Tune in this evening at 8 pm EST to learn how you can help win two senators from Georgia — and preserve democracy

Georgia Senate Runoff Zoom session- Reverend Raphael Warnock

Thursday, Nov 12th at 5:00 PM Pacific/ 8:00 PM Eastern 

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The Republican state government in Georgia (the party controls the state legislature, governor and court) has announced it will be recounting the Georgia ballots. Recounts never change more than a few hundred votes, which won’t change the runoff result or overturn the large lead Biden has over Trump, but no matter. In many states the candidate must pay for a recount in an election that’s not close, and Trump is strapped for cash after funding 300 failed election lawsuits. The Georgia recount, pure political theatre, will be paid for by the tax dollars of the good people of Georgia.

The recount is being done to bolster the false Trump narrative that millions of fraudulent votes were cast against him nationwide in every state he lost. The party wants to keep Georgia Republicans angry as hell about the stolen election, their new glorious, mythical Lost Cause, so they’ll vote by the millions in the Senate runoff in early January.

Trump and his enablers repeatedly make this eternally debunked voter fraud claim based no evidence whatsoever. Kris Koback boasted of the six fraud convictions his commission oversaw after the 2016 election, before the Presidential Voter Fraud Commission was disbanded after finding only a handful of fraudulent votes out of the more than 138,000,000 cast.

One of the greatest innovations of Trump’s reign has been the elimination of any requirement for evidence of any kind if you are TOTALLY RIGHT — as the president clearly is in not admitting that he lost the rigged, fraudulent, stolen election.

Trump’s party has its finger on the scale, in Georgia (where it purged more than 100,000 eligible voters from the voter rolls before Stacey Abrams lost Georgia’s gubernatorial race by under 55,0000 votes to the man who counted the votes[1]). They are united in upholding the Big Lie of the fraud narrative in every other state where Republicans have the power to try to change the outcome of a vote (or at least perceptions of that outcome) that went decisively against their leader. In its effort to keep things fair as fair can be, Georgia purged 309,000 more voters in 2019.

It seemed like hyperbole not long ago to say that the loudly expressed will of a majority of American voters is the only thing standing between the completion of a fascist coup d’etat and the continuation of our experiment in democracy. Our democracy now hangs on two senators from the great state of Georgia. An openly partisan state government doing its best to make sure their candidate wins versus a. democracy doing its best to ensure that the president-elect will be able to debate and pass laws, without the same mocking Congressional lynch mob that largely succeeded in hogtying Mr. Trump’s predecessor.

The two Republican senators from Georgia are diehard Trump supporters. Kelly Loeffler uses Trump soundbites in her campaign ads, features Trump thanking her for her loyalty against the “impeachment hoax”. In an ad against his Democratic opponent Jon Ossoff, Senator David Perdue said:

“A socialist government chooses your health care, kills jobs and takes more of everybody’s money to pay for their radical agenda that has failed across the world.”

Would it be snide to point out that a fascist government abolishes your health care, kills your family and spends all taxpayer money to promote a reign of terror against enemies real and imagined — to the eventual consternation of the entire civilized world?

51-50, recent history shows, is sufficient for democratic dominance in the Senate. Mitch McConnell has ruthlessly demonstrated the unaccountability of a narrow majority over and over, as has the 5-4, now 6-3, Supreme Court.

Senators Warnock and Ossoff from the good state of Georgia will make the Senate count 50-50, with the nasty “monster” Vice President-elect as the tie-breaker. We all need to do everything we can to make this so, future Americans will not forgive our failure here.

Georgia Senate Runoff Zoom session-

Reverend Raphael Warnock

Thursday, Nov 12th at 5:00 PM Pacific/ 8:00 PM Eastern 


Please RSVP here.

As Republican Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said, in refusing to resign after the two current Republican senators from Georgia demanded he do so, after both were forced into runoff elections (under Georgia law) to stay in the Senate:

… both Senators and I are all unhappy with the potential outcome for our President.”


the potential outcome for our President...


On a single day in late July 2017, Kemp’s office had removed from the rolls 560,000 Georgians who had been flagged because they’d skipped one too many elections. Abrams would later call the purge the “use-it-or-lose-it scheme.” An APM Reports investigation last year estimated 107,000 of the people purged under the policy would otherwise have been eligible to vote last year.


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