Heather on right-wing voter suppression since 2000

The steps to totalitarian control by a small, determined minority are always the same. First, end “majoritarian tyranny” and the “coercive state” by limiting the right to vote to your supporters. It is helpful to control advertising and media prior to elections by spending billions to make sure your supporters vote the right way. The US Supreme Court, by a one vote majority, has approved both of these techniques, ruling that enforcement of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional and that anonymous donors can spend unlimited amounts to influence electoral outcomes. In each state, we have legislatures, so-called independent state legislatures, that march to the same drumbeat of social control. Here’s the Florida version, going back to 2000.

Good old fashioned invidious disenfranchisement in de land of cotton. Supreme Court Federalist Society majority holds that politics is not de business of de Supreme Court, no suh!

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