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I take back any disparaging thing I’ve said about Robert Mueller III in the last few days (particularly “fucking eagle scout”).   Here is the letter he wrote to William Barr, a pathetic porcine puppet for a puerile president [1]  MORE THAN A MONTH AGO!   How much bullshit would America have been spared, if AG Barr, pathetic porcine puppet that he is, had heeded Mueller’s concise letter instead of concealing it and continuing to knowingly lie to the American people.

In this letter Mueller lays out the law to a corrupt supervisor placed in the job  based on a shameless audition and his stated and reiterated promise to POTUS  to support him no matter what, to obstruct, mislead, mischaracterize, posit ridiculous shit, stonewall, obfuscate, spread deliberate misinformation, claim to be starting investigations based on Trump’s fantasy about being spied on by a man so far superior to him he could not have been born in America, no way, anything no matter how debasing, to protect the president at all costs, including integrity and common decency.  

A small price to pay for power and the further chance to advance a wildly unpopular political agenda.

Barr’s smug asshole response today about this letter, which was sent by Mueller to make a record of his attempt to immediately correct misstatements Barr had made and offered him a fully redacted summary of the findings, was that Mueller should have simply called him on the phone instead of having “an assistant” write this troublesome, unnecessary letter that was, rightfully, shielded from public view for more than a month while Barr continued to make a long, baseless informercial for his boss, the American People, errrr, Donald J. Trump.  

Here you go.  My hat is once again off to Robert Mueller, whose investigation did not leak at all, until it was absolutely necessary that it did, and then, just one crucial page, to preserve a bit more evidence.  Beautifully done, Mr. Mueller::


Mueller letter to Barr.jpg


Mueller letter to Barr PAGE 2.jpg

[1] from a tweet by Constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe

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