Troll Time!

A comment from a reader, MelH, arrived on my phone yesterday as I left the cemetery in Peekskill.  Mel was apparently upset about what he felt was my unfair depiction of loyal Trumper Corey Lewandowski’s pugnacious appearance before the House the other day:

Wow, you need to get control of your blood pressure or your widow will be the one spending your next welfare check. Stay tuned, the TRUTH is coming out in an outstanding Perp Walk I hope you enjoy.

I thought of replying “You’re as witty as your president, Mel.  Thanks for stopping by, my brother, sorry I got you so upset.  Now — back under your bridge with ya.” or something equally innocuous, then thought better of it.   What would the point be of calling a troll a troll?

The only reason I don’t get a lot of these wickedly funny troll type comments is because few readers actually encounter these words of mine, opinionated words that speak for themselves.   A marketing failure, no doubt, that I don’t attract more readers like MelH.   On the other hand, if thousands read these posts daily I’d likely get dozens of puckish trolls chiming in regularly, so maybe I’ll just be grateful and take my internet obscurity for the blessing it also is.

We are free — human, “person” and bot alike — to express our opinions here in the USA  a privilege we must not take for granted.  Some, of course, are more free to express themselves than the rest of us (since money is speech), but we still have a right to express our thoughts, ideas, feelings and theories.  What Vonnegut said about knees applies to our government-protected freedom of speech and expression as well: take good care of them, you’ll miss them when they’re gone!

It appears the premise of my post bothered Mel.  Perhaps he felt it was unfair of me to suggest that Lewandowski appeared with a phalanx of lawyers provided by the “White House”.   Low blow, a handful of lawyers cannot “flank” anybody (and what’s with all these so-called “quotation marks”?).   I suppose it was also a sign that I was blowing a gasket to mention that at least one of these lawyers angrily interrupted the chairman of the committee with desperate, baseless legal objections.   

I can only imagine what Mel would have written if I’d highlighted (or even mentioned) Lewandowski’s money shot of the day.  Confronted with the clip of himself lying on national television (claiming no knowledge of what he’d already told Mueller about in detail under oath) he said he had no obligation not to lie unless he raised his right hand to God and swore not to — in which case he always told the truth.  “I have no obligation to be honest with the media,” said Corey who then instantly did the classic Trump double down/distraction/reframe: the liberal media lies ALL THE TIME, so what’s the big deal if he does too (hypocrite libtard cucks)?!

We could go through my assertions about the session one by one, and Corey’s answers, as thoughtful people used to do in assessing which way to go when forming opinions.   Or, we can see what’s behind door number two (and aptly named it is, give a sniff), shall we?   A thrilling world beyond reason, the superior, exciting world of pure emotion!   

Mel apparently saw, even if he only read the first few sentences,  that I went on and on about what Lewandowski said and how he behaved, how the respective parties on the committee went about their business, or maybe he just read “Lawyered Up” and he was off and running.  Shoot, maybe it was my remark about Trump’s extra-legal insistence on “absolute immunity” in all matters, the novel presumption of an all-encompassing presidential privilege amounting to a binding, pre-emptive, non-written Non-disclosure agreement that legally silences everybody he’s ever talked to about anything.    I can see how that assertion of mine might rankle somebody who devoutly loves the forthright, transparent Mr. Trump and the great job he’s doing.

My “wife” and I are suddenly on welfare (how could we not be?!  you don’t have to be smart to get this masterfully coded n-word, LOL!).   I am about to have a fatal heart attack, you know, because that’s what happens when you exert yourself to write a lot of words.   You see how this works?   

Welcome to America 2019, bitches, just in time for 2020!

Lawyered Up Lewandowski

I see Corey Lewandowski, former campaign manager for Donald Trump, finally arrived to answer questions at the House of Representatives impeachment inquiry.   His session in front of the House Judiciary Committee is being streamed live as I tap here, though I doubt many Americans are watching it.   Corey was the loyal soldier Trump called to take dictation, to do what Don McGahn and others had already refused to do — get Sessions to “unrecuse” and end the Mueller probe.   You can read all about Lewandowski’s role in Trump’s numerous attempts to end the witch hunt against him in the Mueller Report, he’s mentioned, quoted or cited more than 100 times.

