Nazis are always on point

It is a challenge to get a coherent and reasonable view of the whole sickening death spiral most of us, and all other living things on the planet, are up against.  If we can’t see it, how do we take action?   We are all soaking in this perilous status quo solution because a few people, determined to have everything at any cost, wake up on fire to get more every day, no matter what the price to the most vulnerable among us.  Nazis and klansmen are always on point, ready to serve their masters.   They know exactly who they want to kill at every moment, in a way that ordinary people don’t.
We are so well marinated in this corporate/fascist moment (where mass death of our most vulnerable “losers” is vastly preferable to even a momentary loss of profits for the most successful winners among us) that it’s impossible for most of our fellow frogs to even see what we are neck deep in or to even imagine that there are alternatives to it.  
So effective has Rugged Individualist advertising/propaganda been that even very intelligent and politically progressive friends have come to feel (notice “feel”, not reason or decide) that doddering compromiser Joe Biden is our best hope against Trump/Bolsinaro/Putin et al.    Frustrating.   The Democratic party has sold out to corporatism to the extent that a gif of a saucy Nancy Pelosi snarkily wagging her finger at an uncheckable Hitler-wannabe seems to be the best we can hope for.
We live by corporate rules, and many more millions will die worldwide because of it.   We cannot escape it.  Random example:
I’ve been resisting doing the update on my phone for months, hating every update I’ve been forced to do over the years.  Yesterday and today the corporation that made my phone  began disabling my phone randomly, middle of a call– screen black, $800 device rendered useless.   They just did it four or five consecutive times as Sekhnet called to verify that my phone, set to ring at top volume, no longer rings when she calls me.  Sekhnet urges me to just do the update for my phone while I scream about Korean fucking fascists (Samsung) and the perfect unbeatable BIRD WINS mindfuck of surveillance capitalism.
How do we get out of this boiling pot when the vast majority of our fellow sodomized citizens can’t even see the problem?  How do we fucking organize to fight back?  Any ideas?  You, in the back…


Liars sometimes accidentally tell the truth

The other day on Fox and Friends the show’s greatest friend, Donald J. Trump, had a moment of unintended truth-telling that nobody will notice much, so, what the hey?

He was talking about some of the “ridiculous” things the Democrats were trying to put into the $4,500,000,000,000.00 Coronavirus/corporate bailout bill.   They tried to put in provisions about expanding voting during the plague.  According to the president, the extreme left Democrat plan sought

“levels of voting that if you ever agreed to it you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

Shrewdly observed, sir.

The Zero Sum Game of Sociopaths

Sociopaths, once they have power, use it to run the table.   They live in a zero sum world of winning or losing, there is nothing in between.   You can see this with some of our great philanthropist billionaires, people who in most other countries are called oligarchs.  If you go to sleep with a billion dollars, why do you still dream of having two hundred billion dollars?  When a worldwide health crisis hits, use it as an opportunity to distribute $4,500,000,000,000.00 to yourself and your wealthiest cronies.

Of course, it’s easy for me, a pampered man beloved by so many, a guy whose feet never touch the ground (they carry me tenderly from place to place and set me down gently on pillows) to snipe at the world-changing drive of the movers and shakers, dynamic men of vision like Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg.   Still– what is their vision?   To have more money and power than anybody in the world.  To WIN.

Then we finally get one as president (though he had a small $400,000,000 head start from his evil father), a compulsive liar who claims to be a billionaire and has an army of lawyers aggressively  hiding all of his financial records.  A winner, a great winner, our greatest winner.  What happens when he is in charge during an emergency?   He is concerned with only one thing — winning.  As for the losers, well, many will die, which, in the end, is probably not such a bad thing, there are too many of us, uselessly eating and using up water and oxygen, ultimately making life harder for the winners.  Having to worry about losers losing is just the burden of being the world’s most powerful super-wealthy predator.   The Guardian beautifully sets out the massive increase of deaths caused by the president’s six weeks of denial before taking action here. 

