Tucker whips apologetic Ted Cruz on FOX

Shortly before the first anniversary of the Trump riot to stop the certification of Biden’s win, Ted Cruz, on the floor of the Senate, with cameras rolling, referred to the organized, planned, violent siege and sacking of the Capitol as a terrorist attack.

A strong argument could be made that participating in a long physical battle with cops and leading a phalanx of criminal tresspassers into the closed to the public Capitol to stop the People’s business is, even without being part of a larger seditious conspiracy, an act of terrorism. Using violence to frighten and intimidate political opponents is the definition of terrorism.

Understandably, this term, applied to their own faithful, coming from one of their own, put MAGA nation into full rage mode. Tucker Carlson pulled no punches bullying Cruz to back down. Lyin’ Ted, as he does, immediately began reassuring FOX nation that only Blacks, Muslims, Antifa and other commie traitors can ever be rightfully called terrorists, an angry MAGA mob can only ever be patriots, since they are always righteous in their rage and fight on the side of the angels.

Fortunately for him, the supple Cruz was able to whine and grovel his way out of the fatal accusation of having spoken truthfully, as all great statesmen and moral leaders are sometimes called upon to do.

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