Racism 101

I couldn’t bring myself to watch the horror show of outraged GOP members on the Senate Judiciary Committee making fiery sound bites for MAGA nation by attacking a supremely qualified future Supreme Court justice (Manchin and Sinema permitting). I knew the Democrats would be unable to make these bigots shut up, improvisationally challenged corporate institutionalists that many of them are. Chris Hayes and his team assembled a nice, hideous little collage of angry white senators attacking the nominee about her race, a passion play that no doubt played bigly with their Trump-addicted fan base.

Clarence “Black Klansman” Thomas called questions about his ongoing sexual harassment of Anita Hill during his confirmation “a high tech lynching.” Now these Trumpists are going old school, making open racism (particularly against women of color) great again, no need for tech of any height: so you’re Black so you support CRT instead of Originalism, the Christian way; what about violent crimes committed by your people, rape and murder, and RAPE and RAPE; and what about this children’s book accusing babies of being racist, babies for Christ’s sake? [1] You fucking wrote it, didn’t you? Didn’t you, you fucking liar?

The clip, starting with Tennessee genius Marsha Blackburn (“tell us honestly about your hidden agenda to incorporate Critical Race Theory into our abortion jurisprudence”) runs just over a minute, and as you listen, try to picture any of these provocative, idiotic “questions” asked of one of the carefully vetted right-wing judicial activist ideologues appointed, filibuster-free, by Putin’s favorite totally exonerated American president.


Lyin’, Toadyin’ Ted, in prime form, like when he said to the dignified Attorney General “give me a break, Garland… You admitted that giving a Nazi salute is protected expression under the First Amendment and you’re making a big deal about a little Nazi salute, oh, my God, the guy did a Nazi salute! What’s America coming to, MAGA nation, when you can’t even give a goddamn Nazi salute to some know-it-all fucking metrosexual quinoa eating smart guy at a school board meeting?”

This turd literally has no idea what decency is, or good citizenship, or the American ideal.

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