) [1]

Oh, wait, breaking news, don’t lock her up — it deplores the deplorable behavior of those “deplorables” (though many were angry blacks in white face and the election was stolen from him by unAmericans):

Although, in fairness, it must be conceded, Mr. Trump’s myrmidons did not allow the National Guard to show up until the Capitol was overrun and Mr. Trump’s point was well-made.

In reading the prepared statement Mr. Trump proves beyond any doubt that he did sincerely regret the unsuccessful riot, particularly the death of a Blue Lives Matter officer who was killed by having his head smashed from behind with a fire extinguisher. And, of course, Trump would be saying this even if the real threat of criminal culpability for the deaths caused by the riot he/it unleashed was not hanging over his beautifully made-up head. Maybe he’s/its realized he/it can’t actually shoot somebody in the face without consequences (thank God for the federal death penalty though, nobody can stop him/it from legally killing those folks). We’re never to old to learn!

Meanwhile, wear your mask, stay at least 6 feet from others and be watchful, and healthy, my friends. Your lives matter.

Typical anti-liberty Anarchist Tyranny! (but still good advice)


My sincere apologies to all women and girls for this offensive little “joke”. Sekhnet hates when I do this kind of thing. It is meant only to be specifically hurtful to a famously misogynistic MACHO MAN (who dances clumsily to the gay anthem as he incites insurrection) in the same way I always refer to fucking White Supremacists as “niggers,”, and Nazis as, of course, (being one myself, no need for quotes) fucking Jews. Gratuitous, I know, but when hurling a sincere insult one should be mindful of what hurts the recipient the most. To say “Trump is a girl” is gratuitously offensive to all girls, I know, but I’m just trying to get the cowardly little douchebag to take a swing at me. To all girls I say “You go, girl!”

Bad Acid Trip

This feels like a bad acid trip we are all on, when even familiar, harmless things turn monstrous and it seems perfectly clear that the ever-worsening horror will never end. The good news is that scary hallucinations wear off as the drug gone bad is metabolized. The bad news is that some of these despicable monsters out of a bad acid trip that we are seeing today are quite real.

The ultimate proof that a person is a monstrous piece of shit is his reflex to ignore the pain of those around him. He goes on about his self-centered business like nothing is wrong, coveting, bragging, lying, getting revenge, stinking, while others suffer, their pleading voices unheard by him. During an emergency, the monster turd continues blowing his foul, self-serving breath while all around people are anxious, terrified, hungry, literally dying. True it’s only been about 350,000 dead in our country so far, a number not much more than 1% of us, but still, not a number to sneeze at, particularly if you have the power to do something about it, unless, of course, you are a fly covered mound of excrement.

We don’t like too much hyperbole, or raw expressions of anger, but simply stating what is going on is enough make it feel like we are all on a bad acid trip that we are all struggling to make sense of, somehow. The COVID-19 pandemic is proving very difficult to manage, even in places where angry, reality-denying, lockstep following morons are not in charge. It is prolifically deadly, refrigerator trucks for corpses are once again parked outside overflowing hospitals in many places in our nation. We set new records for death and infection every day, yesterday we set the record for COVID-19 hospitalizations. The only way to control the spread of a massively infectious disease is if everyone looks out for everyone else. That is not our way here anymore.

The stupidest, vainest and most sadistic man ever to be our leader knows what to do. Attack the disease as a hoax, a deliberate Chinese attempt to help his political rival somehow, attack the precautions all medical experts everywhere urge us all to take, downplay its severity (though you are on tape before you began downplaying it expressing great and reasonable concern about it being airborne, how infectious and deadly it is) pretend to have defeated the disease as infection numbers once again peak (“Mission Accomplished!”), declare to the nation that it’s not your responsibility, blame Democrat [sic] governors and mayors– make them fight over PPE and declare them leaders of “anarchist jurisdictions”, make them take you to court to get their federal funds — refuse to wear a mask, create millions of proud “Anti-maskers”, encourage them to rise up against Democrat [sic] tyranny, hold indoor maskless rallies where crowds chant with you, sending moist plumes of breath into each other’s lungs, infect countless lackeys around you at super-spreader events, come down with the disease yourself, have a million dollars of instant tax-payer funded emergency medical care, recover and declare that COVID is no big deal, you just have to be a winner and dominate the disease.

Then somehow you lose the election, oddly enough, by only a few million votes (and a narrow 74 electors in the rigged Electoral College). No problem. The election, as you predicted and complained about many times (as in 2016) was rigged, fake, stolen, corrupt, a scam, a flimflam, dead people voting, completely fraudulent. The incidence of voter fraud is less than one thousandth of one percent, less than one ten-thousandth of a percent (0.000001%) — all of your court cases alleging electoral fraud and unfairness were tossed out of court for lack of evidence, or often, even a coherent legal theory. On the other hand, before the 2020 election, the great State of Georgia, under current heroes of the rule of law Governor Brian Kemp and Attorney General Brad Raffensberger (both vocal Trump supporters), disenfranchised another 198,000 likely Democratic voters. Even after that heroic voter purge, and yanking out mailboxes during a pandemic, and calling mail-in voting a massive fraud, and your base (al q’eada in Arabic) turned out in droves to vote in person, you still lost Georgia by 11,779 votes. No problemo. “I need you to do me a favor, though, Bradsky.” But Raffensberger is stubborn, refusing to play ball, secretly betraying you as you speak. You innocently tell the disloyal Georgia A.G. “I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state.Figure that one out, linguists.

As my sister, a teacher in Florida, is about to be dragged back into a classroom (her doctor’s note be damned) to spend seven hours a day in a closed-window air-conditioned classroom with her low-income four year-olds, with no PPE and certainly no mask mandate in that Freedom State, as many thousands of Americans are not homeless today only because there are still moratoriums on sheriffs and marshals forcibly removing them from their homes, as California hospitals are turning away patients likely too sick to recover, due to overwhelming numbers of new patients, we are talking about whether this narcissistic patient zero has every right to pursue every wildly insane scheme to remain in power after losing the election by a wide margin.

Mitch McConnell, who singlehandedly blocked a vote on cruelly delayed $2,000 relief checks that would likely have passed with bipartisan support, only waited a month or so to congratulate the president-elect, after weeks of drawling in his farting basso profundo that the president has every legal right to do everything in his power to see that he won the election fair and square and that it his absolute prerpgative to insist the presidency was stolen from him.

