Trump sends MAGA militia after judge who signed Mar-a-Lago search warrant

When the former president leaked his copy of the search warrant to Breitbart, he left in the names of the two FBI agents who signed and served it and the name of the judge who signed the search warrant, after finding probable cause, based on DOJ’s detailed affidavit setting forth all of the reasons why evidence of a crime was probably at Mar-a-Lago. He fingered these three, and their families, for terrifying, physical retribution, as he does (don’t ask Mike Pence, the question, understanably, gives him indigestion).

The next thing I heard was that there was a huge spike in anti-Semitic chatter in White Christian Nationalist world. Turns out not only is Merrick Garland a Jew, but so, apparently is the judge who signed the search warrant to unleash the lying FBI intent on planting and lying about evidence stolen from Trump’s Palm Beach home and resort. As is universally despised dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

So I did a quick search to confirm that the judge was indeed a Semite, and here are the top search returns. It turns out the judge’s name is Bruce Reinhart (no relation to Django) and the first few hits that come up are “Synagogue of Jewish judge who signed off on FBI search …” (yahoo news), Murdoch’s New York Post headline is next “Trump lawyer calls out judge who approved Mar-a-Lago search warrant for…” then Murdoch’s New York Post connects a few more nefarious dots “Judge who approved raid on Mar-a-Lago once linked to Jeffrey Epstein” (oh God, another Jewish pedophile!) we learned from that blurb that Reinhart had also donated to Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008. Something called JTA’s headline “the judge who signed FBI’s Mar-a-Lago warrant is facing violent…” then we get Fox News, moving in for the kill “Florida judge who signed the search warrant allowing the FBI to raid President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was once linked to Jeffrey Epstein, according to a report.”

Several things become immediately clear when you do this quick Google search. One: the judge is indeed Jewish and there seems to be some concern at the synagogue he belongs to about unhinged men with guns or some other hateful plan arriving for Shabbat services. Two: Trumpworld is on full offense, already setting out (and searching out) the infuriating story of this biased fuck who not only … well, you know! Three, as we all know now, the guy was linked by reports to notorious pedophile, sick, evil bastard and Jew, Jeffrey Epstein.

And, with that, you know, based on reports, the People rest, and let’s make it a completely fair and balanced pogrom this time, shall we? Haha!

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