Lewandowski (who tweeted an announcement of his possible 2020 senate run during a long ‘five minute’ break in the hearing) arrived voluntarily  (pursuant to an August 15, 2019 subpoena) according to his Republic(an) colleagues.   Voluntarily pursuant to a subpoena… but still.   His attendance was ‘voluntary’, as his Republican colleagues keep reminding us and he is voluntarily testifying under oath before the House now for the third time (later referred to as the fourth time), accompanied by a bunch of lawyers, provided for him by the president of the United States.   

His former boss, Mr. Trump, has repeatedly vowed to fight all subpoenas and had counsel send  Lewandowski a letter setting forth the exact, limited scope of his testimony, something Mr. Trump calls ‘absolute immunity’ — bullet proof legal protection from the disclosure of any communication of any kind with anybody, beyond what is sworn to in the four corners of Mueller’s report.   The legality of the president’s invocation of this blanket protective privilege over all forms of communication — “absolute immunity” — in essence a blanket , preemptive NonDisclosure Agreement, for any disclosure of anything involving him, is currently being fought out in the courts.

Trump has repeatedly vowed to obstruct any investigation into whether he corruptly abused the massive powers of his office to do illegal things like instructing subordinates to defy subpoenas.     He has been fighting, as is his way, his only way, it’s truly all he knows how to do.   He orders his lawyers and all subordinates to fight to the death.  Lewandowski is doing that today as he resists direct questions to the greatest extent arguably allowed by applicable laws, and at the risk of being found in contempt of a subpoena that ordered him to appear and to testify truthfully.  

Whenever somebody related to the Trump administration appears to testify they are accompanied by a squad of White House lawyers, sometimes including heavy hitters from the DOJ itself (there was at least one of those at the Hope Hicks hearing), who intervene energetically whenever necessary to prevent answers to any uncomfortable question. 

Many people who testify in Congress appear with a lawyer, Trump associates enter the chamber flanked by a team of White House and other lawyers.  Lawyered up, as they say.  Making an aggressive claim of absolute privilege against giving any testimony involving the president, what he may have said, what he may have asked them to do, what documents might have been generated.

“Point of Order!” interrupts a Republican Congressman as Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrald Nadler is making a statement.  The stern, irate ranking Republic(an) member, an indignant man named Mr. Collins, lectures Nadler about the inviolable sanctity of the House’s five minute rule for asking questions of a witness.   

Collins spends most of his time disparaging the Democrat(ic) investigation into the president’s arguably impeachable behavior (no argument from me, mind you, the corrupt public servant needs to be bounced out of office, pauperized and set to wander the earth like Cain, but without the protective mark).   Mr. Collins goes on at some length about the importance of this five minute rule.  At the end of his indignant remarks we are informed that the gentleman’s time has expired.

A Republican, now giving a speech about truly important issues like the immigration crisis, the unpardonable behavior of the treacherous Jim Comey and other supremely important matters, rather than asking any questions of Lewandowski, just used the term “fake impeachment” — and, a moment later, a second time, the same message in an even fancier iteration “a fake, faux impeachment”.    You’ve got to love the in-your-fucking-face loyalty of these giant balled bastards.  

Now a merciless and totally unfair partisan Democrat from Georgia is showing this Lewandowski quote from the Mueller witch hunt that totally exonerated the president, and trying to force the steadfastly loyal Mr. Lewandowski to answer compromising questions about the note for Sessions that Trump asked him to write, the literally dictated remarks Trump wanted Sessions to make to clear up the totally illegal witch hunt against the completely innocent President of the United States:

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 2.26.53 PM.png

TOTALLY UNFAIR!   Citing a report by a man with a massive conflict of interest (Mueller was once ripped off for unused membership fees by a Trump golf course), a report that completely exonerated the president of any and all wrongdoing of any kind, past, present and future.   COMPLETE AND TOTAL EXONERATION!  And yet, here are those hateful traitor Democrats, quoting from the so-called investigator’s so-called report which found nothing.  THE REPORT FOUND NOTHING!  COME ON!!! OLD FAKE NEWS!!!

