“Remember the Alamo!”

No dog whistle needed for Trumpie’s first 2024 campaign rally. Waco, on the anniversary of the bloody government/ armed cult standoff and deadly fire at the compound of an armed anti-government cult in Waco, Texas.

Two years later, to the day, Timothy McVeigh blew up a government building in Oklahoma City, killing over hundred Americans.

30 years later, on the day, Trumpie, choosing Waco, on the infamous anniversary, sacred to those who hate democracy, to make his Hitlerian promises of merciless retribution against those sick trairors who would enforce the law.

Makes presidential candidate Ronald Reagan’s dog whistle to Southern racists, giving a states right’s speech in Nashoba County Mississippi, at a County Fair very close to where three civil rights/election workers were murdered by the klan and buried in a dam, seem almost subtle by comparison.

Same goddamn song, different singer. Indict Roger Stone already, for fuck’s sake

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