Great editorial on Kyrsten “dagger to democracy’s throat” Sinema

Lawrence O’Donnell with a brilliant analysis of the latest stand by the empty vessel of vain ambition from Arizona. O’Donnell was as angry as I was hearing Sinema’s insulting and incoherent little speech about the inviolability of the filibuster and the lamentble death of two voting rights laws she deeply believes in, but he knew, from being a Senate staffer, that somebody wrote those words for her to speak. Making the words even more despicable, somehow.

O’Donnell then played back her spirited, spontaneous remarks from when she was in the House, mocking Joe Leiberman (before he actually joined the GOP) as a Democrat in name only and describing how the rest of the Democrats just have to vote around an obnoxious, not-with- the-team creature like that.

Friends of democracy, I give you the vain, vile, contrarian gentlewoman from Arizona, the Honorable Kyrsten “dagger to democracy’s throat” Sinema, and an excellent editorial by Lawrence O’Donnell.

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