Another Republic(an) now lambasts the Democrat(ic) party for refusing to cooperate with the president in his exhaustive effort to protect the integrity of our future elections.   He suggests these disloyal, obstructionist Democrats are “useful idiots,” like the ones Lenin saluted during the heyday of hard-line Communism.  You know how corrupt, partisan and obstructionist the Democrat party is!  They refuse to cooperate with the president’s well-known effort to protect future elections from Russian interference!   Dig it.   

“The Party of Impeachment” is a new talking point, that’s what the damn Democrat party is, we hear today for the first time.  They are the “Party of Impeachment” fueled by irrational and unprovoked  hatred of a man who only wants justice and prosperity for the very fine people of the United States of America, very fine people, on all sides.   

“The Party of Impeachment” is not talking about the terrible acts of the vicious and disloyal Jim Comey, we are reminded, and if Comey hadn’t leaked what he did about Trump’s suggestion to him about letting the Flynn thing go, which the IG found was a breach of Comey’s duty, there never would have been a Special Counsel appointed in the first place and no witch hunt (the traitorous origins of which Mr. Barr is currently investigating) and none of this “Party of Impeachment” blather with its tedious, fake, divisive, failed, loser talking points.   

In fact, as the staunch and defiant Mr. Lewandowski just said, the president has no incentive to do anything to make more money, because “he’s already very rich”.  Now we are treated to a humorously pitched rhetorical question about the so-called Sharpie alteration of the so-called National Weather Service weather map of the projected path of so-called Hurricane Dorian.   Now, staying directly on point, within the four corners of the Mueller investigation, as previously agreed, a question to Lewandowski about the recently called for impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh.  “He’s a good man” answers Lewandowski, steady as Oliver North back in his day.

The Republicans make a barrage of parliamentary objections and points of order to try to stop the thirty minute interrogation of Lewandowski by the designated attorney, an “independent subcontractor” (like an Uber driver) who is not a staff member as provided in the rules and therefore, according to ranking Republic Mr. Collins, proscribed from participating in even this sham ‘inquiry.’   

Chairman Nadler displays an admirable degree of unflappability during these determined efforts to interrupt and stop the questioning of the witness.   The subcontractor asks a series of questions — good ones, and Lewandowski has to pause a few times to make disparaging comments about the privileged honor student (and he knows the college this guy went to, I forget) who got a fancy law degree from Harvard, unlike the self-made, born poor Lewandowski, who got everything he has by sheer hard work and unshakable loyalty.   Lewandowski reminded everyone that he has written two NY Times best sellers recently.

Lewandowski acquitted himself with that high degree of intelligence and integrity we have come to expect from Trump surrogates.   The session of him battling the skillful subcontractor, Barry Berke makes a good 30 minute clip for tomorrow’s youTubes and I hope to link to it here.   (HERE YOU GO– well worth watching).

The Democrats “the Party of Faux Impeachment” need to get Nancy Pelosi to stop publicly wringing her fucking hands and get on with the goddamned actual impeachment of the most corrupt president this great nation has ever been blessed to have.   

Let the president’s people continue to follow his directives, resist all subpoenas to testify and refuse to produce documents in an actual impeachment proceeding, let his lawyers thunder (as they did today at several points during the Lewandowski questioning).   

Let the unimpeachable Boof Kavanaugh and the other four rule on the constitutional right of Congress to call and question witnesses in an impeachment hearing.   

Now get out of the way, Nancy (“I call her ‘Nancy'”).