The Sedition Caucus (Trump calls those Republican traitors who didn’t join in his attempt to overthrow democracy the Surrender Caucus) is set to contest certified votes in every state Trump lost, during a session of Congress that, every year but now, has been a mere formality, announcing the certifications in each state to make the president-elect’s victory official. In the background there will be an anti-democracy rally raging outside the Capitol, a show of violent force called for by our sitting piece of shit president over and over. The Proud Boys and their shameful ilk have been standing by, in spite of being gassed by police recently, are gathering for tomorrow’s hoped for riot.

We’re not able to be focused on fighting this virus that’s killing so many of us, because another, even more incurable, virus is killing us — the urge of angry, hopeless people to band together and implacably hate others united behind an infallible leader above mere reason, fact or so called “truth”. Faithful fascism erases ordinary reality, replaces it with a mass fantasy of glory and triumph.

The “transactional” “autocratic” “oligarchic” “kleptocratic” “malignantly narcissistic” “totally exonerated” American president calls over an over for a massive anti-democracy protest in our nation’s capital to STOP THE STEAL. The increasingly desperate, lawless American president violates federal (pardon me, sir) and state law by calling a state official (18 times it turns out, persistence is the key to arm twisting and persuasion both) to put the arm on him to find 11,780 votes, “one more than we won by”, as lawyers all over this ravaged nation discuss the exact subsections of the laws he has broken, and his defenders use what they have at hand, whining about the treacherous sneaks who leaked the disloyal tape of him violating the law, explaining that the hour-long tape is being taken out of context, he was only suggesting, cajoling, making a deal, negotiating in a hardball manner, as New York City Real Estate titans often do. When you’re a NYC Real Estate titan they let you do it. And so, out of personal loyalty to him we will band together to overthrow democracy for his sake, not let the certification of votes take place as the Constitution requires. You know, because of the tens of millions of un-investigated allegations of fraud out there, the ones the president has been spouting many times everyday, the ones we’ve been spreading at the president’s behest.

If, with all this foulness going on, the people of the great state of Georgia (those whose votes haven’t been successfully suppressed) elect Trump puppet and multi-millionaire scarecrow Kelley Loeffler and mega-Trumper, expert on outsourcing jobs, David Perdue, and Mitch the Grim Reaper keeps control of blocking all legislation and executive appointments — well, release the fucking Kraken, this shithole really deserves the biblical cataclysm that will follow. Nazis simply don’t care how many have to die to realize their dream of a perfect Nazi world. In the end, historically, tyrants and their foot soldiers lose, but as to us and our times, good luck to us all and God Bless these United Shayyysssh.

Stating the Obvious, year-end edition

I am not alone in wishing good riddance to this fucking deadly year. Not that flipping the calendar page will do anything, really, but it’s nice to symbolically turn the page on 2020, which NY Times op-ed writer Michelle Cottle generously called a “soul crushing hellscape of a dumpster fire.” It has been that. Let’s look at just a few things we learned.

If you have an even one vote majority in the Senate, you get to decide what business gets in front of the Senate, what the People will get an up or down vote on, what democracy is.

Black guy picks a replacement for a suddenly deceased giant of the right on the Supreme Court? No hearing, no advice nor consent, forget it, let the People decide in the next election. President impeached by the House, the law requires a trial in Senate? No worries, we openly vow to work closely with the president’s defense team, allow no witnesses or evidence, acquit him ASAP and put the blame back where it belongs: on enraged haters, traitors, communists, black terrorists. COVID-19 puts burdens on the wealthiest corporations in the country (many making record windfall profits during the pandemic) while poor people who work for these outfits (“essential workers”) sicken and die? A liability shield for all corporate entities who may have inadvertently killed people by forcing them to work in unsafe conditions during a highly infectious, deadly pandemic. It’s only fair, and a totally reasonable pre-condition for any government aid to tens of millions of immiserated Americans.

Record Wildfires and Killer Storms, a small price to pay for continued prosperity.

A pandemic is first and foremost a political event.

Public safety precautions urged by medical experts may safely be mocked as partisan bullshit, a hoax, a nasty stunt fueled by irrational anger. Mayors and governors seeking to enforce mask mandates, social distancing? Sue these tyrants in court, exhort unhinged supporters to take up guns, rise up against tyranny!! No political price need ever be paid, in fact, the base (‘al qaeda’ in Arabic) loves it!

Check out this dead Republican’s official website, updated when he died of COVID-19. Do you think this staunch supporter of the president wore a mask, ever?

Alternative facts are just as good as so-called real facts.

When a police officer kills an unarmed person, live on video, particularly if that dead person is “colored”, the officer is entitled to the presumption of innocence, “qualified immunity” [1] from prosecution and a vigorous public defense by the media team at the police union.

And you can go down the whole disgustingly detailed list. How did we get to this hideous and embarrassing point in our experiment in democracy? My short answer: consumerism, materialism, greed, stupidity, the coercive power of advertising, extolling the unlimited virtues of unlimited individual competition between Rugged Individuals who duke it out for supremacy.

The value of the American Dream, and the life of every dreamer, can be expressed in a number, which follows a dollar sign. During this pandemic the 650 American billionaires increased their wealth by almost a trillion dollars. A trillion is a thousand billions, a million millions, like so: $1,000,000,000,000. Thousands of American lives could be saved, and many of the dead would still be alive, by the targeted infusion of that kind of money (a historic windfall to our 650 wealthiest, during a pandemic) into the fight against this terrible disease, to keep people from homelessness, hunger, terror and despair.

We’ve been successfully sold the idea that Bezos, Zuckerberg, Gates, Musk and Koch deserve every penny of their more than $100,000,000,000 fortunes, and every blessed dollar of their tens of billions in plague-related profits. To tax any of that money, even a windfall made during a pandemic, for use on the public good, even in a vast public health emergency, is coercive, socialistic, yea, communistic, totalitarian. So we seem to believe here in the USA, the land where Rugged Individualism has been marketed so successfully by influential actors like The Great Communicator.

