Only one Republican out of 262 in Congress attends January 6 commeration, accompanied by the aptly named Dick Cheney

NY Times, headline, January 6, 2022:

‘A Reflection of Where Our Party Is’: Republicans Avoid Jan. 6 Observances


Elected Republicans stayed away from the Capitol during a day of solemn remembrance on the anniversary of the attack carried out by supporters of former President Donald J. Trump

The party of Lincoln, yo, and of our first female president, Liz Cheney, the only elected Republican who showed up for a moment of silence on the first anniversary of Trump’s patriotic riot to overturn an election he lost, at the polls, in the Electoral College and in countless courts.

The GOP line, of course, is that power-crazed commie puppet pedophile Dems are cynically politicizing something that Dick Cheney used to call a kerfuffle.

Heaven help us all.

One of very few Republican members of Congress who made a statement that did not blame the Democrats for the deadly MAGA riot, a representative not running for reelection, issued a statement the Times called “blistering”. You be the judge.

“Any reasonable person could have seen the potential for violence that day,” he said. “Yet, our president did nothing to protect our country and stop the violence. The actions of the president on Jan. 6 were nothing short of reprehensible.”

Here’s a link to the Times story. Read it and weep:

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