Why so few police at January 6th March to the Capitol?

The enormous crowd that surged toward the siege and overran of the Capitol police, while planned as a Hail Mary option for the “Green Bay Sweep”, hurried to the Capitol to riot without police interference. The whipped up crowd had been promised “will be wild!” and it sure enough had been, so far. The best was yet to come.

They stormed straight down to the Capitol without encountering lines of police, as marches everywhere always do, because the Stop the Steal organizers had not applied for or obtained a permit to march from the mass rally at the Ellipse down to the riot at the Capitol.

No planned march, hence minimal police presence along the unannounced parade route.

Any emotional mass march is always closely supervised by police, if authorities know about it, if the proper papers have been filed, if the law has been followed.

So the path of the quick march of incensed patriots, down to fight like hell and take the under-policed Capitol and give courage to fainthearted Republicans in Congress to “Stop the Steal”, was very different than anything you’d ever see on any parade route in DC, or in any other city or town, or in any rural or suburban area, for that matter.

The Trump riot was not an overwheming law enforcement failure. It was lawless by design. Had the law been followed and a permit sought for the march, enabling authorities to protect the public and prevent traffic nightmares, the riot would have been prevented. Defeating the whole purpose of inciting the violence and making the leader and MAGA nation look weak!

Yeah, so we didn’t apply for a stinkin’ permit, boo fucking hoo. Yeah, we planned to teach those f-ing traitors a lesson, so we kept our secret, illegal plan quiet…


“What don’t you motherfuckers get about ‘by any means necessary’ or the ‘ballot or the bullet’? Next time the boys will go down there armed with their sacred Second Amendment… and we’ll see what those weak, corrupt, elite, lying, cowardly blood drinking pedophiles have to say then…”

USA! USA!!! etc.

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