Put Cuffari in the stocks

Trump-appointed transparent liar and obstructionist DHS Inspector General Joseph V. Cuffari continues to lie and obstruct Congress. His aim is Trumpian — delay, deflect, mislead, omit, prevent production of evidence at all costs. Congress is considering their options for this lying sack of shit, who recently replied with this raft of crap:

He said he has published one review of the Jan. 6 attack and is working on two others. “When those two ongoing reviews are complete, we will be happy to provide briefings about them,” he wrote. . .

. . .“Sharing information about ongoing criminal investigations could impact potential witnesses or others who may be involved in the investigative process,” Cuffari wrote. “To protect the integrity of our work and preserve our independence, we do not share information about ongoing matters, like the information you requested in your letters.

“Similarly, we do not authorize our staff to sit for transcribed interviews with your committee about these ongoing matters,” he wrote. “Once these matters are complete, we will consider a renewed request for documents, briefings, or transcribed interviews.”


This transparently corrupt asshole, smugly aping the legitimate concerns of DOJ in its ongoing criminal investigations, serves at the pleasure of the sitting president. Biden should immediately dismiss Cuffari and have him placed in the stocks, within sight of Congress, next to Trump megadonor/postmaster general Louie DeJoy. Make them grim examples for the rest of MAGA world. Do it, Joe.

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