The klan’s only weapon is terrorism

Whenever you want a small group of wealthy men, with unpopular ideas, to weild absolute power, over the wishes of the majority of citizens, you need to employ deadly violence. These powerful autocratic men need deadly groups of violence fanatics, like the Ku Klux Klan , as enforcers of their will.

The Ku Klux Klan would be powerless without their credible rep for torture, humiliation and terrifying death, unpunishable by the law.

See that picture in your mind of laughing law enforcemeny klansmen at their attaignment for murdering three civil rights workers. They couldn’t look more relaxed, one of them dipping into a bag of Red Man tobacco, his buddy with a big Lyin’ Ted smile on his face. Those are good old boys that mutilated three voting rights advocates in Mississippi, looking forward to Justice at the hands of a a jury of their white peers, under the state criminal code, and local customs, of Mississippi.

Without groups like the Klan it would be very hard, in a democracy, to effectively suppress minority voting, that is the voting of the local majority. The majority will win elections unless intimidated by terrorism so they will not cast a vote. Hang, burn and dismember just a few of their leaders and watch how quickly the rest of them will hide on Election Day.

That’s how it’s done whenever you want a small group of wealthy men to rule absent the consent of everyone they rule. The only way to do it is by force, you have to have the threat that you will actually be able to legally torture and murder as many motherfuckers as you need to make examples of, if not all of them in the ultimate solution, or as Mr. Hitler’s colleagues called it die endlösung.

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