MacKenzie Scott, former wife of world’s greediest man Jeff Fucking Bezos, has so far taken about 10% of her estimated $59,000,000,000 fortune and given the money directly to causes that need help, like pandemic relief and anti-racist groups. She gave six billion dollars to organizations she believes in, asking them only to use it where it was needed most.

Contrast that with usual billionaire strings-attached philanthropist micromanagers like Gates and Zuckerberg (Bezos, Musk and Koch don’t seem to believe in philanthropy) who, considering themselves among history’s greatest geniuses, create foundations that bear their names and fund specific solutions they believe in, like proposing to solve inequality of education and its role in intergenerational poverty with private “charter schools” (that don’t work — certainly not to help fix our long-besieged public education system).

Heather Cox Richardson wrote a short version of how we got here, an essay that arrived in my inbox around 5 a.m. Our pay-to-play political cesspool today is directly traceable to the rage and determination of a group of very wealthy white men following Brown v. Board of Education, the 1954 decision when the “activist” Supreme Court unanimously declared segregation unconstitutional. You can trace their privilege-protecting, anti-majoritarian determination to take back the unquestioned power they never lost in the Civil War to the years right after American schools were ordered to be de-segregated “with all deliberate speed.”

Racism plays an outsized role in our nation’s woes — though, like the “n-word” itself, it must never be uttered aloud.

Think of it, without racism you have a tiny group of super rich, politically insulated heirs of great fortunes (think the old slaveholding class in Dixie and their counterparts in the North) versus the overwhelming human force of the great masses of the poor and disenfranchised. If poor whites and poor blacks ever united in a voting block based on their mutual interests, ever marched by the millions demanding action towards justice — you’d have to hire literally an army of lone gunmen to shoot all of their leaders in the head. Remove racism from the mix and you’d have sudden, massive change, or a bloodbath of our greatest, and most valuable, citizens. The world would not be safe for those born, booted and spurred, to ride the backs of the rest of us.

Of course, not every one of the 74,000,000 who voted to give Donald Trump a second chance to make America great again is a racist. On the other hand, we all understand that every eligible racist in the country voted for Donald. Anger at racism? It brings me back to personal experiences with old friends and reminds me of how personal the political always is.

The guy I asked to please stop provoking me would not even acknowledge doing it, he’d never provoked me, he kept insisting. At the same time, the last time we talked, he couldn’t rest until, reminding me three times in 15 minutes that though it was unfair to accuse me of disrespecting him, based on the actual events of the day and my constant communication with him about delays, that he still felt disrespected by my lateness. The third time he brought this up was the charm. I finally exploded, listing several very specific reasons I had no respect for him. Set and match.

It’s this way with racism. You keep bringing it up, I’ll keep telling you it’s not a problem. We are never going to talk about it in any meaningful way, nor acknowledge its prevalence in our culture. When you get mad, well, it just proves I was right all along about you fucking people.

A guy complained that he had no idea how much he’d hurt me because I’d been so calm, reasonable and nonjudgmental when I told him I was hurt. Somebody who is really hurt cries out, he pointed out, it’s only natural. How could I really blame him for not knowing how upset he’d made me when I didn’t cry out? It was unfair of me to expect him to know how hurtful and aggravating his actions were without a little screaming to give him a clue. So, to allow him to understand why I was hurt, and how much, I cried out. When I did, he was devastated that I could be such a merciless fuck.

This is how it works with racism too. You can be philosophical in the face of the pain of it, but that’s only a way of coping. Your restraint can be cited, by those who don’t believe in racism, as a demonstration that you’re pretty much cool with the way things are, that we all enjoy freedom here, and basic equality under the law.

Everything seems fine, until another unarmed black man, not resisting his handcuffing by police (as a suspect in a very minor, non-violent crime), is slowly murdered on video, by an officer kneeling on his neck for long, agonizing minutes, while the officer’s colleagues assist in the killing — during a pandemic. A high school girl films the entire thing on her cellphone. There is no question about the hideous sequence of events, the lynching, exactly how long it takes the begging man to lose consciousness, how long they wait to call for medical help.

Now you take to the streets by the millions, finally bringing many thousands of “white” people with you, everywhere. Racism doesn’t seem so abstract now, does it, you reality denying motherfuckers? Of course, now you are a visible, united threat and people who deny that racism exists start getting defensive, even shrill. Who is really making the problem here?

Anyway, a happy, healthy 2021 to you all. It’s hard to imagine it can be as bad as 2020, though guys like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham will do their best to hold the line, keep hope alive for al q’aeda, the base. The feelings of those left out, the large majority shoved aside, hurt, in need, bereft by the preventable deaths of loved ones — well, as Mitch and Lindsey and their ilk are used to believing, they simply don’t have the votes to do anything about it, do they?

A majority of one vote or not, we’re going to have a much better 2021 than the surreal, stinking shit-show of 2020. Take that to the bank, stay alert and be of good cheer.


Qualified immunity is a judicially created doctrine that shields government officials from being held personally liable for constitutional violations—like the right to be free from excessive police force—for money damages under federal law so long as the officials did not violate “clearly established” law. Both 42 U.S.C. § 1983—a statute originally passed to assist the government in combating Ku Klux Klan violence in the South after the Civil War—and the Supreme Court’s decision in Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents of Federal Bureau of Narcotics (1971) allow individuals to sue government officials for money damages when they violate their constitutional rights. Section 1983 applies to state officials, while Bivens applies to federal officials. Because damages are often the only available remedy after a constitutional violation has occurred, suits for damages can be a crucial means of vindicating constitutional rights. When government officials are sued, qualified immunity functions as an affirmative defense they can raise, barring damages even if they committed unlawful acts.


Federal death row inmate Lisa Montgomery might be allowed to die a natural death

Talk about a random twist of fate staying the executioner’s ax — Lisa Montgomery, the first female slated for execution by federal authorities since, correct me if I’m wrong, Roy Cohn orchestrated the electrocution of Ethel Rosenberg in 1953 (though, see [1]) may get to live the rest of her tormented life in prison. She will not be executed as Trump originally planned, days before Biden’s inauguration, because her lawyers came down with COVID-19 and could not appear to make arguments to extend her stay of execution. A simple twist of fate may save her miserable life of solitary confinement in prison.

