From the July 11th Washington Post, after Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination was announced:

Yet, at a time when the country is defined by its polarized politics, Kavanaugh’s deep Republican ties — he drew up the grounds for impeaching President Bill Clinton and was part of the legal team that handed Bush the presidency — have not stopped him from blending in with his neighbors. Their comity evokes an earlier era when the two parties could socialize even as they fought ferociously over policy.       source

It’s a feel good human interest story about a real down to earth American who is just a good guy everyone feels comfortable with.   He volunteers, is humble, hard working, never does anything anyone could find fault with, really.   If you don’t include his partisan politics, of course, which he doesn’t talk about, you’d have no clue he’s such a dedicated, even vicious, doctrinaire extreme right partisan.  He’s that kind of great guy!   A wonderful neighbor who just wants to talk Washington Nationals baseball and Springsteen, he’s very cool and salt of the earth.  A pleasure.

That said, you probably don’t want come before him when he’s on the bench, in his robes, unless you’re a corporation, or a very powerful individual with the right political orientation.   Being consistent with his extreme right views is extremely important to Judge Kavanaugh.

And this, from the moral retard in chief, sick to death of strategically holding his peace for the important short term goal of getting his chosen hand-picked loyal zealot on to the Supreme Court:

Screen shot 2018-09-23 at 4.11.13 AM.png

It’s impossible to sum up how many ways this typical stinking Trump brain fart is just fucking wrong.  Impossible for me, anyway, with the vomit in me mouth.  Excuse me.   His loyalists are the same fine folks, the finest folks, who contacted the potential witnesses of the Kavanaugh-Ford “incident” and had them make statements, through their lawyers, instead of letting the FBI do a background investigation.  

Of course, there’s an excellent reason for this.   Wasn’t it the FBI the president called “like Nazis” a while back, or was that the CIA?   Didn’t he also say the Nazis are some very fine people, some of the finest people? Wait, I’m confused.

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