Trump’s ongoing obstruction of justice, today’s edition

Why does the mainstream media have such a hard time having an unpaid kid spend a minute on google getting further information on a story of great and immediate public concern?  Joseph Cuffari, the man who ordered the Secret Service to stop looking for the incriminating texts they deleted, from the lead up and the day of the Trump riot, is nowhere to be seen in the media.  His name is rarely mentioned, though he recently ordered the internal search by the Secret Service to immediately cease, while his office investigates the apparent criminal cover-up of destruction of evidence, causing great confusion — and delay — all around.  Congressional Democrats are now calling for the DHS Inspector General, this same Mr. Cuffari, to “recuse himself” from the criminal investigation of the Secret Service.

If an unpaid intern had looked up the Trump-appointed, still serving, Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security, Joseph Cuffari, she’d have immediately found an April 8, 2022 letter from a government watchdog group to Joe Biden giving ample reasons for Cuffari’s removal as IG.   At the time Cuffari had known for at least two months (the writer of the letter, Congress and the public would not, until five months later) that vital criminal evidence, the Secret Service’s text messages from January 5 and 6, 2021, had been destroyed, irretrievably deleted in a “planned January 27 data migration” by the USSS.  The letter begins:

Dear President Biden:

In order to preserve the integrity of the independent inspectors general system and to begin counteracting the pervasive culture of impunity at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), we urge you to take swift and decisive action to address the chilling lack of independence demonstrated in multiple instances by DHS Inspector General Joseph V. Cuffari, who was under investigation as of February of this year by the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency’s (CIGIE) Integrity Committee. While POGO has said in the past that it would be reasonable to place Cuffari on administrative leave pending the findings of a CIGIE investigation, our enclosed reporting reveals such extraordinary and improper deference to DHS officials that we call on you to immediately remove Cuffari from his position as DHS inspector general.1 . . .

. . . POGO’s most recent investigation documents an unreleased survey in which more than 10,000 employees at DHS law enforcement components said they have experienced sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, part of an unpublished report that Cuffari still has not released, even though the survey was conducted from fiscal years 2012 to 2018. The same POGO investigation documents Cuffari’s signed instructions resulting in the removal of evidence from a 2020 report showing that Customs and Border Protection, a DHS component, substantiated domestic violence charges in 30 cases involving its employees — then continued to allow them access to government firearms.

That latest investigation is enclosed, as are previous POGO investigations which revealed that Cuffari quashed a pair of investigations involving the Secret Service that had been recommended by the agency’s career staff, that he repeatedly impeded and delayed two ongoing investigations into alleged intelligence manipulation and whistleblower retaliation, and that he may have illegally “retaliated” against former high-ranking employees within the DHS inspector general office.4

Cuffari’s lack of independence contributes to a culture of impunity at DHS and its components. Time and time again, Cuffari has used the authority of his office to bury instances of systemic wrongdoing and perpetuated an environment in which dysfunctional and predatory behavior goes unpunished. This should be deeply concerning to you and anyone else committed to the principles of accountability, transparency, and oversight in the federal government.


Wake up, Sleepy Joe, Biden-appointed, Senate-confirmed US Secretary of DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas, Congress, mass media.  What is a justice obstructing, evidence burying fuck like Cuffari still doing in the US government, as unaccountable watchdog for a huge, vital agency, no less? 

Oh, yeah, remaining loyal to his unhinged patron, obstructing justice, and a Congressional investigation, by telling USSS to stand back and stand by.    Come on, man!  None of this is that hard.

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