Hiding Damaging Information

What was once the speciality of organized crime dons, making information that’s bad for business disappear, and pesky witnesses, they also need to go, is now a cornerstone of good corporate governance.   It is not limited to government officials, who have long concealed the bad things they do, going back to the days when the Author of Liberty, Thomas Jefferson enjoyed the services of a shady journalist, James Callander [1], who smeared Jefferson’s political opponent prior to the 1800 presidential election.   A few years later Callander drowned in shallow water near the shore of a Virginia river, after turning on the Author of Liberty and smearing him by publishing the salacious, long-concealed facts of the president’s long sexual affair with “Dusky Sally” Hemings, his slave, and fathering mixed race children.  Making evidence disappear is the best way to do business unimpeded and to ensure one’s legacy, and it’s not just for psychopaths anymore.

This ugly blustering clown we have abusing the bully pulpit now is perhaps our most grotesque national example.   The murder of that Saudi journalist in the Saudi consulate?    We have to wait for the Saudi investigation to conclude to see if they killed him or not.   Conflicts of interest, using the office of the president to increase his personal wealth, appointing unqualified people to powerful positions based solely on their personal loyalty to him, lying about a group of desperate migrants fleeing more than a thousand miles on foot to make a legal request for asylum, encouraging hate crimes by violent, sometimes unhinged, rhetoric, demonizing the press, denying climate catastrophe, blaming states for federal failures to act, on and on.   What do you say about all this, Mr. President, sir?   The liberal media is lying about me because I am winning so much!

Now that the Democrats are once again in charge of House committees, I hope Jerald Nadler, soon to be chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, will make good on his promise to investigate the likely perjury of Brett Fucking Kavanaugh.  Let us leave aside the raging debate about whether the pouting parisan could have been convicted in a criminal trial based on Blasey-Ford’s testimony– and let us agree he could not have been, certainly not without a thorough FBI investigation that could have provided corroboration — and the serious questions about his judicial temperament after a passionate temper tantrum during which he snortingly denounced the vast, well-funded godless liberal conspiracy against him.  Let’s leave aside the immediate, real-time addition, from an IP address inside  the House of Representatives, to Wikipedia updating “Devil’s Triangle” to include the drinking game he’d made up lying to Sheldon Whitehouse under oath about the meaning of one of the brags under his photo in his prep school yearbook.  We’ll even forget, for the moment, his belligerent demeanor, his sense of entitlement and the many evasive things he said, including several likely lies under oath.

Let us only focus, for a minute, on the historically liberal classification of his written record as a lawyer and judge.   90% of his legal writings were withheld from scrutiny during the disgracefully partisan confirmation process.   Classified, top secret, like his president’s financial information.

This shroud of secrecy over Kavanaugh’s partisan record, dating back to his law student years as a hard drinking Federalist Society zealot, contrasts starkly with the full records disclosed for every previous nominee, for each of  Obama’s recent appointees.    Kagan and Sotomeayor’s full writings from their judicial and legal careers were given to the Senate Judiciary Committee (and Obama had a terrible record on transparency, in spite of his many inspirational speeches about it).   Less than 10% of petulant partisan Kavanaugh’s record was available for scrutiny by the body rubber stamping the zealot’s rushed confirmation by a one vote majority.

Fine, the extremely limited FBI investigation into Blasey-Ford’s allegation, with the artificial and deliberate one week timeline truncated by the lying president’s maneuvers to actually about three or four days,  did not turn up corroboration.    Fine, there was a deliberate effort to hide most of Kavanaugh’s political zealotry.   Fine, he got a little worked up defending his “good name” and intemperately attacked everyone he believed was behind the conspiracy to destroy his life, especially Bill and Hillary Clinton.  

Not fine, he clearly had a lot to hide and appears to have lied repeatedly to the Senate Judiciary Committee, under oath.   The House Judiciary Committee has the power to issue subpoenas for witnesses, to hold hearings.   Do it, Jerald.  Checks and balances are nothing unless the powers that uphold them are regularly exercised.   And by the way, we have a right to hear more, under oath, from this snarling partisan piece of shit, Mr. Kavanaugh.


[1]   From the Monticello website:

Having established himself as a journalist in Philadelphia, Callender proceeded to criticize elements of the U.S. Constitution that he believed were undemocratic, such as the election of the president through the Electoral College. He said that the Senate was flagrantly unrepresentative because it was not directly elected by the people, and blasted George Washington, who had “debauched” and “deceived” the nation by promoting himself as a popular idol. An advocate of an unfettered press, Callender declared, “The more that a nation knows about the mode of conducting its business, the better chance has that business of being properly conducted.”2 Throughout Callender’s career his writings were rabidly partisan.


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