I Can’t Keep Blaming Mr. Hitler

True, Hitler did send columns of determined men with guns to conquer areas where my family in Europe lived, followed by special squads of “ideological” specialists who worked with desperate, angry locals to kill everyone in my family (and their ilk) left in Europe.   Not a bit nice, as my grandmother Yetta used to say about people who did awful things.   She herself had six siblings (every brother and sister she had) and her two parents murdered, by local Ukrainians, granted, but at the behest of specialized men who took an oath of personal loyalty to Mr. Hitler and did everything he told them to do. [1]     

I tend to think regularly of the outsized influence this conceited little puke had on my family, by killing virtually all of them — and then I think– you know, it all took place thirteen years before I was even born.    There are, after all, two sides, at least, to every story, plus all that nuance.   Maybe I am just being a melodramatic little bastard by continuing to make a big deal about this Hitler business, blaming that long-dead extremist demagogue for things that had nothing whatsoever to do with him.

I mean, people in my small family here, people I actually knew well, hated each other– having nothing whatsoever to do with Adolf Fucking Hitler.   A pair of half-siblings, my father’s first cousins, didn’t exchange a word for the last thirty years or more of their long lives.   What had Mr. Hitler to do with that?  Absolutely innocent on that count, your honor!

My fractured family, largely extirpated by men obedient to Mr. Hitler, was composed, a couple of generations back, in Hitler’s day, of a large group of hardworking poor people.   They were what you call “nobodies”.   Their lives fell silently into that huge statistic of dead people killed in the deadliest war in history.   On my father’s side the disappeared hamlet they came from, down to its precise location in the marsh land of Belarus, was one of literally thousands of Jewish enclaves permanently wiped off the world map in those years, when men like Mr. Hitler and his kind made big, important decisions about who shall live and who needed to be exterminated.  

I look at my own circumstances, ponder the epigenetics of it sometimes, the way my grandparents’ experience of being the sole survivors of large, murdered families might have shaped their personalities, how that unspoken of trauma of their murdered brothers and sisters and everyone else they knew altered the things they passed on to me without any of us being aware of it.   Then I think, there you go, blaming Mr. Hitler again!

I sometimes find myself comparing the circumstances of my own family with those of the proud, accomplished Jared Kushner and his family.   Jared has that haughty bearing, proud and imperious as a top SS man in the old photos.  It may seem unfair to make that comparison between a very wealthy Jew and the most “ideological” of the Nazi leadership cadre (most top SS men, as they say, were “well-born”), but you have to admit, looking at the way he carries himself, that Jared is an indomitable man and appears quite certain of his superiority.   Jared would never allow himself to be marched to a ravine for a bullet in the back of his head, after giving up his clothes for payment to his murderers.  No way.  Jared would find a way to win, to vanquish his enemies, because a guy like Jared Kushner, let’s face it, one of the President of the United States’ top advisors, is a winner.   His kind doesn’t get shot lying face down in a ditch like a nobody.

You may be tempted to call it a matter of pure, dumb luck, observe that Jared was randomly born to a very wealthy family of Jews who escaped the Nazi murder machine and managed to thrive in the United States, amassing a fortune of almost two billion dollars in barely two generations.  Think deeper.   It is just as likely a matter of character, which is, of course, destiny.  The best are the best for a reason, n’est-ce pas?  If it was mere dumb luck that Jared’s grandparents arrived here and were able to build a modest family business, buying and renting out multiunit apartment buildings in New Jersey, into a thriving real estate empire in just a few decades while mine worked as hard for a fraction of the reward, then what does it all mean?  What is the possible meaning of this random, merciless arrangement? 

I get worked up sometimes considering questions like these and I eventually get back to blaming fucking Hitler.   At the same time, I know that Mr. Hitler was merely a symptom, a purulent boil that was fated to burst upon the scene, like any inevitable destructive psychopath whose message manages to resonate with millions and spurs them to unthinking violence.  

