Rescinding endorsement for anti-recission incumbent

One of Trump’s most vocal lackeys in the run-up to the MAGA riot was Alabama’s Mo Brooks. Clad in a bulletproof vest, as he later admitted, he exhorted the January 6th Stop the Steal crowd to spontaneously surge down to the Capitol and “kick ass and take names,” to get back what was stolen from them, the greatest president in American history, a man who simply could not lose in an honest fight.

Predictably, the transactional Artist of the Deal was not going to take any shit, even from somebody who had so loyally serviced him. Brooks, who Trump had endorsed, is running third in the polls in Alabama and so the great man recently decided to rescind his endorsement.

Trump’s absurdist soundbite was that Brooks had become “woke”. But, of course, it soon came out that Trump had rescinded his endorsement, in large part (Brooks running 3rd in the polls also large) because Brooks, surprisingly a lawyer, told him a few months back that it was impossible to rescind Joe Biden’s presidency and reinstall the rightful loser, Donald Trump, as Trump had demanded. “Rescission” was the word Brooks kept returning to, a technical word Trump must have learned as courts applied recission to strike oppressive clauses from Trump contracts. Brooks clarified that Trump wanted him to rescind the election. How a congressman would do that is hard to say, but his refusal, obviously, was intolerable so Trumpie did what Trumpie always does when a lackey removes his lips from Trumpie’s ass , pitched a lying hissy fit worthy of his boy, Boof “Crucified by the Clintons” Kavanaugh.

Foof… the fucking Orange Polyp and his entitled ilk are exhausting…

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