No mercy for the OTHER

All that is necessary, to carry out any otherwise unthinkably cruel policy, is to make people believe that the people hurt by the policy are not like us, they are the OTHER, a completely different kind of being than us, totally guilty and deserving of what is being done to them.  

This is not news, of course.  It has been done countless times in history, in fact, any time an army is sent to kill its enemies, the best practice is to make the soldiers also hate their enemies’ families, children and pets.

That baby we’re taking out of her mother’s arms at the U.S. southern border?   An infant rapist, an illegal, genetic inferior who will grow up to bring illegal drugs in, to murder, to terrorize innocent Americans, someone who already, in their little baby heart, deeply hates our freedom.  A disgusting animal that breeds like a cockroach.  That baby is NOTHING LIKE US, nor are her parents or anyone she knows anything like us.   She is an illegal alien, not a tiny person like any other baby we know, nor is it anyone’s concern that she might be traumatized for life by a deliberately vicious policy calculated to terrify and deter her parents.

She gets what she fucking deserves!

Everybody who is whipped into a rage by the idea of an invasion of raping, drug smuggling cockroaches who are overrunning us can see that.

Only in this way, by dehumanizing desperate strangers as OTHER,  can you drop bombs on people who never did you any harm or posed the slightest threat.  You can say that such “collateral damage” [1], sadly, is the price for imposing freedom on these oppressed people and that if these savages can’t see that it’s worth a few of them dying so the rest can have American-style democracy, well, I rest my case.

Hitler did this in Germany when he stuck his toe into mass murder.  His first test of the public’s willingness to tolerate mass killing was ending lebensunwertes leben,[2] “lives unworthy of living.”   The first of these lives unworthy of living were children in mental hospitals, incurable “useless eaters”.  This is how you do it.  Start small, with the subhuman kids of subhumans. (Although the citizens of Nazi Germany eventually put an end to this hideous practice by their united disapproval of the program).  Never mind, by then the Leader was on to wiping out the real Enemies of the People, Jews, Communists, Gypsies, Homosexuals, critical journalists and so on.

If you do this dehumanizing loudly and persistently enough, you can drown out almost everything else.   A lynch mob is not worried about their own poverty, the hopeless situation of their own lives, not when they are gleefully torturing somebody to death and the enthusiastic crowd is cheering them on.   A little bit of that violence goes a long way to making them feel powerful, at least while they’re exacting vengeance on a hated OTHER, cheering it.

I mention this because this shabby technique is really all President Fuckface has.   Every move he makes is a variation on this basic theme of stirring hatred and playing to the worst impulses of his followers.   He vilifies, he attacks, he publicly praises an ass-kisser until that ass-kisser no longer puckers up, then the guy has “flipped” (there should be a law against that, POTUS opines) and become a “rat”.

A “rat” by the way is a former crime associate who gives truthful evidence against his lying criminal boss to avoid a long prison sentence for himself.

Rats are not like you and me, as every criminal boss, every bully, knows.  We are stand up guys who say nothing and do the prison time to protect our honor as stand up guys. Got that, knucklehead?

Bill Barr [3], for example, having passed his audition to get back into power by repeatedly and shamelessly puckering up for Mr. Trump [4], has got only one answer for the charge that he is a pathetic, traitorous sell-out:  I know you are but what am I? [5]  If he’s finally pressed enough, and retreats from that arrogant yet sycophantic posture, he will be, and you can see this coming: a fucking rat!   Like Mueller and the rest of those disloyal Commie bastards!

Also, the slanderous charge that Barr is an unprincipled Trump loyalist is belied by the fact below [6].


[1] The genius who coined this great euphemism for the sometimes accidental murder of innocent civilians was well-rewarded for this marvelously anodyne phrase I’m sure.   There’s an other I would kick hard  in the stomach, taking a momentary break from my pursuit of ahimsa, in an ideal world.

[2]  psychiatrist/historian Robert Jay Lifton:

Of the five identifiable steps by which the Nazis carried out the principle of “life unworthy of life,” coercive sterilization was the first. There followed the killing of “impaired” children in hospitals; and then the killing of “impaired” adults, mostly collected from mental hospitals, in centers especially equipped with carbon monoxide gas. This project was extended (in the same killing centers) to “impaired” inmates of concentration and extermination camps and, finally, to mass killings in the extermination camps themselves.[1]

[3] from FOX news:

The second of four sons, William Pelham Barr grew up on New York’s Upper West Side. His father became headmaster at Dalton, the elite New York prep school, where his college-educated mother taught English to foreign students. Barr’s values were ingrained early in life—conservative politics and Catholicism—and have never wavered. At Corpus Christi, his Roman Catholic elementary school, he supported Richard Nixon. (A nun took him aside and promised to pray for him.) Even in high school at Horace Mann, the most competitive nonsectarian (but largely Jewish) prep school in New York, Barr stood out. “He wanted to be respected as a conservative intellectual more than liked,” recalled Doug Schoen, the Democratic pollster and a fellow student there. “He made it known that he took his intellectual inspiration not from Allard Lowenstein, the Pied Piper of the anti-war movement, but William Buckley.” This predilection for early decisions applied to avocations as well. At age eight, Barr took up the bagpipes, and has since played competitively in Scotland and at family events.

When Barr headed the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel in 1989, he deemed legal the invasion of Panama and the arrest of longtime U.S. ally Manuel Noriega and argued that the Bush administration could arrest terrorists and drug traffickers overseas, even in violation of international law. As deputy attorney general in 1990, he advised that President Bush could legally wage war against Iraq, without Congress’s approval, though he encouraged Bush to seek a congressional resolution of support to strengthen his political position. Barr is therefore likely to support the issuing of presidential pardons to loyalists. Long a champion of tough-on-crime policies and of tighter immigration controls, he is also likely to embrace former attorney general Jeff Sessions’s agenda on both, perhaps even including the legality of separating parents from children at the U.S. southern border.



[4] See, for example:


[5]  Barr will always have partisan defenders, like this staunch believer in the virtually unlimited powers of the Unitary Executive (this bitch was a primary author of the secret Torture Memo).  Here is the lifelong fascistic asskisser’s approving view of Barr’s shameful performance as A.G. 

Nothing to see here!   I know you are, but what am I?


[6]  Lying Washington Post:

The White House official noted that Barr’s contribution to Trump was paltry compared with the $55,000 Barr gave to a political action committee that supported Jeb Bush, one of Trump’s rivals during the primaries.

Barr and his wife also gave $27,600 in 2008 to Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the House Judiciary Committee chairman who has led an investigation into the Justice Department’s handling of the Russia probe. Goodlatte issued a statement last week calling Barr “a great choice.” One of Barr’s daughters works as an aide for the Judiciary Committee.

Barr also donated more than $33,000 to Republicans in Congress, including Rep. Barbara Comstock in Virginia and Sen. Tom Cotton in Arkansas.

lying source

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