Nice ending to Washington Post article on new January 6th evidence

It sometimes seems that we will never see an end to this long fought Koch-network financed hellscape we live in today (though we will). A desperate, destructive imbecile con man still has tens of millions who believe in him, and the pernicious, often ridiculous, myths that enable his unprincipled ilk. The January 6th committee is now looking at evidence of the angry squabbles behind the scenes among organizers of the Ellipse rally the morning of Trump’s riot. I love the ending of this article, though it is also quite horrible.

In the middle of the afternoon on Jan. 6, Pierson sent another set of texts to Meadows, according to records gathered by the committee.

“Note: I was able to keep the crazies off the stage,” she texted at 2:40 p.m. “Glad it fought it,” she added.

By that time, the mob of Trump supporters had violently descended on the Capitol.

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