Notes for the State of the Union

Joe Biden, president of the United States of Marketing, Polling, Branding and the Roulette Wheel of the Stock Market, will be delivering the State of the Union in a day or two.   We hear, in the horse race handicapping mass media, that, in spite of doing an objectively decent job, in the face of united and often vicious obstruction, Biden’s popularity numbers are in the toilet, his favorables almost as unfavorable as Trump’s were at his peak of popularity.   The solid 39% who love Trump will not be dissuaded in that love by any so-called facts presented by so-called smart people.  The real reason they love him is the permission he gives them to rage about their grievances, no modern president ever let them embrace and cherish their anger, fear and hatreds as Trumpie has.   

Biden’s unfavorable numbers situation is largely a creation of the mass media, as was Trump’s rise to “normalcy” and a brilliantly engineered Electoral College victory in an election he otherwise lost by three million votes.  Biden can deliver the greatest State of the Union in history, the pundits and pollsters will have the final say about how it went, Americans will log-in to give a thumbs up or thumbs down, like the millions who decide the fate of contestants on American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, and the verdict will be in.

Here is the opening of Trumpie’s third State of the Union, delivered around the time he told Bob Woodward, on the record, that the coronavirus was a deadly, highly infectious disease, much stronger and more contagious than the worst strains of the flu.   As he appointed various inexperienced, non-medically trained loyalist pinheads to lead the “fight” against the pandemic, he kept telling Americans that covid-19 was a commie hoax, part of a vast plot to defeat him in the upcoming rigged election and that it would be gone, magically, in a few months, if everyone would just ignore it.   Look at these strong action words from the 2020 State of the Union (STRONG!):

the incredible results:

jobs are booming

incomes are soaring

poverty is plummeting

crime is falling

confidence is surging

and our country is now the international laughing stock I always said it was, chumps! We are thriving and highly respected again, and my member is over nine miles long, bitches.

Thankfully, and in spite of the agonizingly slow grinding of the creaky gears of justice for the rich and powerful, the Eternal Litigant’s days as leader of anything but the White Power movement are, and I say this with confidence even as I cringe with a small bit of nausea, most likely over. I say “most likely” to hedge my bets, in the event that a few years from now I am writing these squawkings from a gold-plated Trump De-education center. It is likely, when the NYS Attorney General is done, that the Trump Organization will go the way of Trump University, Trump Steaks, the Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Airlines, Trump vodka, Trump condoms, the Trump Charitable Foundation and all the rest of the artist of the deal’s scams.

The dish will be served very cold, and many thousands had to die unnecessary deaths to fully prepare the dish, but… you know what vengeful people say about the best way to serve that bitter dish. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving psychopath.

Meantime, hopefully Biden will deliver a State of the Union as strong as the action-word filled turd state of the union delivered by his compulsively lying predecessor. Used to be lying was a bad thing, I seem to recall. Anyway, I’ll be looking for the media spin on Biden’s speech, it is sure to annoy the fuck out of me.

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