Khashoggi’s last moments

The news finally comes out, more than two months after his murder, that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018 in a particularly gruesome manner.   A transcript of the tape the Turks have of his killing has been made public.   Before his screaming starts, the last words Khashoggi says, as he is being choked to death, are “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”  

This is now reported in the American media, although our intelligence services already knew this.   Gina Haspel, CIA director, had heard this in the recording many weeks ago when she flew to Turkey to investigate.  There is no hint of surprise, urgency or panic in the manner of the team who kill and dismember the journalist with a bone saw.   They are simply carrying out their boss’s wishes, doing a job for their future king, the reformer.

All of Trump’s lapdogs went before the cameras of the Lying Media and denied there was clear and irrefutable evidence that the hit team’s boss, Mohammed Bin Salman, ordered the murder and dismemberment of his American resident critic, in spite of what might have been said on the tape none of them listened to.   “No smoking gun,” one after another claimed.  

These morally challenged sycophants always insist that if there is no absolute hard 100% proof — like a video tape, or an audio tape, or many eye witnesses hooked up to polygraph machines in different rooms, all telling the identical story — that the presumption of innocence must apply to any criminal, or simple scumbag,  they do business with.  

Scratch audiotape from that list, would you?   No proof that it was Khashoggi himself whimpering “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”   No “smoking gun”, because they didn’t use a gun, they simply choked him to death and cut his body into many pieces for disposal, to conceal the crime, assuming there actually is a crime when the future king orders something in a monarchy.  Plus, the Saudis deny there was ever a phone call confirming the kill, even though the killers talk about callimg the boss.   No 100% proof.  See!  Presumption of Innocence, you merciless fucks.

I wonder if there would be any of this media coverage, so long after the murder, if the killers had merely slipped a needle into Khashoggi’s leg with a paralytic agent as soon as he walked into the consulate.   They could have then said, on the secret recording (or one they made themselves)  “Mr. Khashoggi, are you all right?”   It would probably have been the way to go, in hindsight (not that there’s any real problem with this either, as it turns out).    If they’d been more discreet, instead of having to dismember him, possibly while he was still alive and screaming, they could have induced a heart attack with another needle between the toes and announced the sad news that the fucker had died of a heart attack while freaking out because he is an insane, paranoid supporter of terrorism who hates his country. 

The important thing, from Trump’s point of view is that Mohammed Bin Salman maintained his deniability.  The “smoking gun” that is lacking is irrefutable proof that the boss of the hit team, several of who were part of his personal security team, if I recall correctly, orderd the hit.  According to Trump’s assessment really anyone could have ordered the premeditated murder in the Saudi consulate, why assume it was the Crown Prince who had been directly criticized by the murdered journalist?

But like Trump also said, badly conceived, badly executed.  A public relations shit storm for the young, impetuous billionaire Crown Prince.   As POTUS also pointed out, as long as the Saudis are paying hundreds of billions for American weapons (the best weapons, the best weapons) to slaughter civilians in the poorest country in the Middle East, there is nothing to see here.   What is the life of one nasty critic next to 500,000,000 American jobs making bombs for freedom?  Making America great again, yo.

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