Trump’s top ethics lawyer appears to have tampered with witness

Stefan Passantino

You don’t have to say you remember things that might hurt our friend’s case. You can always just say ‘I don’t recall’, even if you do remember. That’s not perjury” advised a lawyer working for Trump’s Make America Fully Nazi PAC, allegedly.

This allegation was raised in the last January 6th committee hearing the other day. In response the lawyer involved, Trump’s former ethics advisor in the White House, still working for the big guy, was scrubbed from his law firm’s website. The guy’s a partner there and his law firm cut him loose immediately, based on this explosive allegation of professional misconduct and criminality, which, of course, does not become a fact until the jury finds that he did what he is accused of. Although, of course the words “Trump’s ethics lawyer” speak for themselves, loudly and with very bad breath.

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