RNC Michigan Election Integrity Expert speaks

These comments by the Michigan head of the RNC’s Election Integrity/ Minority voter intimidation board, are Hans von fucking Spakovsky’s wet dream of massive voter suppression. Recently leaked RNC training video presumably leaked by a goddamn traitor, I suppose. This “precinct strategy” is probably nothing illegal, because the consent decree the RNC signed in the 1980s preventing this kind of skulduggery expired in 2018. Just like that totally unfair Voting Rights Act the stupid Senate reauthorized 98 to nothing, before neutral balls and strikes umpire John Roberts fixed it for good after Obama “won”!

They won’t lose in court this time, he urges, because it won’t get that far, they will have an army of RNC trained partisans at the polls and countless reactionary lawyers ten, twenty, thirty million strong, on standby, plus law enforcement and prosecutors on their side! The South will rise again!

Here’s the communist view, from PBS:

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