I Have Nothing To Hide

I have nothing to hide, period.  Therefore, I invite a full investigation, conducted by a public agency that will issue a full public report on all the allegations.  I understand that the investigation may take as much as three days.  I will wait for the report of the investigation, and then I will testify under oath.  

I have nothing whatsoever to hide, and so I will be as transparent as it is possible to be, in order to demonstrate my blamelessness.

I have nothing to hide, therefore there is nothing to conceal.   I grant you unfettered access to anything I have ever written, a good deal of it is already on-line, publicly available, here.   

On the other hand, if I had something compromising that must remain hidden no matter what, and I was in a very high-stakes, do or die moment, I would do everything possible to impede an investigation.  

I can hear the president’s distinct voice, in that stylized Queens accent, speaking to his nominee during the nine hours Kavanaugh was at the White House the day Christine Blasey Ford named herself as the woman Kavanaugh had tried to rape:

“Look, the important thing, the only thing, is that they can’t PROVE anything.  You know the law, if they can’t prove it, they can’t prove it and you win.   They have no proof.  You win.  You just have to be strong up there, keep looking at them, just stare them down.  Show character, show your resolve.   Remember, they can’t prove shit against you, it’s your word against the bitch’s, and I’ll use my powers to protect you as best I can as I know you will use your unappealable powers to protect me and my family when the time comes.”

I could picture that smile of fake contentment the president does so beautifully, the beatific smile like he’s the happiest creature in the history of creatures.  Shaking his head, smiling, mugging for the cameras.  

“We have the best powers, the best powers.  Am I right?   Am I right?”

As the nominee nods, smiling that now famous guarded, false smile of his, the president continues.  

“”Unappealable’  you like that?   Good word for it, isn’t it?   I have the best words, I keep telling people, but sometimes I even impress myself when I pull out an exemplary word like ‘unappealable’.   Exemplary!   See Brett, do you see what I did, do you see what I’m talking about?”.

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