Trumpie sent a lynch mob after his enemies, real and imagined

We heard testimony on Thursday from Shaye Moss and her mother, Ruby Freeman, two election workers from Georgia, vilified by the former president of the United States. Their personal information was “doxxed” by Trumpists, and a threatening lynch mob arrived at their doors. One angry “patriot” told the daughter “you’re lucky this is 2020 and and not 1920…”. The FBI then advised the two to move to undisclosed locations to avoid mob violence.

The mob was sent to their houses by Donald Trump, who spread the lie that these two “professional scammers” had corruptly rigged the election results in Fulton County, Georgia.

My phone, very smart, began playing Trump’s call with Brad Raffensberger in my pocket last night. It was fascinating to listen to in light of all we now know about Trump’s coordinated plan to stay in power no matter what.

After listening to the sickening testimony of the two defamed Fulton County poll workers (coincidentally both female, and Black) who were singled out by Trump as professional fraudsters, I heard Trump, in his own inimitable voice, cite the fact that many online were asking “where’s Ruby?” as proof that his lie had legs. “Brad, come on, my lie has fucking legs you fucking hump.” As for the possibility he could have lost Georgia, it was beyond dispute that he’d won Georgia, his immense anti-mask rallies dwarfing Biden’s tiny, weak live gatherings were indisputable proof he’d won the state.

I think this recorded phone call, claiming that Ruby Freeman “stuffed the ballot box” with 18,000 to 56,000 fake Biden votes, is all the proof needed for a nice defamation settlement for Ruby Freeman and her daughter, the two defamed former Fulton County election workers forced out of their jobs, and their homes, by a desperately lying sore loser. Here’s a pertinent slice, ladies and gentlemen of the jury:

Pro-person vs. pro-fetus

The genius of the conversion of the religious right to the Republican party was harnessing a widespread religious belief to a party platform. Vote for us and Jesus will stop weeping at the mass murder of embryos and fetuses, hallelujah! Say what you will about the cynical motives of the GOP, that maneuver brought them a gigantic block of faithful voters.

Then you bring in the branding and mass marketing people. Being anti-abortion is not a negative position, it is pro-life. The life it protects is not the victim of rape, not the woman whose pregnancy endangers her life, not the family with children who cannot afford to raise another child at that time. The only sacred life in the equation is the fertilized egg, on its way to becoming a fetus. We know this because GOD said so!!!

Hard to argue with motherfuckers who actually believe that God commanded them to do whatever the hell they’re doing, to save the immortal souls of the “unborn”. But in a democratic society where the establishment of a religion is prohibited by the First Amendment, we need to argue with them, by every legal means necessary. We need five more seats in the Senate and keep control of the House, for starters.

Here is one excellent argument:

I Was Raped by My Father. An Abortion Saved My Life.

My shame was never about the abortion. I will forever be grateful that my pregnancy was terminated. I am fortunate that my body was spared an additional trauma imposed by my father — one that today would be forced by some state legislatures and courts. No child should be pressured or expected to carry a pregnancy and give birth or to feel remorse, guilt, doubt or unease about an abortion under any circumstances, let alone rape or incest. . .

. . . Abortion bans represent more than isolated state lawmaking or states’ rights — they represent an attack on the fundamental principles of liberty, freedom and autonomy. As Justice Blackmun noted in a 1986 majority opinion that reaffirmed Roe, “few decisions are more personal and intimate, more properly private or more basic to individual dignity and autonomy” than the decision to terminate a pregnancy. Abortion bans that provide no exceptions for rape and incest are a particularly cruel and immoral type of lawmaking.

6-3 Federalist bloc removes federal right of privacy

This is what the Federalist Society was founded to do, march carefully curated Culture War-based cases into a Supreme Court with a majority Federalist Society membership to reshape American society back to the way it was in 1868. Of course, their preferred body of law stops in 1788 when the Original Constitution was adopted, before those pesky wartime amendments trying to guarantee so-called federal rights of citizenship to former slaves and everybody else in the country against the incursions of their sometimes repressive states.

But declaring state laws that remove basic privacy rights constitutional, laws that forbid the victims of rape from seeking medical abortions legally, requiring the rapist’s baby to be carried to term by the victim and born, that make no exceptions when the life of the mother is in danger, could these pious, unappealable, filibuster-proof 51-49 confirmed motherfuckers be any more audacious?

One looks in vain for a coherent “ideology” among these culture warriors. At the same time six religious fanatics overturn the federal right to privacy and bodily autonomy (under the rationale that states know best), we have States Rights, cited so often by right wingers, struck down when these states “infringe” an important principle recognized in 1788, in 1868, that under the Second Amendment Americans have the recently enumerated right to bear guns wherever they go, and any kind of damned gun they want. Black klansman Clarence Thomas made that clear in his recent striking down of New York State’s gun laws requiring special circumstances for a concealed carry permit for a deadly weapon.

Imagine if those demented patriots on December 6th had all been able to exercise their sacred Scalia-created federal right to carry concealed firearms wherever they chose to carry them. Pence and Pelosi would be dead, martial law declared by Trump and guys like me would be writing blahgs from the crowded trains to MAGA reeducation centers (best case scenario…).

Oh, yeah, suck on your alleged rights to a so-called Miranda warning, skels. You look guilty anyway!

If you had any doubt about the war that we are currently in, a war as implacably cold as any cold war in history, where one side, armed and angry, has the presumptive right to make the other side, the 70%, do what they say on fear of death, well, if 50 million more of us don’t get out and vote in 2022, and put a filibuster-proof majority (52 actual defenders of democracy) in the Senate, while maintaining the House, I’ll be seeing y’all in the camps.

That’s the most anodyne way I can say it, no point picturing guys like me swinging from ropes in front of righteously hopped up mobs. How depressing is that image in the land of the free and the home of the heavily armed?

Hate, rage and incoherence can’t win. Half of you who took no side in Trump v Biden, we’re counting on you. Democratic debate or simple hatred, democracy or allegiamce to a debunked autocratic lie, pick a goddamned side.


American Eichmann’s home raided by feds

Breaking news, as we wait for hearing involving this same Trump co-conspirator

Federal Authorities Search Home of Trump Justice Dept. Official

History can break your fucking heart

After the Civil War, Lincoln’s successor, Andrew Johnson, pardoned all former Confederate leaders and resisted Congressional efforts at Reconstruction, the intended remaking of the former Confederacy into a free labor society. This meant laborers would be free to work for the highest bidder, (though, of course, no labor unions — Socialism!). Not that the highest bidders’ bids were high, but the conditions and pay, and the promise of owning land, were infinitely better than slavery, particularly the especially vicious American variant.

Reconstruction lasted throughout the two terms of Ulysses S. Grant’s presidency and real change was briefly accomplished. Three Constitutional amendments and several powerful laws, with federal enforcement, brought about a short period of freedom for Black Americans, who held majorities in more than one Southern state, voted in large numbers and elected Blacks to represent them in Congress.

Southern whites naturally decried the federal intervention to enforce the freedom amendments, including voting rights, as Bayonet Rule and continued to be outraged by the federal clamp down on the Ku Klux Klan, which had impeded southern style law enforcement for righteously terrified whites.


As you might suspect, Reconstruction ended abruptly, and White Supremacy was restored, pursuant to a famous compromise to settle the contested election of 1876. Here’s Andrea Bernstein on the Hayes-Tilden Compromise:

The great-granddaughter of a Black congressman from South Carolina, voted out as soon as South Carolina whites regained control and Black voting disappeared for a century, continues, eloquently and poignantly. History can break your fucking heart.


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