RAGA gaga for MAGA

There is a national organization of Republican state attorneys general called RAGA, the Republican Attorneys General Association.   RAGA is gaga for MAGA.   In the lead up to the 2020 election, they met secretly with voter fraud conspiracy theory promoter/expert Hans von fucking Spakovsky, several times.  One tangible result of these meetings was more than one of their members limiting drop boxes for voting in their state, one to a county, regardless of population.  They had more in the works, they just didn’t have enough time to plan and implement it all.  Now they can plan for the next elections at their leisure.  They have been working at it steadily since they didn’t manage to snatch “victory” away from Joe Biden in November 2020 or January 2021. Rest assured, they are all very busy strategizing and passing laws.

RAGA was in the news yesterday, in the background, as a leaked RNC training video came out, in which plans from before the 2020 election were brought up to date, Big Lie style.  You insert an army of trained Republican poll watchers/voter challengers, with MAGA attorneys, police captains and the local Republican DA on speed dial, on call to make court challenges based on suspected fraud, to hold up long lines of fake voters on the spot, (you can tell they’re fake by the color of their damned skin!), gum up the works at predominantly Democratic voting precincts, get the local DA to stop voting due to suspected massive fraud, have the local RAGA member step forward to invalidate the votes from hostile districts, through it to the independent MAGA state legislature and so on.   Remember, these ambitious souls are all, at the moment, gaga for MAGA. 

Hans von Spakovsky, who works for Charles Koch and friends at the Heritage Foundation, oversees a vast voting fraud database where he has documented more than a thousand instances of proven voter fraud, dating back to the 1980s.  That’s more than a thousand cases of fraud among billions of votes cast in all American elections in thirty or forty years.   The percentage of voting fraud, less than a ten thousandth of one percent, is what smart people call “statistically insignificant.”  Fortunately, that’s good enough for people who are gaga for MAGA, like RAGA!    

USA!   USA!!!!

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