Take it from the Grey Hag

The Gray Lady hastens to remind readers that our elections are won by the party with the best slogan, a winning market-driven vision that encapsulates a compelling narrative in a single phrase, MAGA, for example, or, even better, Q.

It follows that a political party does not win an election by highlightting a wide range of policies they’ve enacted, against determined, lockstep opposition, to help millions of Americans, they do it by using effective single-issue branding and messaging.

So, according to the Grey Lady’s top headline a day or two back, top Democrats are hissing at each other because, once again, they’re going to lose because they’ve concentrated on the wrong metrics to win, instead of picking one (like “Make America Great Again”) in a majoritarian democracy where money is speech, time is money, and the citizens’ attention spans are two and a half seconds long.

If it is not a single idea that fits on a baseball cap, and it doesn’t inspire blind single-minded purpose, the battle is lost, in the considered opinion of the Grey Lady’s headline writers.

They also had a top headline that Joe Biden made two verbal gaffes at a recent campaign stop. Imagine that! MAGA GAGA, NYT. I don’t know why you do it, but nobody does it better.

Top Democrats Question Their Party’s Strategy as Midterm Worries Grow https://www.nytimes.com/2022/11/01/us/politics/midterm-elections-worrying-democrats-strategy.html?unlocked_article_code=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACEIPuonUktbfqYhlSVUbAibIRp8_qRmHmfnE2_s5h3PiITKQDDtGwu8JAo-G4ALSYrB5dto10HGXSdpGO6UmWOc31fNFNlBgRBjuooeBnN5NBRQJnr-JfzF82YPRD_d_-CX2b2K9JaByzefj40_cOn28CKPZzXEhIAx6qMZgJUWh3iAMzvvFRrEh39FuzLx2UMABMDQKYSeAu_HtCgwve4nVK0GBtXRlHr1RSjrRntWD67ofcQ00CljOSHJ34WlU-8oLcZpMf_65d0h8DZK41bYBCWVoL5OqB4kyQ-XUlbZtuL3Or3-c2aVHIphJmuuQVoWn6X1P6OU

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