Oy, for Christ’s sake!

Ginni Thomas, wife of überconservative Supreme Court justice and victim of a “high tech lynching” Clarence Thomas, is an überconservative political activist who fancies herself an ardent follower of Jesus Christ.   She would follow Jesus anywhere, apparently, including the overturning of so-called democracy.  She worked closely with the deeply religious Donald Trump and communicated many times with his pious Christian final chief of staff Mark Meadows after the election was stolen by Satanists.  The two exchanged fervent texts in the days after the Donald’s loss to Joe Biden in an election that horrified them both.  Some of these texts were turned over to the January 6 Commission and written about in detail in today’s Washington Post.   The fervent Christian tone of many of these texts citing the intercession of the King of Kings and casting the middle-of-the-road Joe Biden as the embodiment of evil has ’em saying “oy, for Christ’s sake!”

At the center of those who supported Trump in 2016 were the thousand Evangelical leaders who were told by the Council on National Policy (the secret far-right nonprofit organization that Ginni Thomas sits on the board of) to hold their noses at the stench of the prolifically sinning spray tanned Flawed Vessel, in exchange for sacred promises that would advance their Christian fundamentalist jihad.   To cement this unholy alliance Trump swore to appoint religious Christian Supreme Courts justices who had been carefully vetted for conservative Christian values by Leonard Leo [1] at the Federalist Society (a Catholic, true, but we can’t always be choosy when fighting evil), appoint only Protestants to the president’s religious advisory council (created to promote interfaith dialogue and cooperation), to get rid of a poor woman’s right to abortion, cut taxes on the wealthy and the rest of the Jesus Agenda, all approved personally by the King of Kings.

It should come as no shock that the extreme right is full of messianic Christian evangelists who believe Jesus Christ wants the US to be a conservative Christian theocracy, the Framers’ so-called explicit First Amendment right of religious liberty in the be damned to hell.   Christian fundamentalists have long been associated with far right campaigns of all sorts, going back decades.   Why does every American president dutifully attend the Christian prayer breakfast where they can piously hobnob and pose for smiling pictures with far-right religious fanatics/lobbyists?   Only Jesus, and the secret donors, know.

Here is an excellent piece by Greg Sargent, commenting on the shock of the conservative Joe Scarborough on reading the Thomas-Meadows texts that cast Trump’s struggle to remain in power in messianic terms, in the black and white total war terms of America’s white Christian punitive version of Sharia law.


God help us all.

Jesus apparently loves this asshole


Leonard A. Leo is an American lawyer and conservative legal activist. He was the longtime vice president of the Federalist Society, where he is co-chairman of the board of directors. Leo has led campaigns to support the Supreme Court nominations of John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett.Wikipedia

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