I mean, if Mr. Hitler had never lived, had never come to power in the most civilized, highly industrialized nation of his day, had never held sway over millions of Germans (36.8% voted for his party in the last election of the democratic Weimar Republic), how different would the world be today?  How different would my life be?  Hard to imagine.   And senseless to try, really, except for the lessons I take from it, having studied Mr. Hitler and the rise of the movement he led, some might say obsessively, on and off for literally decades.

I realize, of course, that even if Mr. Hitler (I’m adopting the New York Times style here, the Grey Lady once puckishly referred to “Mr. Clapton” and “Mr. Diddley” in a piece about Eric and Bo) had never existed, most of my family probably never would have arrived here in the USA anyway.   By 1924 prominent American “nativists”, xenophobes and racists, under the banner of Eugenics (a discredited sham science that the learned and unimpeachable Mr. Trump devoutly espouses to this day), had severely restricted immigration from shit-hole countries like the places my people come from.  The few who arrived here came in before the land of the free largely closed its doors to immigrants in 1924, the last of them, my grandfather, sneaking in in 1923.

1924, coincidentally, was the year of my father’s birth, in an unforgiving, crime-infested  slum in Lower Manhattan.    Trump’s feverishly imagined Baltimore has nothing on the Lower East Side of New York City in 1924.   1924 was also the year, nine years after D.W. Griffith’s darkly influential silent film masterpiece The Birth of A Nation extolled the heroism of the Ku Klux Klan, that Klan membership in America reached its all-time peak of 2.4 million proud sheet wearing members.   Birth of A Nation was the first motion picture screened in the White House and President Woodrow Wilson, who watched it raptly, [2] later enthused “it’s like writing history in lightning, and my only regret is that it is all so terribly true!”

What was so terribly true, in the eyes of the otherwise progressive Woodrow Wilson (aren’t people complex?), was that the former slaves down south had been completely out of control, savagely and vengefully dominating the innocent local whites and raping the women — also attaining political office in many areas with their new bayonet-imposed right to vote.   As Griffith showed in his blockbuster epic, history written in lightning fifty years after the fact, a heroic band of white underdogs, modern day knights in sheets, arose to protect the glorious South from these unrestrained black beasts and protect the honor of their pure, white women.  

I was exposed to a big chunk of this controversial movie by an Italian visiting professor, during my time in graduate school at City College.   Almost ninety years after Griffith wrote his terribly true history in lighting, she insisted the group of us in her comparative literature seminar watch it.   I was there as part of my study of, eh, creative writing.   We all agreed that movie was some fucked up and incendiary distortion of history as we knew it.   It also explained a lot about historical revisionism and the dramatic power of heroically presented bullshit shouted through the right megaphone.

The forces of violent, irrational hatred in the world are always simmering (open virtually any history book anywhere if you doubt this).   Mr. Hitler sometimes, in the early days, when he was up and coming, humbly referred to himself as a “drummer”, the kid tirelessly banging the drum to set the cadence for the righteously marching troop parade.   Like the guy on the old slave-powered Roman galley, the hortator, some poor bastard who beat a drum and chanted to set the cadence for the coordinated pulling of the heavy oars by the other slaves, as ordered by the captain.

We have a hortator, inciter, encourager, exhorter, urger like that right here, in charge of scrawling his name jaggedly across the bottom of Executive Orders, veto pen in his other hand, and though I hesitate to invoke his tiresome name (again) in a piece about blaming Hitler, well, really, who can blame me?   Ah, fuck him [3] and the Nazi hordes he rode in on.   I really do have to stop blaming Mr. Fucking Hitler, though.


[1]  Hitler’s every word was, literally, law.   The Nazis phrased it “Fuhrerworte haben Gesetzeskrafte” and it was left to an army of Nazi lawyers to put their infallible leader’s every utterance into crisp legalize and codify it into the German legal code of the time. 

