The insurrection continues

Let’s leave aside the question of how a brand new member of Congress gets away with tweeting the real time location of the Speaker the House as the Speaker is being secured from a mob calling for her death. If that’s not giving aid and comfort to an insurrection, I don’t know what the fuck is. Then she wins re-election by 500 or so votes. Then, along with a handful of other extremists, blocks all action in Congress for several days commemorating the original insurrection on its second anniversary. Only in America, baby.

But leave that aside, here are two pictures from the more than three hours the defeated President let his bonfire burn in the Capitol building.

If all of those hopped up idiots shown in the second picture had swarmed into the building, there would have been a massacre.

This 2:24 pm tweet, deleted by Elon Musk when he reinstated the Big Orange Turd to Twitter recently, certainly didn’t help.

As maddening as it is that none of the wealthy architects and funders of the violent riot to overthrow democracy, in the name of an enraged, racist asshole who lost the election, has been touched by the law so far, it is equally maddening to see insurrectionists in Congress, serving as obstructers of the People’s business without consequence for their treachery.

Get the indictments rolling, Jack Smith! Come on, Fani Willis. Keep going, Letitia James.

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