Wow, this got pasted in here by accident (I’d emailed the link to a friend).  Good for a laugh, I say!

Fighting Helplessness

In the end, it’s losing all hope that finally kills us.   The challenge is to remain hopeful, with our eyes open, and to act in a way most likely to make our best hopes come true.   How do we sustain ourselves in an unfairly competitive  society clearly rigged to fuck most of us, unto the death?  Particularly during a pandemic that is literally sucking the oxygen out of this troubled world, at a time when the constricting threat of immediate death is palpably tightening.

While ordinary people, except during overwhelming catastrophe, are generally content to go about their lives, feeling everything is more or less OK, extraordinary people are up early every day, never satisfied, organizing and scheming to get more than they will ever need if they live to be a thousand years old.  During Obama’s time in office, when Hope and Change were in the air because we were now a “post-racial” society with a black guy as president, a great orator who seemed reasonably in tune with the great majority of Americans, the forces of reaction kicked into high rage mode.  

Untold mountains of money were spent to undermine and cripple an “illegitimate” president and his insane desire to see more people covered by private health insurance.  We wound up with neither hope nor change, we got Ta-Nehisi Coates’ first white president, the reactionary’s reaction to a half black man in the White House.

I confess, I don’t understand the motivation of these vicious motherfuckers, though I get how infernally determined they are to rule everybody by sheer force.   You see them now, during a literal plague, arguing that luxury cruise lines and the most profitable industries in history, like the highly toxic but super lucrative fossil fuel and fracking industries, need hundreds of billions in taxpayer bailouts more than people walking around on the earth need all available help to live out a plague.    If you pay attention you notice a hundred little things on the extreme right wish list being implemented during plague time: the EPA has relaxed all enforcement of those hated regulations  that so hamper the liberties of the highly profitable fossil fuel refining industry.  [1]  

Crisis equals opportunity and this crisis is a heady aphrodisiac for the greediest and most powerful among us.   These evil fucks (and we can call someone who prefers increasing his personal fortune to saving lives an evil fuck, I’m looking at you, Jeff Fucking Bezos) have a long, consistent wish list written, edited and ready for immediate implementation when crisis equals a chance for them to get richer and more unaccountable to anyone but themselves.

What chance do we puny earthlings have against the ruthless, one-sided power that in increasingly exerted upon us?    In a culture where vast entities whose sole mandate is making profit are treated as “persons” for purposes of putting them on equal legal footing with human “persons”, how do we make ourselves heard?   I have no fucking idea, outside of organizing, and how the hell do we do that in a place when we’re all thoroughly brainwashed to believe the lesser of two evils is the best choice we’ll ever deserve in the wealthiest and most extraordinary nation in history?

Much of the time we have to sustain ourselves with small things, I suppose. Reminding ourselves of the general good will of most people (outside of the outsized psychopaths who dominate most political discourse) is a help.   Most of us are at our best, our most generous and selfless, during times of crisis.

 It also helps, I think, to not accept indignities we are not required to accept.   In this category I put things like acquaintances who try to insist that we obey their irrational dictates.  When appeals to Reason and mercy prove useless, a tart and finely pointed “fuck you” can do wonders for the mood.  Come to kill me, demanding I “respect” your right to do so?   Fine, but first, I kill you with the smallest effective dose of the specific poison you require.   Now we’re cool, brother, kill away, my zombie friend.

I am wrestling with a too long letter to the CEO of the corporation that politely wished me dead while claiming my best interests were their number one priority.  It is a wrestling match that seems futile, a corporate “person” is not worth talking to, once the outcome is settled.   Will it make me feel better to write the most succinct and persuasive statement of an issue no human could refute?  I have to think it will.  

I need to go back to the drawing board, write a one page “open letter” that I can send the CEO, cc straight to the Attorney General (who should be ashamed her office can’t provide the simple legal  answer to the direct legal question in my letter) and the New York Times editor in charge of health and education.