A judge has delayed the execution of Lisa Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row. Montgomery suffers from mental illness caused by a life of abuse, and her lawyers are asking for clemency. She was convicted for the gruesome 2004 murder of a pregnant woman. Her execution this month was delayed after her lawyers got COVID-19; a D.C. district judge ruled Thursday the Justice Department can’t move ahead with a January 12 execution because the stay order will still be in place. Advocates hope Montgomery’s life will be spared by Joe Biden, who has vowed to abolish the federal death penalty.


Trump and his shameless enabler Bill Barr have executed more federal prisoners in the last few months than have been killed by the federal government in the last fifty years. The last lame duck president to carry out an execution was former executioner Grover Cleveland, in January 1889 [2]. Trump clearly loves the power to order the death of black men, as he pardons unrepentant war criminals, private (Blackwater) and military (disgraced, sadistic SEAL Eddie Gallagher) and corrupt colleagues. Trump and uber-Catholic Bill Barr were determined to kill a woman too, the only female federal death row inmate, come hell or high water.

The woman in question committed a gristly murder in 2004. She is administered a daily cocktail of anti-psychotic drugs. Never mind any of the details, Trump was determined to execute this crazy lady — whether by lethal injection, electric chair, firing squad, hanging, poison gas or any other means necessary (Barr actually changed the department’s guidelines for state executions to include those other ways of killing, in case certain mandated deadly chemicals were not available for lethal injection).

One can only hope for, and agitate for, justice to be applied to these wicked men. Justice is the only remedy for wickedness, though the interests of justice are disregarded with sickening regularity when it comes to wealthy, powerful, white men.


The Rosenbergs were the only two American civilians to be executed for espionage-related activity during the Cold War.[48] Ethel was the last female convict to be electrocuted in the state of New York and also the first of the only two women executed by the Federal government in the 20th century, the other one being Bonnie Brown, also executed in 1953.



The number was updated to five, after the article quoted below came out, four are already dead, see THIS:

The Department of Justice has scheduled three federal executions during the administration’s lame-duck period: Orlando Hall on November 19, Lisa Montgomery on December 8, and Brandon Bernard on December 10. The last time the U.S. government carried out an execution between a presidential election and the inauguration of the new president for a federal crime was nearly 132 years ago, on January 25, 1889, when the outgoing administration of Grover Cleveland executed Richard Smith, a Choctaw Indian, for a murder on tribal land in Arkansas.


Motherfucker publicly sodomizes stinking skeleton of his long-dead orangutan mother

One should not be too opinionated these days. These are very angry and stressful times. We all know that Mr. Trump is an unusual kind of president, the kind of person who seems to behave irrationally as he instinctively serves the powerful forces that have served him all of his life. He’s not as stupid as he seems, perhaps, just a malignant narcissist. A spoiled two-year old who never experienced real affection and so is incapable of feeling it, by the looks of it. Each of us have our opinions of this greatest and most brilliant, handsome and well-endowed president in American history.

I really should keep my foul-mouthed opinions to myself. We all need to be more understanding. After all, the president’s story is like the story of many of us here in our nation of immigrants. Trump’s mother started life as what is often called White Trash, dirt poor from a benighted part of Scotland. She was transformed into a glamorous queen by marriage to a very wealthy second generation German-American man.

Mary Anne McLeod Trump [1] may or may not have been a loving woman, the odds are she was challenged to be a nurturing mother to her brood of five, little Donald being number four. He was apparently a handful, disrespectful to her, unruly, constantly acting out, impossible to manage. One can’t blame a mother for having a hard time with such a child, I never held my mother’s difficulties raising someone like me against her. That’s not really true, of course, but it sounds generous — I held it against her for years. As an adult of advanced years I finally learned not to hold my mother’s human limitations against her. Donald and his mother, perhaps not so much. Not to judge, God forbid!

But what exactly brings forth this sickeningly opinionated title I’ve put on top of this post? Well, after a delay of just a little more than half a year, during a terrifying, out of control pandemic, Mitch McConnell allowed a watered down version of bipartisan bill to relieve some of the suffering of the majority of Americans to become a bipartisan law to help many of the eight million Americans who have fallen into official poverty during this Act of God pandemic, and giving aid to millions more who are hungry and in imminent danger of homelessness. Democrats and Republicans agreed to the $900,000,000,000 COVID-19 relief bill right before Christmas. That was part of a $2.3 trillion Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021. It was approved and passed on to the president on Christmas Eve, because, you know, no point waiting until the very last minute.

Then my man Fuckface refused to sign it as he headed to Florida for golfing and plotting a self-coup. Happy Christmas, traitors! If Trump doesn’t sign it within ten days (and this Congress ends on January 3) he’s run out the clock with a “pocket veto” and forced the third U.S. government shutdown in three tries (he didn’t get a chance to shut it down in 2017, but he did in 2018 and 2019 [2] ). Here’s Heather Cox Richardson, to explain:

Trump’s supporters are urging him to “pocket veto” the Consolidated Appropriations Act, taking advantage of a weird option at the end of a congressional session. Normally, a president has ten days, not including Sunday, to review and sign a bill. During a congressional session, if the president doesn’t sign a bill within ten days, it becomes a law. But if the congressional session ends within ten days, the bill does not become a law. This is known as a pocket veto. The 116th Congress—this one—officially ends at noon on January 3. If Trump got the bill on December 24, and all indications are that he did, the ten-day window ends on January 4. So, he could, in fact, run out the clock in such a way that Congress could not override his veto.


Now we assume Mary Anne MacLeod Trump was Trump’s mother, he looks a hell of a lot like her, including his hairdo.

Comedian Bill Maher famously offered to pay a few million to Trump’s favorite charity if Donald could prove his mother was not an orangutan. Nothing in nature is that color, besides an orangutan, said Maher. His offer was a parody of Trump’s famous public challenge to Barack Obama to pull his pants down, bend over and show America everything about his high school and college grades, his SAT and LSAT scores, his “long form” birth certificate and all the rest, daring him to disprove Trump’s many lies about him.

The famously thin-skinned Trump saw no humor in Maher’s disrespectful and disgusting parody [3] and had lawyers sue Maher for “breach of contract” (since as a public figure he could not win a slander or libel suit over parody, as the Supreme Court unanimously ruled in Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell, 485 U.S. 46 (1988) — see FN 2) when Trump produced HIS birth certificate — proving his mother was homo sapiens, SO THERE! — and Maher didn’t pay up on his joke offer.

