Big Surprise in the Supreme Court…

This Washington Post headline says it all:

Of course they seem skeptical, these right-wing ideologues chosen for their fidelity to a hard right-wing worldview. Science during a deadly plague can be alchemized into tyranny by six judges well-trained in how to focus on a single hair on the head of an angel dancing back and forth through the eye of a needle. They do this humbly, with God’s help, by the grace of Jesus Christ.

The doctrinaire Trump super-majority continues to provide unappealable right-wing firepower to the giant bloc of angry Christian nationalists who are their ground troops in the long culture war that has brought this majority to the pinnacle of constitutional power.

For them not to express “skepticsm” over reasonable health precautions during a deadly tsunami of Omicron infections would be like a Nazi jurist listening thoughtfully to a Jewish argument against mass murder.

Speaking of mass manslaughter (man’s laughter, LOL) the US still leads the world in Covid infections and deaths because US authoritarians find it advantageous to weaponize vaccines, masks and testing. Their position is, if it keeps us in power, BRING BACK POLIO!


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