Picture the case that Americans have an absolute right to know, at minimum, the laws that protect them, written plainly in 1,000 words, printed in the public record. Seems like the least I should be able to do, if also, sadly, the most.



[1] and this beauty, from the greedy and the evil, from today’s New York Times.  Who needs those pesky, job-killing Obama fuel efficiency goals after the air quality in urban areas has noticeably improved after only two weeks of reduced traffic?  No proof that car exhaust has anything to do with air pollution, assholes!!

Pack the churches for Easter, yo!

With a president whose strategy for dominating the world is dominating the news, fake and otherwise, during a pandemic or on any other day, it’s not surprising he’d call for packed churches on Easter Sunday.   Why Easter Sunday, of all days?   Oh, thanks for the reminder, Don!   Nobody would ever accuse you of being subtle, you rascal!

It’s easy to forget, when thinking of those 63,000,000 votes he allegedly got in 2016, that many millions were cast by America’s most organized, religiously fervent Protestants, the Evangelicals.   The pastors of these mega-churches were mostly all in on MAGA.   As long as Trump meant a government that comports with Christ’s message that no fetus ever be executed by the state and things of that nature, they urged their credulous followers to go to the polls and make it happen.  

In the noisier Trump world of white racists and corrupt super-greedy super-wealthy folks, it is easy enough to overlook the millions of true believers who came out to vote for the flawed vessel of Christ’s will, Donald Trump, in 2016.  Without the Evangelical voting block, no President Trump.

As you wait out the plague hoax, and get ready to rush out to pack the churches, take a moment to read this excellent opinion piece The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Is Crippling Our Coronavirus Response.

It seems unfair, perhaps, to blame decent men and women of unshakeable faith for the acts of many of their leaders.   The Intercept put together a collage of Evangelical pastors telling their flocks that faith would protect them from this overblown new illness.  One of these pastors, naturally, promised that “God is going to purge a lot of sin” with this novel disease.   

I have a personal story about Evangelicals.   By Evangelicals I refer specifically  to faithful believers in whatever God-revealed truth their charismatic preacher tells them is true,  obedience to an authority-based belief system being their highest duty to God and man.   

My parents, toward the end of their lives, befriended a young Evangelical couple whose daughter my mother was trying to teach to read.   My mother reported that the girl was very sweet, and that she really enjoyed working with her, but that the child seemed unable to grasp the first thing about letters, sounds, the mysterious elements of reading.  

My parents soon became friends with the family, the young parents, having become fervent Evangelicals, were estranged from their own families.  They really took to these old Jews.   The theological and political arguments (the couple and everyone in their church had voted for Born-Again Dubya and the aptly named Dick Cheney), though bitter, were always tinged with love.

When my father was dying they came to the hospital, with a group of their co-religionists.   They loved him and wanted to make sure he got into heaven, so they held a prayer vigil around his bed and asked him to accept Christ.  My father was beyond giving a shit about anything at that point (this was a day before he died) and probably nodded at some point to get them to leave him alone.  They blessed him and left.  He died.  None of these religious lovers of Christ ever called his widow, ever.

Had I been there when these fanatics held hands and asked Jesus to save this old Jew from hell,  I’d have done my Christ with the money changers imitation.  You want to see a righteous Jew, you misguided fucking soul-saving Evangelicals?   Leave the poor bastard alone, particularly if you intend to abandon his widow in her time of grief.

But I digress.   Evangelicals look forward to the End Times, the Rapture, the blessed day when the earth with all its wickedness will be destroyed, as it is foretold, and the righteous will be spared, and taken up directly to Jesus’s ever-merciful bosom, while the wicked will be cast into eternal hell-fire.  My father, I’m glad to say, will presumably be among the blessed saved, his head on his saviors breast.  Although a Jew, these good Christians saved him from hell.   Me and most of my friends and loved ones?  Big party in the hot place, yo.   Do you think science will save you from religious fanatics and the beliefs that make them impervious to heresy?