The case cost Maher/HBO a pile of cash, no doubt, they had to respond to Trump’s baseless lawsuit or lose by default, but Trump’s lawyers did their job, the enraged threat became real, even if they wound up quietly withdrawing the pathetic claim after it had its effect in showing Trump takes no shit from anybody about anything, including the ugly statement that his mother who was completely a human being, was some kind of smelly great ape. He’d do the same thing, dozens of times, after losing the election he claims was stolen from him, almost two months ago.

So, fast forward a decade or so, to the day after Christmas of an historically hellish year, Donald Trump orders the exhumation of the skeleton of his dear mother, has her brought to Mar-a-Largo, and begins furiously violating her. “You did this to me, you fucking heartless bitch!” he sobs over and over, violently taking the pile of bones from behind, as is every motherfucker’s prerogative. There’s no such thing as “consent” or “rape” when you own the thing you are having sex with — the same goes for the dead, they lose their legal right to complain, even of necrophilia.

As for the millions now in real danger of continued hunger, increased terror and winter homelessness the week after Christmas, (and never forget, Trump made wishing each other “Merry Christmas” legal again in the United States after years of illegal rule by sick and dangerous Democrat miscegenist pedophile cannibals) — well, shit happens. Merry Christmas, Sir, they say to him now, the people in his bunker.

All he really wants at the moment is a little privacy, to keep hammering at the skeleton of his sainted, once-human mother.


Mary Anne Trump was a Scottish-American philanthropist known for being the mother of Donald Trump and the wife of real-estate developer Fred Trump. Born in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, she emigrated to the United States in 1930 and became a naturalized citizen in March 1942. Wikipedia


There have only been a handful of full federal government shutdowns, most lasting only a short time. Most of these were hardline leverage by the Opposition party. Trump has shut his own government down when it refuses to do things like fund THE WALL. Trump holds the all-time, unlikely to be broken record for longest temper tantrum-driven shutdown, 35 days. Here is the chart:

Cost to
19801FTC only1,600$700,000Carter[29][30]
19811241,000$80–90 millionReagan[31]
19841 (approx. 4 hrs.)500,000$65 million[31]
19861 (approx. 4 hrs.)all500,000$62.2 million[31]
19903all2,800$2.57 millionH.W. Bush[32]
Nov 19955some800,000$400 millionClinton[10][33]
201316all800,000$2.1 billionObama[34][35]
Jan 20183all692,900Trump[36]
2018–1935some380,000$5 billion[37][38]


Which, it must be said, did not begin to compare, in sheer disgustingness with Larry Flynnt’s truly revolting parody of a risqué Campari ad, asking Jerry Falwell about his “first time”. The parody ad was even disgusting to me, which is saying a lot. Let me see if I can find it online for you, judge for yourself (lest ye be judged):

read about Falwell’s lawsuit and the famous Supreme Court ruling, HERE

Merry Christmas, Ivanka-style

Hell of a rain last night, on Christmas Eve, along with 60 mph winds. Today is just gray, 60 degrees in New York City (a week after a substantial snowfall) and predicted to go down 30 degrees tonight. Christmas time is here again, and for me and Sekhnet, sad to say, not easy to find a Chinese restaurant open, certainly not one where you can sit down, have a good meal and crack open a fortune cookie after eating a slice of orange. In New York City we are paralyzed by fear of a fake and easily defeatable so-called pandemic. So just a quick one, before I go downstairs to play Christmas tunes, clunkily, on the piano.

If you’re going to get a pardon from daddy, for alleged financial crimes it is quite likely you were part of, it is best to lay the groundwork for why that pardon is righteous and not part of a large, corrupt cover-up attempt by your scofflaw father. The NY State tax evasion charges, brought by the Manhattan DA, will be impossible for daddy to protect you from, but as for that vicious, partisan fuck in D.C. — that little district is not a state, it’s under federal law, hah! So tweet something like this about that:

“This is harassment, pure and simple. This ‘inquiry’ by NYC Democrats is 100% motivated by politics, publicity and rage. They know very well that there’s nothing here and that there was no tax benefit whatsoever. These politicians are simply ruthless.”

Motivated by politics, publicity and rage. Rage and a babyish desire for attention! Motivated by rage, a base emotion which is by its nature irrational and vindictive.

Ah, yes, here we go:

$5,000 is a fair market rate for rental of the ballroom that week, as paid by the conservative Christian group who rented D.C.’s most elegant ballroom to celebrate the miraculous election of God’s historically flawed vessel. So is the $175,000 paid by the Trump Inaugural Committee for that same room, that same week. You see? Nothing to see here, you villainous Democrat scallawag [1]!

As Boof Kavanaugh put it so passionately, fighting back tearfully after he got up off the canvas to knock out outside left-wing opposition stooge Dr. Christina Blasey-Ford and her ugly accusation in a stunning final round comeback victory:

A calculated and orchestrated political hit, fueled with pent-up anger about president Trump and the 2016 election, fear that has been unfairly stoked about my judicial record, revenge on behalf of the Clintons and millions of dollars from outside left-wing opposition groups.

This is how you do it. If your enemy is fueled by pent-up rage, well, not only does it prove they are quite wrong, you can use that violent emotion against them, ju-jitsu style. That D.C. politician who is bringing the suit against Ivanka and the other dignitaries of the Trump Inaugural Committee over grossly inflated rental fees paid to the Trump Hotel that went into the Trump family portfolio? Fueled with pent-up anger about president Trump and the 2016 election. Typical slime “investigation” from a ruthless politician! Isn’t that right, daddy?

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good afternoon.


In United States history, the term scalawag referred to white Southerners who supported Reconstruction policies and efforts after the conclusion of the American Civil War. As with the term carpetbagger, the word has a long history of use as a slur in Southern partisan debates. Wikipedia

Share and share alike

Years ago a friend asked me to rewrite his parents’ wills to make sure his newborn daughter was added by name. His parents were happy to do this, I went to meet them. Reading the two short documents they already had I noted one serious flaw — the signature of the attorney, by wild coincidence, in addition to being scrawled in the same eccentrically blue-green ink as the witness signatures, was in the exact same handwriting as the signatures of the two witnesses to the will. When I pointed this out to them they smiled at me, and at each other, and told me fondly what a lovely man their now deceased lawyer was. Each will was an otherwise standard will, except for a phrase I really enjoyed. The assets not otherwise spoken for above were to be divided among the grandchildren equally, “to share and share alike”. I made sure to retain the phrase in my rewrite of the wills.