[2] I’ll try to keep the fucking toilet type adjectives and nouns here in the footnotes, gentle reader.  Wilson was a racist motherfucker if there ever was one.  He was the only U.S. president  in history born and raised in the Confederacy, so there’s that– he grew up in besieged and eventually defeated territory that had staged an armed rebellion against the United States.  In fairness to him, the famous Progressive also apparently hated Jews, a people who are not, except to certain racists, actually a “race”, though, like the Fuhrer himself (who had more than 300 “do not touch” Jews on his list) he had Jews he thought were first class.    He nominated Louis Brandeis to the Supreme Court in 1916– a bold and progressive move.    As it was later written of Brandeis by Justice William O. Douglas:

 “Brandeis was a militant crusader for social justice whoever his opponent might be. He was dangerous not only because of his brilliance, his arithmetic, his courage. He was dangerous because he was incorruptible … [and] the fears of the Establishment were greater because Brandeis was the first Jew to be named to the Court.”

the Wiki continues:

On June 1, 1916, he was confirmed by the Senate by a vote of 47 to 22, to become one of the most famous and influential figures ever to serve on the high court. His opinions were, according to legal scholars, some of the “greatest defenses” of freedom of speech and the right to privacy ever written by a member of the Supreme Court.


[3] Shit, sorry, gentle reader, I f–ed up.  So hard to keep the fucking cuss words out of it, idn’t it?

Giant Two-Year Old Keeping Promises

Talk about turning up the heat on the water in the frog pond… yesterday a room full of beneficiaries of toxic pollution celebrated the Trump administration’s announcement that it had repealed an Obama-era law that protects water from pollution.   The president [1] promised his angry crowds that he would invalidate everything the lying Kenyan-born secret Muslim Socialist Obama managed to pass into law.  He’s keeping those promises — fuck nontoxic drinking water, they sell it at the store, buy all you want.    Amy Goodman [2]: 

The Trump administration has finalized the repeal of an Obama-era clean water policy that protects thousands of streams that flow into large rivers and lakes, as well as wetland areas that filter pollutants and absorb floodwaters. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler — a former coal lobbyist — announced the rule change Thursday to thunderous applause during an event at the headquarters of the National Association of Manufacturers in Washington, D.C. Environmentalists say Trump’s move to rescind the 2015 regulation, known as the Waters of the United States rule, will remove pollution controls for 60% of U.S. bodies of water, endangering the drinking water of over 100 million people.

USA!   USA!!!!   Chant it with me, assholes, or I’ll shoot you in the face!



[1]  Lest any of you stupid Trump-bashers forget, the state of Alabama was devastated by Hurricane Dorian, much worse destruction than the Bahamas and Puerto Rico suffered recently!  The president was TOTALLY vindicated in correcting that weather map and the so-called government scientists and deep state “experts” suck ass.  USA!  Lock her up!

[2] Amy reported on the Friday the Thirteenth treat citizens of Baltimore gave the rest of us yesterday.   A few seconds, check it out.

Frog in slowly boiling water

You know the old bit about the frog in a pot of warm water.  Heat turned up slowly, as the frog adjusts to the new heat, turn it up another bit.  The frog eventually gets uncomfortable, but it’s not bad enough yet that he tries to jump out of the pot.  Then the water boils and Froggie gets parboiled.     So it goes with creeping totalitarianism, the heat gets turned up one tick at a time.

Medical Deportation Order, recently promulgated by POTUS.   “Illegal aliens” who are being treated for deadly medical conditions in the United States must be deported to die back in their shit-hole countries of origin.  Fair is fair, criminals must not be allowed to get away with their crimes.  The law applies to all, except for certain special exceptions we don’t need to go into.    Look, honestly, if you’re rich enough to have an army of lawyers, you can fight off the law for a long time, sometimes indefinitely.  If not, we slap the cuffs on you, get on the bus and back to your shit-hole to die.

This calculatedly cruel policy is part of slowly turning up the water in the pot.  Let’s see if there’s any kind of outcry among the loyal base.   Yes, it is arguably horrible that very sick people will basically be taken off life support and sent back to places they’ve left, to die.   On the other hand, these illegal alien criminals should not be rewarded for their terrible crime of leaving a worse place to come to a better one.  Where are their papers?   Their respect for law and order?    Remember, a criminal alien is nothing like you and me!   Our pure nation is infested by this dangerous vermin and we need to fumigate the place.

