MAGA wins gun debate! send cash!

A day after any major massacre of children in the USA, rich, powerful parasites will run ads stressing that taking away people’s assault rifles is a tyranny akin to putting them in death camps.

YouTube ad from US Concealed Carry Association for SAVING LIVES (“good guys with guns”):

Because while some may claim that bullets are now the number one cause of death for American children, only more good guys with all kinds of unregulatable weapons can protect them from those who would drink their blood after they cut your throat in your bed or murder you moments after your innocent birth. Send $50 and join the Winner’s Circle in our fight to Make America Great Again or be on the wrong side of righteous retribution!

Thoughts and prayers

Happy Birthday to Jesus from the family of Andy Ogles, the newly elected George Santos of Tennessee’s brand new gerrymandered 5th district. The place where America’s gun, the AR-15 assault rifle, killed 6 more in a Christian school the other day. Andy says we have to wait, we don’t know all the “details” of the 130th mass shooting of 2023 yet, and arm ourselves in the meantime.

Latest US gun massacre, for the moment

This murderous asshole was a female of some kind, killed three nine year-olds and three adults. Assault rifles, two of them. Number one cause of death for Americans aged 1-19, bullets.

Heather Cox Richardson, with context:

Seven people died today in a school shooting in Nashville. Three of them were nine-year-olds. Three were staffers. One was the shooter. In the aftermath of the shooting, President Joe Biden once again urged Congress to pass a ban on assault weapons, to which today’s Republican lawmakers will never agree because gun ownership has become a key element of social identity for their supporters, who resent the idea that the legal system could regulate their ownership of firearms.

In the wake of the shooting, Representative Andrew Ogles (R-TN), who represents Nashville thanks to redistricting by the Republican legislature that cut up a Democratic district, said he was “utterly heartbroken” by the shooting and offered “thoughts and prayers to the families of those lost.” 

In 2021, Ogles, his wife, and two of his three children held guns as they posed for a Christmas card with a caption that read: “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference—they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.”



“Remember the Alamo!”

No dog whistle needed for Trumpie’s first 2024 campaign rally. Waco, on the anniversary of the bloody government/ armed cult standoff and deadly fire at the compound of an armed anti-government cult in Waco, Texas.

Two years later, to the day, Timothy McVeigh blew up a government building in Oklahoma City, killing over hundred Americans.

30 years later, on the day, Trumpie, choosing Waco, on the infamous anniversary, sacred to those who hate democracy, to make his Hitlerian promises of merciless retribution against those sick trairors who would enforce the law.

Makes presidential candidate Ronald Reagan’s dog whistle to Southern racists, giving a states right’s speech in Nashoba County Mississippi, at a County Fair very close to where three civil rights/election workers were murdered by the klan and buried in a dam, seem almost subtle by comparison.

Same goddamn song, different singer. Indict Roger Stone already, for fuck’s sake

Trumpie’s ongoing obstruction of justice

Federal judge Lewis Kaplan, recognizing that a dangerous psychopath was a party to a lawsuit soon to be tried in his courtroom, took special precautions to insulate the jury from tampering, intimidation and threats of violence.

On the same day, the office of Alvin Bragg, the district attorney who Trumpie demeaned as human scum, a degenerate, psychopathic animal inserted by hateful Jew billionaire Soros, received, according to The New York Times, a package containing unidentified white powder (and a single piece of paper with the typewritten words, “ALVIN: I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!”). Can you say stochastic terrorism, taking its cues from the fearsome intimidator-in-chief?

Ben Meislas, an articulate lawyer with a nuanced understanding of the legal and political landscape of our threatened democracy, puts Trumpie’s rage tweets in context. He points out that judges are already using them as evidence of Trumpie’s lifelong penchant for intimidation, threats and inspiring violent retribution against all of his dangerous, sick, psychopathic, animal, Jew, Black, often female enemies. Ben included some of Trumpie’s recently posted overheated pronouncements against a few of his recent deadly enemies, human scum, worse than the Gestapo!

The timely hush money payment that allowed Trump to win the Electoral College

Using the timeline of actual events (so unfair!) right before the 2016 election, Lawrence O’Donnell shows how crucial suppressing the story of the porn star who had a brief sexual encounter with the entitled pussy grabber-in- chief candidate was to Trumpie’s brilliantly engineered electoral college victory a few weeks later.

O’Donnell makes a good case that without this well- timed hush money payment, there never would have been a president pussy grabber. So rather than a minor infraction that should not be the first prosecution against the totally innocent and persecuted self-proclaimed billionaire, it is fitting and proper. The illegal and fraudulently concealed campaign contribution of suppressing this damaging story is foundational to the entire 45th president’s story.

If it wasn’t for all the so-called facts, Trumpie would have excellent defenses to all of these baseless partisan witch hunts!

Trumpie totally refutes judge’s finding

Judge Beryl Howell granted the DOJ’s motion to compel Trumpie’s attorney Evan Corcoran to answer questions, under the penalties of perjury, about the many classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago after he certified, falsely, that after a diligent search all documents had been returned. She ruled that attorney/client privilege does not apply to many of the questions because of the crime/fraud exception.

Because Trumpie and his attorney appear to have jointly participated in crimes, obstruction of justice, for example (the order is under seal) attorney/client privilege does not apply to conversations and actions related to those crimes. Corcoran has to answer the DOJ’s questions about these alleged crimes, or plead the Fifth.

In response Trumpie’s “office” issued this stinging smackdown of the weak, woke DOJ and pathetic, abusive American justice system, as reported in The New York Times:


Hell, of course you will!