After all, what is “science,” my friends, but a set of organized alternate alternate facts, vainglorious “theories” “proven” by unenlightened atheists who heed not the voice of the Lamb, nor do they tremble before the might of the Holy One, blessed be He.   Can I get an amen, you ignorant fucking dumbasses?   Hallelujah!

A cynical friend thinks it’s a great idea to pack the mega-churches on Easter Sunday during plague time.  Let them put their powerful beliefs to the test that religious zealots have always selflessly submitted themselves to.  Only, make them stay in the churches for two weeks afterwards, that their souls may be purified.   And as should be done with all the so-called Libertarians who revere individual liberty above all else, and recognize no role for organized people governing themselves to protect everyone, deny them entry to those despised, coercive halls of science where the arrogant pretend to know more than the righteous about the best way to treat a deadly, highly infectious disease created by the All Mighty.


“We’ve done one hell of a job,”

“nobody’s done the job that we’ve done.”

The president is right.   His words to a nasty reporter the other day need to be remembered.   We’re now number one, worldwide, in Coronavirus cases.  USA!  USA!!!

Nobody does it better.

In fairness to the president, admitting he was slow to react to the looming pandemic, denied it for crucial weeks, called it a Democratic Hoax, and dismissed it as no worse than the flu, all those things might hurt his chances of reelection.  So, basically, he has to pat himself on the back for the hell of a job he did, literally.

Plus, look, he’s over 50% in approval polls for the first time in his life as the most unfairly attacked president in history.  Constantly exonerated, constantly attacked by wealthy elite enemies.  Jesus himself must wonder how the man can take it.



Useful information about the pandemic

One thing we all suffer from, with extremist zealots in charge of staying in power, rather than providing useful information, testing, medical expertise, financial help or anything else, is a lack of good information.    I provide a few links I found very useful — they come from a publication called Axios, an organization I know virtually nothing about. (here is what they say about themselves)

One thing that jumped out at me when I saw these numbers (points 1 and 2) last night was the extremely low recovery rate, and the extremely high death rate, in the United States relative to the global numbers.  Globally we see recoveries exceeding deaths by a better than 5:1 ratio.   Here in the US those numbers are almost reversed, with a 3:1 death to recovery ratio. 

In fairness to America, we have no idea of the actual number of cases.  Only millionaires (and very sick people) can currently be tested at will.  We are developing our own exceptional tests here, while other countries rely on the World Health Organization test, a test that will not do for red blooded Americans or the private companies that stand to make a killing from a great, highly reliable test.   Same goes for masks and other needed equipment.   USA, yo.

Anyway, there is some excellent information here, particularly at the last four links.    Good luck, everybody.  Wash your hands, don’t get too close to people, get enough sleep, eat well, exercise, do what you can to reduce stress.  Hope to see everyone again soon.

  1. Global: Total confirmed cases as of 2 p.m. ET: 367,457 — Total deaths: 16,113 — Total recoveries: 100,879.
  2. U.S.: Total confirmed cases as of 2 p.m. ET: 41,511 — Total deaths: 499 — Total recoveries: 178.
  3. Federal government latest: A procedural vote on Senate Republicans’ $1.8 trillion “phase three” stimulus package failed for the second time in less than 24 hours.
  4. Business latest: FDA eases rules to expand ventilator production for automakers, parts suppliers and other industrial companies that have offered to lend their manufacturing expertise.
  5. States latest: New York is the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak as reports of positive cases surged by nearly 40% in 24 hours — Michigan issues stay-at-home order
  6. World update: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has tested negative.
  7. What should I do? Answers about the virus from Axios expertsWhat to know about social distancing.
  8. Other resources: CDC on how to avoid the virus, what to do if you get it.