Grandson of the Awful Ease of Incoherence

The ease of incoherence is awful
because it is so easy.
The idiot ease of it: effortless
no effort needed.

Incoherence makes no demands,
anything you can
pull out of your ass
will do, really,
there is no problem with anything
you might pull out,
the less likely the better,
actually, for purposes of

Meanwhile these affectionate ferals
born with two strikes against them
and five personal fouls,
eight of their nine lives wasted,
spend a few minutes in the sun,
chasing a delicious smell
then gone forever
like the Polar Ice Caps,

like everyone
you’ll ever love.

Can People Change?

People can’t change
my father always insisted.
Fundamentally, he said,
without a shred of doubt,
people cannot change themselves.

Fifty years later
as he was dying
his born-angry baby
standing quietly by his deathbed
with no apparent anger
made him think

Fuck, he thought,
looks like I may have been
wrong about that
I wish I hadn’t been so
goddamned categorical
about it all my life.  

Then he died.

for the curious

I have incorporated several notes I got from two discerning readers in the rewriting of the 3,000 word abstract of my long manuscript about the life and times of my father.  Each note contained a bit of painful truth, and mingled with my own dissatisfaction with the shorter piece.    Kept me up last night, forcing me out of bed to write the first few paragraphs which now begin the rewrite.

Here is the near 4,000 word version, which I believe is somewhat improved.  

clickez ici

Note on hastily sending out something not yet completely fit to read

Substantially rewritten, the thing I sent you the other day.  I was excited at having cleared the mental deck to start writing it, and in my mild euphoria, sent it a day too soon.   There were a lot of sloppy, shit lines in there begging for the axe, or the doctor.  I obliged the malformed little fuckers, saving the ones I could.

Working on part two now, just thought I’d take a minute to e-check in.    Hope your work is going well and you’re whistling while you do it.


two self-evident truths

Crude calligraphy aside, we hold these two to be self-evident.  

The first means “the law does not concern itself with trifles”, a self-evident yet supremely aggravating truth to everyone fucked without a remedy at law.

The second means “first do no harm” and it is one we should all try to live by, is it not?


Mettez le crayon sur le pupitre

My sister and I both took French in school.  Any time the subject came up our father would chirp “mettez le crayon sur le pupitre”.    Put the pencil on the desk.

Years later, when the subject of French came up in my uncle’s house my uncle immediately chirped “mettez le crayon sur le pupitre.”  My sister and I both laughed.   

My uncle explained:  we had the same French teacher.