Fair and balanced for the MAGA 39%

Rupert Murdoch’s right-wing network is the only news source for a good proportion of the US population. Here is how they cover the controversy over Merrick Garland’s hesitancy to appear “political” by indicting the organizers, funders and inciters of the “extralegal” plot to overthrow the election and the accompanying January 6th riot:

If this was your sole source of political infotainment, you’d never know this double talking, lying, attacking, weasel motherfucker is defying a subpoena from his colleagues after refusing to voluntarily appear to give testimony to a committee he claims are a bunch of illegitimate libtard cucks. His talks with the boss on January 6th are, like Kevin said, that, that, that’s, that’s that’s that’s between him, him and the boss.

Fair and balanced, we report you decide, dummies. Remember Benghazi!

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