Share and share alike is a formula for avoiding conflict. There’s one less big reason to fight if we share everything fairly. Most people I know have this impulse. When you cook and put the food on the plate, or slice a cake, you try to give the same portion to everyone at the table (unless somebody indicates they want a smaller portion). When Sekhnet and I were domesticating the Feral Five this summer, we both reflexively did the same thing: made sure they all knew they’d get the same food, attention and playtime as all the others. One kitten would start eating, the others quickly learned that within a moment they’d have their own bowl in front of them. When giving them treats, each one got the same amount tossed to them and there was almost never stealing or attempts at hoarding. There was little anxiety or any reason for competition for these things because they shared and shared alike. It seems pretty clear that this is the fair way to divide things — share and share alike. It’s a basic philosophical stance, it seems to me– that everyone should get, to the extent possible, the basics that they need to live with safety and dignity, particularly in a place where others have a thousand, or a million times, what they need.

I think about that, in our gilded age of Inequality with its insane, often lauded, greed and — in an environment of the artificially enforced scarcity, the glorification of the “winners” of our natural “competition”. Our greatest citizens are not those who learned to “share and share alike” they are the audacious ones who learned to grab, and bring lawsuits against others like them, dominate the competition, take it all.

The supremely entitled twat who runs Facebook? One of the greediest fucks on earth, and supremely destructive in his limitless greed and arrogance, but– hey, don’t knock what he’s accomplished! Bill Gates? Arguably a slick monopolist at one time (with the lawsuits to prove it) but today one of our greatest philanthropist, although he is the ultimate expert on everything and determines precisely how his donations are spent (he always knows best, after all), and rightfully so, he’s about the smartest man in the world, as demonstrated by his vast, hard-earned fortune. But who am I to judge these great men so harshly? What fortune have I amassed? The People rest!

There is no downside in America to super-sized greed and hoarding — no matter how obscene — if you are a success. Our greediest and most avaricious [1] citizens are seen as the best of us by most of us — a kind of natural aristocracy in American life. Sekhnet doesn’t disagree when I snarl at the seemingly insane greed of a Jeff Bezos (not that she likes my frequent snarling), but she also loves the innovations in convenient shopping he’s made possible and defends the sick fuck, at least for the excellence of his genius instant-gratification delivery service. Bezos, I note, never leaves a penny on the table when he can grab it for himself.

It seems to me that once you’ve amassed, say, a $100,000,000,000 personal fortune, you can afford to stop obsessively snatching up every penny in sight. It’s probably safe to allow your hardworking employees to form a union, let’s say, or to have certain benefits at work (like bathroom breaks), a work site that is as close to a modern day salt mine as exists in our enlightened nation. For Jeff “Democracy Dies in Darkness” Bezos, it’s the principle of the thing. A penny left on the table, or in a mere employee’s hand, is a sin. A fucking sin!

I imagine that in the childhood homes of every supremely greedy acquisitor (often wealthy homes) there was an ethic (false, of course) of “zero entitlement” and of “working to earn everything you get.” “Share and share alike” was considered a recipe for losers. Fred Koch made his boys literally fight it out for his approval. The young Koch brothers punched each other in the face, and Fred was all for this manly vying over who was the most ambitious, the fittest to survive and therefore the most entitled to inherit oversight of his fortune.

Think of young Donald, with his charismatic, much older brother getting so much of daddy’s attention and praise — until the brother broke his father’s heart by showing himself much less ruthless than necessary to run an empire. Young Donald, fourth pup in the litter of five, angry, spoiled, entitled, bullying, acting out, fledging rich young juvenile delinquent, was then sent to military academy in an unsuccessful attempt to make a mensch out of him as Frederick Christ Trump groomed the young narcissist to become Trump.

Back to the opposite of these types and share and share alike. What is wrong with share and share alike as a view of life between siblings, life in a community? One thing that pops out of the American/Puritan myth — if you always get what you need, where is the incentive to create wealth, to dominate and become “great”?

Greatness, in the capitalist ethic, means constant expansion — continual growth of the enterprise, of profits, of wealth. Success is measured in immensity of expansion and the scope of your personal dominance. That’s why you can rape the earth as much as you want (as long as their is no priggish progress-hating government nanny there to coerce you and force you to stop) if the end result is being the richest man on the planet you murdered.

You want to raise children who are less susceptible to jealousy and corruption? Teach them to share and share alike, by your fair example. The alternative is what we are living in now: Betsey DeVos as the Secretary of Making Education An Earned Right Again as Christ Himself teaches.


I use, employ and deploy this synonym for greedy (note this is greed for wealth and material gain, as opposed to simple greed) in a nod to the pettifogger’s habit of stating and restating, reiterating and repeating, the obvious, the plain, the too clear to need clarification, the open and shut, in as many words and variations as possible, to cover every contingency, circumstance, event, foreseen and unforeseen, every possibility, in this world or any conceivable world. I learned that this laughable, risible, ridiculous habit derives from the age when we used to use scriveners, men with excellent handwriting, to write our legal papers. These weasels were paid by the word, hence the endless series of qualifiers, synonyms, distinguishing marks, clarifiers, the ostentatious, overbearing, absurdly ornate and, frankly, wordy restatements of the same thing:

The so-called truth about the so-called election (as of yesterday, anyway)

Clicking links can be tedious, I know. So, as a service to the reader in a hurry, a few highlights from the traitorous Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s website (as of yesterday — subject to deletion upon discovery by the president’s most loyal men and women). All this information is apparently still online today.

You can click on the CISA website’s URL HERE for more details about each of these thoroughly debunked rumors/Trump barking points. Most of these debunked rumors have useful resources below including links to the laws and practices that protect and ensure each of these things. A quick scroll through this list should probably do the trick, though.