This kind of divisive play is part of the standard fascist playbook.  Villainize groups of people that the Nation/People can turn its collective rage upon.   This goes back through history, when local aristocrats unleashed mobs to vent their fury on the Jews, the moneylending parasites [1]  who were the cause of all their problems.   When the mob was done venting, they put their yokes back on and went back to work for the aristocrats, who had them whipped.

If you are a person of limited intelligence, angry, frustrated at your declining possibility for the American Dream as more and more wealth flows upward to your betters, racism is probably for you.  I know there are also a few racists of average or even above average intelligence, but I’m not talking about those vile creatures.   I’ll go out on a limb, and no insult intended:  most racists are dumber than shit.

If you are a populist politician, eye on the crowd’s reactions, you love the mass of people at your rallies who are dumber than shit.   They get a vote just like everybody else.   They tend to do what they’re told.   They will support you, if you keep telling them what they want to hear, even if you go out on Fifth Avenue and start shooting them in their adoring faces.  It’s true!  Hah, kind of funny when you think about it.

I just listened to the audiobook of Jason Stanley’s brilliant How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them.    I read the slim volume some time back after hearing Medhi Hassan’s interview with the author.   Listening to it I noticed many fascinating details I’d missed the first time.  Among them was Stanley’s description of his German Jewish mother’s heroic action during the early days of the Third Reich.    She dressed as a Nazi Social Worker and went to the local concentration camp every day.  She was able to extract Jews, one or two at a time, from the escalating Nazi killing machine.   

Most Jews at that time did not believe her stories about conditions in the concentration camp, few believed that this awful fate, even if true, would ever be their’s.   After all, mass killing of German Jews had not started, things were bad, true, but not horrendous, and they were German citizens still, after all.   She and her husband got out of Germany in time (hence the birth of their son Jason) but many other Jewish frogs in that rapidly heated pot that was The Thousand Year Reich, did not.  

We don’t see the worst arriving in one dramatic clap.   It advances by stages.  First you consolidate and control the mass media, decide what people learn about events and what they don’t.   You control the narrative on every important subject, creating distracting controversy as needed.  Say the massive release of carbon from fossil fuel is actually 70% of the cause of the rapid, disastrous warming of our planet — create and fund as many think tanks as needed to debunk that awful fact.    One step at a time, you get extremist judges into lifetime posts, you pack state legislatures with pliable, ambitious politicians who will pass legislation you write, just one foot after the other, forward, onward, endlessly.  If you have unlimited money, make sure the Supreme Court declares that you have unlimited political influence.    In the end, there will be nobody able to challenge your privileges and immunities.

The water warms one degree, two degrees, at a time.  Like the so-called ice sheets and the “permafrost” that’s melting much faster than predicted.  You know what?   There’s liquid gold under that permafrost, a shit ton of money for someone with the know-how to go get it.   Two sides to every story, yo.   Now, Mr. Doomandgloom, let’s turn this jacuzzi up just one more tiny notch, shall we?  [2]



[1]  In many places, Jews, who were not allowed to own land, or to practice many professions, were employed by aristocrats as tax collectors and money lenders, as usury was formerly forbidden between Christians. 

Today, of course, money lending parasitism is big business, largely out of Jewish hands.   If you need $600 dollars quick you can always go to a payday lender and get the money right away.   Only trouble is, you will often pay back up to three times that amount.   Don’t bother reading the fine print when you sign for your loan, you’d need a lawyer to explain it to you.    As far as I’ve heard no mob with pitchforks and torches has ever gone after one of these lucrative corporations.   In fact, they got a recent gift from Trump’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

[2]  I know, I know, what happened to cleaning part of my kitchen table today?   I’m on it, set the timer to 30 minutes, boss.