Stop the Steal ads stopped last January 5th

Nothing to see here, really, but the $50,000,000 ad buy (paid for by donors to Trump’s “Legal Defense Fund”) promoting the false claim of a stolen election, likely paid mostly to Facebook, stopped on January 5th, the day before the peaceful MAGA protest at the Capitol that injured 140 police officers. Immediately after the election Facebook removed the pre-election safeguards against amplified, dangerous misinformation and hate speech because of a drop in its profits caused by these voluntary safeguards. Like other patriotic American billionaires, who had a windfall of literally trillions of dollars during the pandemic and upheaval of Trumpism, the head of Facebook had his bottom line priorities straight during months of propaganda-stoked rage and chaos that led up to the riot at the Capitol.

This reversion to Facebook’s normal business model to maximize emotional engagement and clicks allowed an infuriating lie to spread, like yer proverbial wild fire, to millions on-line and fuel rage against an imagined devilish conspiracy, involving evil Democrats, traitorous RINOs and other nefarious actors, including George Soros, George Clooney, George Burns, George Carlin, dead leftist dictators, corrupt voting machine makers and Italian hackers, to deprive the ordained leader, chosen by Christ Himself, of the presidency, after mathematically impossible masses of cheating brown people and various enemies, many of them dead, fraudulently voted for the sleepy Chinese puppet.

Representative Eric Swallwell explains in less than a minute (almost a year ago)

But, seriously, what is my point in even pointing any of this out? If Attorney General Merrick Garland doesn’t seem to feel any great urgency to investigate and prosecute conspirators who left a massive trove of public evidence of their detailed crimes against democracy, who am I to opine? Perhaps another superman, a non-authoritarian one, will rescue us from this gathering, hydra-headed catastrophe…

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