Or, as is your inalienable right as an American anti-masker type, simply ignore this seditious “reality-based” list, as millions of our other countrymen, including 18 state attorneys general and 106 House members, are currently on the record doing (though in the guise of a lawsuit on other grounds not covered here).

 Reality: Ballot handling procedures protect against intentional or unintentional ballot destruction.

  Rumor: Ballots can easily be destroyed without detection, preventing them from being counted.

 Reality: Voting systems undergo testing from state and/or federal voting system testing programs, which certify voting system hardware and software.

  Rumor: Voting system software is not reviewed or tested and can be easily manipulated.


 Reality: Robust safeguards including canvassing and auditing procedures help ensure the accuracy of official election results.

  Rumor: A bad actor could change election results without detection.

 Reality: Voter registration list maintenance and other election integrity measures protect against voting illegally on behalf of deceased individuals.

  Rumor: Votes are being cast on behalf of dead people and these votes are being counted.

 Reality: Variations in vote totals for different contests on the same ballot occur in every election and do not by themselves indicate fraud or issues with voting technology.

  Rumor: More votes in one contest than other contests on the ballot means that results cannot be trusted.

 Reality: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) do not design or audit ballots, which are processes managed by state and local election officials.

  Rumor: DHS or CISA printed paper ballots with security measures and is auditing results as a countermeasure against ballot counterfeiting.

 Reality: Election results reporting may occur more slowly than prior years. This does not indicate there is any problem with the counting process or results. Official results are not certified until all validly cast ballots have been counted, including ballots that are counted after election night.

  Rumor: If results as reported on election night change over the ensuing days or weeks, the process is hacked or compromised, so I can’t trust the results.

 Reality: Provisional ballots are counted in every election regardless of result margins.

  Rumor: Provisional ballots are only counted if there’s a close race.

 Reality: In some circumstances, elections officials are permitted to “duplicate” or otherwise further mark cast ballots to ensure they can be properly counted.

  Rumor: Witnessing election officials marking ballots means that fraudulent voting is taking place.

 Reality: Election night results are not official results.

  Rumor: If election night reporting sites experience an outage, vote counts will be lost or manipulated.

 Reality: A defaced or manipulated election night reporting webpage would not impact counting and certification of official results.

  Rumor: If the election night reporting webpage is defaced or displays incorrect results, the integrity of the election is compromised.

 Reality: Malicious actors can use fake personas and impersonate real accounts.

  Rumor: If a social media account claims an identity, the account must be run by that person or organization.

 Reality: Cyber actors can “spoof” or forge email sender addresses to look like they come from someone else.

  Rumor: I received an election-related email that looks like it came from a certain organization, so the organization must have sent it.


 Reality: Some voter registration data is publicly available.

  Rumor: Someone possessing or posting voter registration data means voter registration databases have been hacked.

 Reality: Online voter registration websites can experience outages for non-malicious reasons.

  Rumor: An online voter registration website experiences an outage and claims are made the election has been compromised.

 Reality: A compromise of a state or local government system does not necessarily mean election infrastructure or the integrity of your vote has been compromised.

  Rumor: If state or local jurisdiction information technology (IT) has been compromised, the election results cannot be trusted.

 Reality: Malicious actors can fake manipulation of voter registration data to spread disinformation.

  Rumor: Videos, images or emails suggesting voter registration information is being manipulated means voters will not be able to vote.

 Reality: Safeguards are in place to prevent home-printed or photocopied mail-in ballots from being counted.

  Rumor: A malicious actor can easily defraud an election by printing and sending in extra mail-in ballots.

Reality: Safeguards are in place to protect against fraudulent voting using the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB).

  Rumor: A malicious actor can easily defraud an election using the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB).


 Reality: Election officials provide writing instruments that are approved for marking ballots to all in-person voters using hand-marked paper ballots.

  Rumor: Poll workers gave specific writing instruments, such as Sharpies, only to specific voters to cause their ballots to be rejected.

 Reality: Voters are protected by state and federal law from threats or intimidation at the polls, including from election observers.

  Rumor: Observers in the polling place are permitted to intimidate voters, campaign, and interfere with voting.

 Reality: Safeguards are in place to protect ballot secrecy.

  Rumor: Someone is claiming to know who I voted for.

 Reality: Polling place lookup sites can experience outages for non-malicious reasons.

  Rumor: If polling place lookup sites experience an outage, election infrastructure must have been compromised.

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Now, it’s true that outside of all this obviously partisan palaver, there is still the totally plausible chance that there was massive voting fraud and coordinated irregularities in ANARCHIST JURISDICTIONS that deprived our greatest, most handsome, smartest, most charismatic, most sexually attractive, BEST FRIEND OF THE GODDAMNED COLORED RACES SINCE “HONEST” FUCKING ABE president of his rightful second term (just as a baseless WITCH HUNT deprived him of a fully effective first term, and the Chinese/Democrat virus HOAX unfairly hurt him too). You can believe unhinged “reality alarmist” traitors at some government agency nobody ever heard of or… or…

Only one final thing I have to say on any of this, to Mr. Trump, the shady AG of Texas (under indictment since 2015), the other dozens of loyal-to-the-death elected Republican Trump zealots who signed on to the Texas AG’s idiotic “lawsuit” delivered to Amy Coney Barrett and her five Federalist Society colleagues on the Supreme Court:

Black, Brown, Urban, “Minority” Votes Matter (and count just like your’s), you racist motherfuckers, whatever you might sincerely, fervently, strongly believe to the contrary.

Pardon Me, Sir, The American Rule?

There was no federal anti-lynching law for the many decades large numbers of people were being lynched in the USA. This was because a sizable block in the Senate truly believed that certain people needed to be dragged off, tortured and strung up, or mutilated and set on fire while still alive. Legally sanctioned terrorism was a way of life in certain areas, an integral part of maintaining “law and order”.

If there was not even a federal anti-lynching law for so many years, why would you expect an anti-discrimination law to stop the racist application of government programs? It was not until after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, during the upheaval of the “Civil Rights” Movement (Malcolm X, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabbazz, correctly called these Human Rights) that federal anti-discrimination legislation, like the Fair Housing Act of 1965, was signed into law to halt some of the more pernicious practices of genteel, wealthy racists.

