Trumpie’s ongoing obstruction of justice

Federal judge Lewis Kaplan, recognizing that a dangerous psychopath was a party to a lawsuit soon to be tried in his courtroom, took special precautions to insulate the jury from tampering, intimidation and threats of violence.

On the same day, the office of Alvin Bragg, the district attorney who Trumpie demeaned as human scum, a degenerate, psychopathic animal inserted by hateful Jew billionaire Soros, received, according to The New York Times, a package containing unidentified white powder (and a single piece of paper with the typewritten words, “ALVIN: I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!”). Can you say stochastic terrorism, taking its cues from the fearsome intimidator-in-chief?

Ben Meislas, an articulate lawyer with a nuanced understanding of the legal and political landscape of our threatened democracy, puts Trumpie’s rage tweets in context. He points out that judges are already using them as evidence of Trumpie’s lifelong penchant for intimidation, threats and inspiring violent retribution against all of his dangerous, sick, psychopathic, animal, Jew, Black, often female enemies. Ben included some of Trumpie’s recently posted overheated pronouncements against a few of his recent deadly enemies, human scum, worse than the Gestapo!

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