As if yet another reminder was needed

In yet another reminder that Jeff Bezos is among the four or five biggest pieces of human shit walking the planet today, the reason I had to construct the little two cropped shot  collage of the headline and the caption of the picture of Amy Coney Barrett in the previous post (instead of the perfectly lined up screen shot I was ready to snap when Bezos’s indomitable ad popped up) is that Jeff Bezos, pioneer in radical ads that you can’t make go away by clicking the X, ads that you have to wait for while they play in their entirety, undefeatable fuck you ads immediately forming an unstoppable loop on your phone and you can’t fucking get rid of them, blocked the top third of my screen.

You know Bezos needs the money, because being the second richest guy ever to live is never going to be enough for a malignant  fucking tumor like Bezos. We must remember the terrible pressure on people like Bezos everyday in the highly competitive circles in which they run with their fellow psychopathically greedy winners. Take care not to tax them!

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