Nice presentation on how the right took over the Supreme Court

Spend unlimited amounts of money on non-profit right wing think tanks, create dozens, if not hundreds. The opinions emerging from these think tanks will then be disseminated through the mass media and often dominate public discussion of the issue at hand. Employ the brightest partisan lawyers you can find, to craft court cases to change the law to what you want it to be. Spend millions on learned amicus briefs that give the Supreme Court all the learned arguments and citations they need to overturn any inconvenient precedent. Vet your nominees to the federal bench to ensure loyalty to the judicial principles you inculcate in your judicial fraternity.

When a nominee has an openly partisan history like Kavanaugh’s, hide thousands of pages of compromising legal writings that could be used to question his judicial integrity. When credible accusations about his past behavior and candor are made against him, have the FBI open a five day investigation and make sure all tips that come in, 4,500 we’re told, are routed directly to the lawyer for the White House who is determined to get him appointed – none reach the FBI. Don Fucking McGahn had one job as White House counsel, to get as many Federalist Society judges as he could on the Supreme Court. He pushed Gorsuch and then Kavanaugh. Two for two. Don McGahn, American patriot and hero of authoritarians. This piece is an excellent short course in how the right-wing ecosystem works, how it attains and consolidates power.

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