MAGA logic

On the surface “MAGA logic” is kind of an oxymoron, I know, but there is a brutal logic followed by the wealthy few who have funded and used first the John Birch Society, later the “Birthers”, the Tea Baggers, the Freedom Caucus, then MAGA itself. These pathologically greedy, entitled psychopaths knew exactly what they were doing, for their own self-interest, at every step.

So while it seems counterintuitive that the most extreme members of the MAGA “movement” are torturing and humiliating the pathetic and cowardly Kevin McCarthy, the one Trump told to go fuck himself when he called in terror from the Capitol on January 6th, it may not be. Remember McCarthy vigorously denounced Trump after January 6th, shortly before he went down to Florida to selflessly sample his leader’s crusty nether regions in order to get back into the good graces of someone at that time regarded as a traitor. An, at the time, powerful traitor, mind you.

So this shit show in the House of Representatives is bad for the country, it’s bad for democracy, it’s bad for the fucking MAGA brand itself (even though that brand is, frankly, destroy the government and democracy) but luckily for MAGA, the ends always justify the means and their base is up for anything as long as someone is hurt and humiliated by it. Ask newly minted statesman Mitch McConnell about that winning strategy, if you have any doubts…

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