Sickening, but important to focus and not look away. Stay vigilant and critical, friends.

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If you read Mueller’s concise summary of Volume II, the section that details instance after instance of Trump’s colorable obstruction of justice (even as we watch Trump’s obstruction machine churning full-bore in real-time with ongoing cover-ups, flouting of legal process, distortions, reversals, spins, mood-swinging tweets on who will and won’t testify and presidential bluster about how he’ll obstruct any probe into obstruction all the way up to the Supreme Court) you already know what the more than 370 former federal prosecutors wrote in their letter published yesterday.  [1]

They reach the same conclusion Mueller did, the same one pathetic, porcine Bill Barr deliberately mis-stated repeatedly, with calculated, clearly misleading nationally broadcast statements that have so confused so many Americans about the evidence the Mueller team found relating to the president’s long, ongoing pattern of obstruction.  

Mueller himself protested Barr’s misleading pronouncements about the findings of his investigation and the confusion his misleading statements were sowing among Americans.   He pointed this out, in a few hundred clear words, in a second letter to Barr (dated weeks before Barr released the lightly redacted summaries and the rest of the blacked out report).

The OBVIOUS CONCLUSION of Mueller’s investigation: but for the fact that the boastful, childish, litigious boor was the sitting president, he would have been immediately charged with numerous counts of obstruction of justice, backed by significant evidence of a pattern of illegal obstructive behavior.   The report concludes that because of the large amount of evidence against the guilty-acting president, it could not exonerate him, even as Office of Legal Counsel policy speaks against indictment of a sitting president.

Of course, there’s always another side to any story.  FOX, obviously, had another spin about who the actual democracy despising traitors are, where our withering ire should be directed.  The fucking rat leaker who let anyone see Mueller’s private, confidential letter to the Attorney General.

Ken Starr, the righteous prosecutor who put salacious, pornographic details of sitting president Bill “Unlit Cigar” Clinton’s sex life on the internet for any twelve year-old to read (along with an unflattering physical description of the president’s erect penis), gave a good headline to the folks over at Fair and Balanced: 

Ken Starr:  Leak of Mueller’s ‘whiny’ letter to Barr was an ‘unforgivable sin’.

Among other asinine statements, Starr found the proper victim in all this:

“Here comes Bob Mueller with this letter which is then leaked. That is, to me, the unforgivable sin. He, Bob Mueller, badly injured this attorney general and the attorney general didn’t deserve that but, of course, that created its own huge firestorm including suggestions that the attorney general was totally mischaracterizing the report and so forth,” Starr said.

 read all about it

The pathetic porcine puppet, Mr. Barr, testilying with expert evasiveness in front of a Republican-chaired Senate committee (as to the Democratic House committee, shove your fucking partisan subpoenas up your asses, losers), dismissed Mueller’s letter as “snitty” (a pretty fucking snitty thing to say about a polite, formal letter on a matter of pressing national interest, I thought) written, Barr breezily surmised, by “someone on Mueller’s staff”.  (In spite of the inconvenient facts that it’s plainly signed “Sincerely yours, Robert S. Mueller, III” and that the prose style is clearly Mueller’s). 

Spun another way, toward the plain statements of fact contained in the letter– Mueller’s concise letter is a gripping piece of evidence.  It was submitted to Barr to become part of a record preserving the rest of the redacted, hidden evidence of Trump’s eternal campaign to redact and hide his most indefensibly sociopathic actions.  The very actions that Barr deliberately mislead Americans about by spinning the conclusions and refusing to release the fully redacted summary Mueller himself had already provided to Barr.  

It emerged, as a result of the Mueller team’s single leak, that Barr was in receipt of Mueller’s letter on March 28, even as he deliberately, and repeatedly, oversimplified and misstated the findings, substance and conclusions of the report in the weeks before he belatedly released what he could have released (the summary) immediately.  Certainly would have created less deliberate confusion than his  bullshit four page abstract which gave the glaringly false impression, repeated over and over in the Trump echo-chamber,  that the president had been exonerated and cleared of all wrong-doing in a, nonetheless, partisan witch hunt. 

I am an optimist by nature, I suppose.  Dark as the times are now, when Nazis and klansman are defended by our narrow-minded, “transactional”, blowhard president as “very fine people”, it is no time for despair.   It is worth remembering (as a NY Times editorial opined about the basic “sobriety” and “rationality” of the German people on the eve of Hitler’s election in 1933) the collective We have an impulse toward justice that cannot always be denied.  As evidence and public testimony mounts, more and more people begin to realize that all these witnesses can’t be lying under oath merely to unfairly bring down a completely innocent man aggressively defended by an army of wildly spinning lawyers.

At the risk of seeming partisan, in these hideously partisan times, I have to quote the great George Lopez, as to our ethically challenged gangster wanna-be president– “fuck that puto“.


[1]   The number of signatories went up to 459 former federal prosecutors and judges, as of yesterday, as dozens of other former prosecutors, from across the political spectrum, continue to sign on to the on-line letter.   source

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