The wealthy, genteel or not, have always seen to making laws that enforce their privileges. That’s why having money in the United States is often the difference between a long life and a short one. My father, born into terrible poverty, was part of a generation of American veterans of the Second World War who were able to get a free college education and a low cost housing loan and, with hard work, emerge from poverty into the middle class. The program was called the GI Bill.

I read recently that in New York State, of the thousands of these GI Bill housing loans and low-cost mortgages that were made to veterans who bought houses (and amassed an inheritable estate), only a handful (11, I think) went to black veterans. Black veterans applied for these benefits, they were legally entitled to them, they just didn’t get them. Renting a decent place to live was the same way, no law really prevented a racist owner from telling black or brown people (or anyone else he simply didn’t like the looks of) that the vacant apartment they’d looked at was, unfortunately, no longer available.

Donald Trump’s father made the bulk of his fortune exploiting the post World War II home building explosion. He was an expert at profiting from government subsidies that incentivized the building of affordable housing, he made many millions from these government programs. The government put conditions on these highly subsidized deals, the housing had to be affordable, widely available to working people. There was just a wink, an understanding, about renting to what were then called Negroes, Spics (Puerto Ricans), Kikes (poor Eastern European Jews), Wops (darker Southern Italians), “Ethnics’ of every stripe. Trump’s father had a policy against renting to such ‘unsavory’ types and there was no law against it, until the Fair Housing Act.

Donald was 19 when the Fair Housing Act became law, already (having successfully dodged the draft and the deadly jungles of Vietnam) being groomed to take over his father’s empire (an empire he’d sell at a loss after the old man died, in violation of the dead man’s wishes, but that’s another story).

The younger Trump sat next to his father during the government’s case against Trump Properties and watched an unscrupulous master (eventually, too late, disbarred and indicted) named Roy Cohn work his magic. Cohn first countersued the Department of Justice for defamation of the Trumps (who, although they honestly hated the people they refused to rent to, arguably had every legal right to be selective in processing tenant applications). Eventually the Trump’s signed a settlement with the government, admitting no wrongdoing in marking applications “C” (for “colored”) and rejecting every applicant with a “C” on their folder, and agreeing to allow supervision by federal authorities to ensure future compliance with the Fair Housing Act, a law they did not admit they had violated.

It was an eye-opening, intoxicating victory for the young Donald Trump. He went on to become possibly the most litigious man in history, with over 3,500 lawsuits (before becoming president) and literally hundreds since (at least 300 prior to the 2020 election and, at last count, 43 since — his record in those Stop The Steal! cases is 1 win, 42 losses).

The simplest explanation for why Trump is involved in all this protracted litigation is The American Rule. We learned about this in law school, and many of us were shocked to learn it, though, after you think about it for a moment, it makes perfect sense.

In most countries, if you bring a weak lawsuit designed primarily to vex, harass, cow, intimidate, delay, bully, pauperize, manipulate, exploit or outright cheat another person, and you lose the case — or withdraw the suit after bankrupting your opponent with legal bills or otherwise proving your point — you must repay the legal fees of the person you brought to court. In most places this repayment of what can sometimes be vast legal bills is part of the principle of making the person “whole” after they suffer a legal injury. The American Rule is all about “fairness”– each side is responsible to pay its own costs in court and the winner may not be compensated by the loser for legal fees, except in specific, fairly rare cases.

As the inheritor of vast wealth, Trump, history’s greatest beneficiary of the American Rule, has never had any problem financing every possible lawsuit imaginable. Many of these expensive lawsuits are deductible as business expenses and, over decades, he has profited handsomely from the delays, favorable settlements and the bankrupting of hated adversaries. As the sitting president, and rightfully feared head of the Republican Party, he no longer has to finance his own lawsuits, that burden falls on we the taxpayers (for cases brought by Sessions’s and then Barr’s DOJ), his donors and the Republican National Committee war chest.

There are many things in life that are plainly wrong, although not, strictly according to the written law, illegal. Men like Donald Trump are experts at exploiting the fact that it is impossible to write down enforceable prohibitions of every form of evil and abuse.

The Supreme Court ruled against Richard Nixon when he claimed executive privilege in his attempt to withhold evidence during his impeachment. They ruled the same way against Bill Clinton when he tried a similar thing during his impeachment. Trump, advised by the equally unscrupulous Bill Barr, made the same arguments Nixon and Clinton lost in their attempts to hide evidence of their wrongdoing. Trump’s many defenders said Trump was only doing what other impeached presidents had done (conveniently omitting any reference to the legal outcomes or the elemental principle of justice behind them).

The Supreme Court would eventually have to rule against Trump’s absurdly broad claims of limitless immunity too. Only in Trump’s case — delay was the key. What he did in openly obstructing the impeachment may be found, in the end, to have been unlawful, but it worked! When the Supreme Court eventually rules that it was illegal for Trump to block all legally issued subpoenas for testimony by his employees, current and past, on the grounds of an inviolable expansive blanket protective presidential immunity (Barr’s genius concept), Trump will be involved in some other lucrative scam (or in prison for tax-related crimes).

Presidential pardons are about to burst forth in a gusher. The president’s right to grant pardons is practically unlimited, though self-dealing pardons may be subject to review, particularly the pardon of a presidential co-conspirator in federal crimes, like Louis DeJoy. Or the faithful Rudy Giuliani, if he survives COVID-19, for his role in the long pattern of mutually beneficial shady, illegal political shenanigans/business deals in Ukraine that led to his old friend’s impeachment.

Jared Kushner, perhaps the greatest walking illustration of Hannah Arendt’s ‘banality of evil’ (a completely ordinary idiot can do very evil things, if he has the power to do them), will be at the front of the line for a full presidential pardon. Jared is totally innocent, the president will announce, but because the sick, vindictive radical left Democrats are so intent on revenge after stealing the election, nothing Jared did while in power, no profits he personally made while a government employee (a reported $82,000,000 last year, along with First Daughter Ivanka), may be investigated, no crimes, even if evidence is found, prosecuted. The pardon will most likely protect Jared in all related federal lawsuits — good luck in state courts, JK.

The most unprincipled and stupid of Trump’s accomplices will all certainly get pardons– as long as they’ve been loyal to their famously disloyal boss. Pardon me, folks, but this is just another expression of the American Rule.