Truly mind-boggling 72,462,126 (and counting) votes

72,462,126 Americans (and counting) cast a vote I can’t begin to comprehend.

Let’s do a thought experiment and assume Trump’s request for a little favor from the Ukrainian president — an announcement of fabricated dirt on presidential opponent Joe Biden (and good job, Donald for knowing it would be Biden) — was the only wrong thing he’d done as president. Let’s pretend he’d never done anything else remotely bad or even objectionable.

Let’s say the president had only been caught, on the phone, with tapes available to verify it, and a publicly released presidential team-prepared transcript containing the corrupt-sounding statements in question, and sworn testimony from several people who were on the call, (and leaving aside Bill Barr’s illegal efforts to squash the whistleblower’s complaint) telling the new Ukrainian president that he’d get the weapons Congress had already authorized to defend his country from Putin, but that first he needed a favor, though.

Even if that malfeasance was deemed, on a strict 51-49 party-line vote, not technically an unethical quid pro quo or any kind of abuse of power that would justify impeachment and removal from office, it is right and proper for the American president to pull that kind of unethical shit?

But let’s give this one to the 72,462,126 Trump voters, say this one is a pure, political judgment call you can legitimately make one way or the other depending on your party and your political view. Say you want Supreme Court justices who will abolish a woman’s now constitutional right to decide whether to give birth, you want to protect every fetus from cold-blooded murder, you’d lean toward not removing a president who has vowed to appoint more such justices from office. Someone on the other side would naturally lean the other way, equally hard. Fine, fair enough, I suppose.

Forget the seeming cruelty of young children ripped from their mothers’ arms as a deliberate federal policy, hundreds having lost their parents forever, we can call that one a wash too. If you think the good or evil of forcefully taking a kid from her parent’s arms is purely dependent on who the child is and who the parents are, you could still righteously cast one of those 72,462,126 votes. I also understand this, many people, if not most people, do not get worked up about the troubles, even atrocities, no matter how terrible, inflicted on people who are only abstractions. The world is a tough place, and we are all overwhelmed, understood.

The thing I really don’t get, and maybe somebody could explain it to me, because it’s as fascinating as it is horrifying — how do 72,462,126 votes get cast for a candidate who, as president,continues to actively ignore a deadly pandemic he knows is spreading uncontrollably and killing tens of thousands (and we now knew he understood COVIDS terrifying airborne deadliness very well on February 7th when he told Bob Woodward how disastrous this plague was).

Worse still, this candidates unscrupulous and deliberate conspiracy to suppress the “science believer” vote by forcing people to be willing to risk infection in order to cast a ballot, because it favored his chances of reelection. Come on, now– get out of here with that “random mass death justifies political victory” shit.

During a deadly pandemic your administration does nothing to control, instead dismissing it as a hoax, claiming it will miraculously disappear, blaming traitors, the Chinese, “anarchist jurisdictions” and so on, then, while hosting mass super-spreader events where nobody takes sensible precautions against infection — you repeatedly blast out the lie that absentee voting is massively fraudulent. You have your Attorney General repeat this lie a few times on TV. Your top Congressional mouthpieces dutifully repeat this lie, giving it “legitimacy”.

You then engage in an open conspiracy, while tens of thousands are dying of this pandemic and are rightfully fearful of its spread, to disable the US Postal System, while filing literally hundreds of lawsuits to restrict absentee balloting in every form. You force millions of Americans to choose: cast a safe ballot during a deadly pandemic (mail) or cast a vote in person and just take your chances (like anyone who is not a weak, mindless, mask-wearing politically correct liberal pansy, haw!)

This last one, the willful denial of a deadly, uncontrollably spreading disease, is what makes this 72,462,126 Trump voters’ decision utterly incomprehensible to me — outside of the blind faith seen in death cults.

In most jurisdictions where Trump won the vote, there have been record surges of COVID infections and deaths. This happens when masses of people ignore the best advice science has and refuse to take simple precautions like wearing masks, as a sign of their strength and manliness — and their love of liberty. We are again seeing mobile morgues all over the country, to accommodate the overflow of American corpses as hospitals are once again overwhelmed, in Trump country as well as in his hated Anarchist Jurisdictions.

Forcing tens of millions of Americans to vote unsafely, to risk contracting a deadly and incurable disease, when there is an uncontroversial, safe and widely used alternative way to vote (that Trump himself uses every year, for fuck sake) that would have minimized the spread of a raging pandemic, is beyond criminal, beyond insane– it’s literally mass murder by depraved indifference.

The willful stupidity of anyone who could ignore that decisive America-first announcement by Trump — my reelection is way more important than your stupid little anonymous lives and deaths– is far beyond my ability to imagine it.

The graph of America’s world-leading COVID-19 infections and deaths has gone straight up since the voting started in this election. New daily infections topped 100,000 for the first time recently. Yesterday this was the new record number:

This while the man who got 72,462,126 votes insists he didn’t lose the election, watches TV, tweets lying, weak-ass defiance and has no plan for controlling the pandemic he dismisses. The other guy, who only got a pathetic 77,755,399 votes is already hard at work getting a national plan ready for the minute he’s inaugurated on January 20th.

How many more tens of thousands of American abstractions will die in the meantime, for the sake of a sulking loser’s bruised ego? Tough luck, losers. Get ready to vote for him again in 2024, yo.

72,462,126 votes for the King of Depraved Indifference, seriously. What the fuck, USA?

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