POTUS nails the Libtards, in the face, thrice!

Trump had an Oval Office press photo op with Democratic Leaders Nancy Pelosi (House) and Chuck Schumer (Senate) on Tuesday.   You can see the whole video of their filmed meeting here, though it’s really not necessary to see it in any detail.   I can tell you that after watching it, during his statement and while muscularly refuting everything that Pelosi and Schumer had to say, POTUS repeatedly nails the Democrats.   (Trevor Noah’s merciless take, which seems to deny this obvious fact, is here)

POTUS starts off talking about the bipartisan criminal justice reform bill and the aid to farmers bill both about to become new laws.   This announcement is the reason for this press photo op and Pelosi and Schumer surely smile and nod (they are off camera by now, we are close on POTUS, who is speaking)  about the two bipartisan soon-to-be laws they had come to the Oval Office to announce.  

Then POTUS begins talking about the importance of building the remaining sections of the wall which has been very, very successful, in fact, 92% to 96%  successful in the areas where it has been built, he confirms through notes he picks up from the nearby table and reads, in keeping illegals, including terrorists, out of the country.   To understand how effective a complete wall is one only has to look at Israel, he adds, which is 99.9% successful keeping terrorists who want to kill them out of the country, because of their wall.

He tells the Democrats that they’d better be ready to do what needs to be done and sign the proposed law funding the rest of the wall because otherwise there could be a government shut down.   Then he asks Nancy Pelosi to speak.  

Pelosi says that she would like to see the proposed law first in the House, so they can work out a draft and vote on passing it on to the Senate.  The House, she points out, is where bills are introduced, and where they are worked on before being sent to the Senate for the vote on whether they will become laws.   The president’s party, she reminds him, controls the White House and the Senate, (as well, obviously, as the House where Pelosi is currently Minority Leader), which she continues to insist is the only place where any compromise on funding the wall can possibly be worked out.

Trump tells her there is no point going through the House since there’s no way he’s getting the needed sixty votes in the Senate [1].   That’s why he’s going directly to the Senate, bypassing the House and threatening to shut down the government if the Senate doesn’t vote to appropriate the requested funds for the wall.   Pelosi says she’s not at the photo op to publicly argue policy in front of the press, that negotiations are supposed to be done in Congress.  Trump tells her that he could easily get the votes in the House, easily, in moments, but that it’s pointless because the Senate wouldn’t pass the bill anyway, because of the partisanship of the Democrats.  That’s why he’s not going to the House, he tells her again.

Pelosi simply doesn’t seem to get it.  She keeps saying that bills are always introduced in the House, because of something she calls Article One.  The House, she says is where details are thrashed out and the improved draft, if approved in the House, is sent to the Senate.   Trump says he could easily get a bill passed in the House, but that it’s pointless, because he’s going to automatically lose in the Senate, so he’s skipping that step.   Pelosi keeps insisting that this is exactly what he should do, especially if he is so confident of getting the votes, send the bill to the House.   He tells her again that he could easily pass this bill to fund the wall in the House, but that he’s bypassing the House because the Senate is too rigid to get ten votes from the Democrats.   She gets nasty and tells him that he wouldn’t get the votes in the House.   He tells her again that she’s wrong and calls on Schumer. 

Schumer says the most important thing, during these negotiations, is to keep the federal government open for business, to avoid a shut down.   Trump tells him there is nothing more important than border security and Schumer agrees, but is coy about any Democrats voting for POTUS’s proposal about building the wall (which, it turns out, is a measly five billion dollars).   Schumer then gratuitously quotes a recent article from the lying Washington Post awarding the president multiple “Pinocchios” for his untrue remarks about this proposal, about how much of the wall has actually been built so far and how effective it has actually been in increasing security.

Trump cuts him off to announce that his border wall has resulted in ten terrorists already being caught trying to sneak in to murder us.  Ten TERRORISTS.  Arrested. Recently. Because of the wall.  In your face, Chuck Chuck Bo Buck!

Schumer was clearly not ready for this one, and comes back again lamely with the importance of avoiding a government shut down.

The president then reminds Schumer and the rest of us of the how badly things went the last time the Democrats shut down the government.   My memory, I confess, was a bit hazy on that one, so I scurried to Wikipedia and read all about it.  Fucking lying commie bastards!    

Pelosi then tries to bring up the Constitution, Article One, the Legislative Branch and good faith negotiations.   POTUS tells her we can have good faith if the Democrats don’t force a government shut down, which he promises not to blame them for, by the way.  He thanks everybody.  Then the fucking press starts butting in, and I lost interest there [2].  Then I couldn’t resist hearing the rest and the video was almost over anyway.   POTUS then says “border security” many times in a few sentences, and stresses that the wall is necessary for border security.  It’s a national emergency, he stresses, and we have to have border security and a wall.  He says again “border security”.   

Schumer made another remark about the importance of not shutting down the government over the issue of funding the wall.   The president then buried the Democrats as Vice President Pence continued to sit stock still next to the president, saying nothing, betraying nothing.  

“You know what I’ll say?   Yes, if we don’t get what we want, one way or the other, whether it’s through you, through a military, through anything you want to call, I will shut down the government, absolutely, and I am proud, and I’ll tell you what, I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck, because the people of this country don’t want criminals, and people that have lots of problems, and drugs pouring into our country.”  

Schumer mutters something about how bad it would be to shut down the government and then, after the president again thanks everybody, a pushy journalist shouts out a question about the looming chief of staff vacancy.

POTUS, extremely cool, says there are a whole bunch of excellent candidates who want the job and there’s no rush, no rush to choose among them, they have an excellent chief of staff there now and there will be an announcement soon, maybe in a week or two, maybe even sooner, about the excellent replacement.  

All I can say is USA!   USA!!!   And, God bless these United Shayyyshhh.


[1] And it takes only a one vote majority to put someone on the nation’s highest court for life?   Something is a little bit wrong there, no?

[2]  Lawrence O’Donnell, liberal talking head for liberal MSNBC, for example, said of this meeting that Pelosi and Trump should have stressed there was no reason for the Senate to vote on funding the wall that Trump had promised repeatedly would be paid for by Mexico.  The gloating O’Donnell even said they should have put that in writing, before the press conference, along with their strong desire to avoid any disruption in payments for government programs that a shut-down could cause, to HUMILIATE the president.   “The most painful thing that Donald Trump could possibly have heard in that room today is ‘Mexico will pay for the wall.’  The chant that he led, and lived by on the campaign trail, would have been the most painful thing that the Democrats could have said to the president today but they don’t know yet how to fight Trump… with Trump’s own words.”   Talk about bastards…

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